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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For New Drivers

March 31, 2012

Thomas asks…

Cheap car insurance for a 21 year old?

Okay, i am 21 and in August it will be 3 years since i got my New York State drivers license, Will insurance be chaper for me after the i have been licnesed for 3 years?

Administrator answers:

Answer from a General Insurance Agent

Yes, Insurers want to see your driving history for 3 to 5 years before they will offer you a preferred rate.

Without a driving history you are considered a High Risk because the insurance company does not yet know how responsibly you act behind the wheel.

Take Care

David asks…

What are some cheap car insurances I could use?

I need a new car insurance company. Are there any out there that are really cheap? They are quoting my $220 a month. Driver for 7 years. No accidents or tickets. Is that normal?
Geico and Esurance were the ones to quote me $220.
I live in Michigan

Administrator answers:

Try Progressive. They’ll even give you quotes from a couple other competitors so you get to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Mark asks…

What are cheap car insurance companies in nj? Or anywhere?

New driver and looking for an affordable price for auto insurance

Administrator answers:

You’ll have to move out of state.

NJ historically tends to have the highest auto insurance rates in the nation. Being a new driver, doesn’t help, either.

You’re not going to GET “cheap” insurance, but you can lower your costs, by driving an old beater that you pay cash for, so don’t need “full coverage”.

You’ll probably want to get more advice, from a local broker. “Do it yourself” insurance probably isn’t going to work for you.

Jenny asks…

Car insurance question?

I’m adding a new driver to my policy, and shes 18. They quoted me at about $400 dollars, which is crazy in my opinion. Just woundering if there is any really cheap car insurance companies, especially for teen drivers? Thankssss guys:)
It;s $400 a month .__. i wish it was $400 every six months, that would be great lol

Administrator answers:

400 dollars every month, every six months, every year? If it’s 400 dollars every six months that’s pretty accurate and reasonable. Teen drivers are terribly expensive to insure, it’s just a fact of life.

Richard asks…

Car insurance!?

I have recently bought a new car but im 21 years old. the car is in my name but i want the main driver to be my dad and then me as an additional driver. is there any cheap insurance companies that will allow that. or has any1 aged 21 that has been driving for 2.5years got cheap insurance thanks

Administrator answers:

You should try or they check through hundreds of insurance companies to get you the cheapest quotes

James asks…

Would like a car for new driver?

I am nearing the date of my driving test and would like to have a car before or just after I’ve passed.

Can anyone suggest any good makes that will run around London and do the occasional long trip. I would also like one that will be cheap on insurance (as I’m a first time driver)

Any suggestions would be greatfully recieved.

Administrator answers:

A used compact that will be cheap on gas and insurance in the States I recommend a Toyota Corolla with five speed they get the best gas mileage if driven right. Nothing in trunk or as you say, boot and keep the speed under 55 MPH and get it in top gear and keep it there as long as possible

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