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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

January 31, 2013

Ruth asks…

What is an average 16 year old car insurance bill?

Im am 16 years old bought a car sunday its a 96 240sx 2 door, and my mom is wondering how much my insurance would cost.

And we are with allstate if that helps you guys.

Administrator answers:

Well, your age and your gender have a lot to do with how much your insurance will cost.
But because you are going to be going through allstate, in whiche your parents also go through, i presume, then you might get a multi-car discount.
And because the car is older, yes there is a little bit of a discount there.
They also factor in what kind of safety features the car has (ie: airbags, anti-theft)
they want to know if you have health insurance and if you wear your seatbelt regularly, and if you have had any violations in the last 3 years, but since you are a new driver, then you are in good standing.
There are many things they consider when they give a finalized quote.

Richard asks…

How much would insurance cost for a 22 year old to be insured with his mother?

My mum has been driving for 24 years .
The car I want to be a secondary driver is the Honda Jazz 2004 which is 1.3 Litre.
How much is insurance looking to cost around?

Administrator answers:

Gggrrrr some people r real twats that answer questions on here if ya dont like the question DONT ANSWER IT,, mate it all depends on how long u have been drive`n and if u have any convictions etc just shop around till ya get the best quote that u will be happy to pay for car insurance good luck ;-)

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