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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

June 30, 2012

Ken asks…

Supervising a learner driver after a ban!?

My boyfriend has held a full UK licence for 4 years now, however, in august 2007 he got a drink driving ban for 20 months. He had no points put onto his licence and got the licence back after 15 months in November 2008. He did not have his licence revoked and he did not have to re sit his test, he also attended a drink driving course. I was now wondering whether he will be allowed to supervise me as i am a learner driver on a provisional licence. Also forgot to mention he is 21 and I have valid insurance on my car.
i know you have to be 21 and have a licence for 3 or more years! will his licence still count even though he got banned but not revoked?

Administrator answers:

As long as he has legally had his licence for 3 years + EXCLUDING the Disqualification, then yes he can supervise you when you are doing your own private lessons!

John asks…

Where can I buy new driver car insurance for 2 or 3 months?

My daughter has just passed her driving test and I want to add her to my insurance until she goes to uni in September. Is there a separate policy available- like learner insurance that I had- without changing my own provider/policy
My current insurer won’t add her to policy. Changing company makes it possible but cost fairly prohibitive. She’ll only be at home another 3 months so ideally I’m looking for a separate policy to cover that period of time – doesn’t look like it exists though :( Only other alternative I’ve found is changing policy and having smart/black box fitted to reduce cost. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks those that have replied already.

Administrator answers:

Sorry but no way that is possible

Chris asks…

If you have State Farm, will insurance go up if someone in the family gets their learner’s permit?

I want to start my driver‘s ed course, but my parents unfortunately don’t want me to start until I am almost 16. This is because they think that insurance will go up once I get my permit. I don’t think that the insurance will go up, because others have told me that it won’t. So for the people/parents who have had their teens go through getting their permit through State Farm, can you please confirm/deny my theory? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The insurance will not go up when you get your permit, in fact you do not need to be added to the policy when you are driving on a learner’s permit. When you get your license, you have to be added to the policy before you can drive. At that point, the rates will go up.

Joseph asks…

When teaching a learner to drive in the UK?

Does the experienced driver require insurance for the vehicle they are teaching the learner in? I would have thought so, but none of the Government websites state that it is a requirement, it simply states that the learner must be insured.

Administrator answers:

No, only the person doing the driving needs to be insured.

It is however advisable for the instructor to have insurance, for obvious reasons.

Sandra asks…

Do you need proof of insurance to obtain a Drivers learners permit?

Im supposed to get my permit soon In the state of Tennessee do you need car insurance??? Help!!!! Thanks!!!!
I know its required if its a licensed driver but Im not sure about permit or if you can get it after you have your permit.
oh and make sure your possitive with your answers because a lot of ppl say you do or dont and their not sure.Thank very much!!!

Administrator answers:

as soon as you get your permit call your insurance and have them add you as a driver in the policy

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