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Your Questions About Google Chrome

November 30, 2012

John asks…

How many days can Google chrome keep your history for?

My mum is blaming me for deleting my history but i didn’t, but i want to know if google chrome deletes have a certain amount of time.

Administrator answers:

I don’t think it automatically deletes your history, as computers store EVERYTHING you do on it from the moment you first used it. The only way to properly delete stuff is to use specialist hacking software several times over. However, if you don’t want a history on Chrome, press Ctrl + Shift + N to bring up Incognito :)

Jenny asks…

How do you save a picture on Google Chrome without downloading it?

This might sound a little bit stupid, but I got a new laptop yesterday (which I’m on) and it doesn’t have Internet Explorer downloaded, but Google Chrome and I want to save some of my pictures from my Facebook account to my laptop but since I have Google Chrome if I try to save it, it always ends up in me downloading it and millions of other tiny pictures, how do you save a photo without downloading millions of other tiny pictures? Thanks for reading.

Administrator answers:

Press Print Screen button

then go to ms paint >> CTRL + V(paste)
erase all the stuff besides the picture
(you might need to zoom to get exact size)

then save as .bmp, png, jpeg…etc
Just make sure you put something because paint can ruin the graphics

Chris asks…

How can i open Google Chrome from Internet Explorer?

Hi, i would like to know is there any way to open google chrome browser from internet explorer browser?

Administrator answers:

Get rid of explorer and download google.

Daniel asks…

How do I stop google chrome from opening all exe file types?

I accidentally added google chrome as the default exe file opener, and now it’s started opening everything from word to itunes.
I’ve changing the default file opener, but it isn’t working.
Please help me!
It would be REALLY appreciated, as some programs I have no way of opening anymore ):

Administrator answers:

Delete chrome

Thomas asks…

How do I uninstall Google Chrome on a Mac?

I accidentally installed Chrome when I was installing Google Earth. I don’t want Chrome, but for some reason, it says it can’t be deleted. I’ve tried dragging it to the trash several times, which gives the message that it can’t be deleted. I’ve also spent the last hour looking for an uninstall feature, which seems to be lacking. Any suggestions on ridding my computer of Chrome would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

First take it back 2 the store and tell them you want ur money back cuz mac sux then by a pc and it will help alot. Good luck!!!

Richard asks…

What information entered by the user is sent to Google when using Google Chrome?

In terms of the information (letters or numbers) entered using Google Chrome.
Does Google Chrome send the keywords and/or addresses entered into the address bar to the “Google Storage/Data Mining”. Does it even extend to information entered into text boxes and forms on random websites, being sent to google?
Could you also give reasons of how you know this…
Thank you

Administrator answers:

Potentially every information can be send visited sites, visiting times, start and close times etc.

Donna asks…

How do I install Google Chrome While Keeping regular internet explorer?

So my mom has google chrome on her computer, but she also has like regular internet explorer ? If that makes sense Ahahaa.. So how do I install google chrome to my dad’s computer while having the option of using regular internet ? Please Help ! ;o

Administrator answers:

It does that automatically…you can set Chrome to be the default, but IE will remain on there regardless of what web browser you choose to install. I run Firefox and Chrome (also the beta and experimental builds) on my laptop and Internet Explorer is still there.

Steven asks…

what are the best google chrome apps or add ons good for downloading media?

i still have windows xp as i cant afford windows 7 yet because of low income.

i have quite a few extentions and apps on my google chrome browser but none any good for downloading from the net or not good for downloading music / music videos.

so what would you suggest for google chrome ? or should i stick to using firefox?

Administrator answers:

None, get Firefox, greatest browser ever built, it will sort out your problems.

Sandra asks…

How do I change from google chrome to internet explorer?

I downloaded google chrome to use this one website and I made it my ‘default internet’ and I don’t want it like that anymore bc it’s slowing my computer down, How do I make internet explorer my default internet again?
I can’t figure out how to uninstall it. I tried. I deleted it and it still comes up as the default and everything
Nevermind I figured it out! Haha!

Administrator answers:

In Windows, go to Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel and click “Set Custom Settings and Defaults.” You can select Internet Explorer as your default search engine from there.

– Jake

MSFT Internet Explorer Outreach Team

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