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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

October 31, 2012

Ken asks…

Car insurance in New York

I am a new driver i just got my license.
I need to get car insurance on my ride.
How much will it cost for a new driver?
How quick of time can I get it?
How much will it cosh me monthly?
Spec about insurance please.
thanks for your time

Administrator answers:

Insurance is very individual because it’s based on personal record, sex, age, and a number of other variables such as location, credit rating etc
I’ve bookmarked this sites to go back to, it’s free to get quotes

Daniel asks…

How do you lower car insurance costs for young people?

My 18-year-old son’s car insurance is going through the roof. It just jumped from $270 to $321/ month. He’s a college student living in Tampa, FL (40 miles from home address in Largo, fL), makes good grades, took driver‘s ed in high school, has been driving 2 years and never had a ticket. It’s a new car (Mazda 3) that’s titled to my husband, but all 3 of us are on the policy. My husband and I are on a separate policy for our cars. Anyone have any suggestions on how to bring this number down?

My husband had 2 back-to-back accidents last year that were found to be the other driver‘s fault and was paid 100% by the other driver‘s insurance (including our deductible). Also, we had a claim on my son’s old car when someone hit it while it was legally parked on the street, and then ran. I had a quote of $261 from Traveler’s until they questioned these claims, then they bumped it to $331/ month. I guess they count against us, even though they weren’t our fault?

Administrator answers:

The best bet is to ask your insurance company – different companies offer differnt reductions. Some offer discount for students based on grades or gpa , and others may dicsount if he takes a defensive driving course again. Those should offer some smaller discounts.

However since his rate is so high – i would recomend shopping around for new insurance and getting free qotes. But be sure to tell them your full driving history when they quote you as the rate will change once they look up your driving record and see anything you didnt mention.

Richard asks…

How much would it cost to insure an automatic Ford Fiesta Zetec for 17 year old new driver?

Want to buy this car when i pass and want to get an idea of how much the insurance would cost in England?
Thanksss :)

Administrator answers:

Be a better idea to ask a broker or a few insurance companies. You will not get a proper answer here

Thomas asks…

New driver insurance Q?

Im 17
it will be my first car
i have my L but im getting my n in a few weeks
im in bc canada

i tried looking online but i couldn’t find anything, i also tried the icbc website so maybe i missed somthing, please give me a direct link to some kind of insurance cost generator or somthing like that, i want to find out what i would pay a year for numerous cars and compare them . thank you

Administrator answers:

There is no such place unless you have the exact make model and year of a car. I recommend that you call some local companies to advise you what type of car would be cheapest for you to insure. “Equotes” are notorious for being inaccurate and unreliable.

Helen asks…

How much is car insurance for a new driver?

How much would car insurance cost in BC in a rural area for a 17 year (new driver). Thanks

Administrator answers:

You must ask an insurance company. Nobody else can possibly know.

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