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Your Questions About Google Mail

February 28, 2013

George asks…

How do I create more than one YouTube account with a google email address?

do I have to make a new Google mail account and if so, how do I do this?

Administrator answers:

I don’t think you can, sorry. I tried…and failed.

Sandy asks…

How can I prevent those who receive a circular email (from me) from seeing watch others addresses?

I’m using Google Mail, I’m a leader in the Local Scout Group and I need to send circular emails to a large number of parents and leaders but I don’t want them to be able to read each others addresses.

Is there anything I can do?

Administrator answers:

While composing your google mail there is a place where you put the email address of person you want to send the mail. There you put your own address.
Then just below there is a cc and bcc option. Click on the bcc option (it’s short for blind carbon copy). In Bcc field, put the email addresses of all the people you want to send the circular to.
They all will recieve your circular blindly. They won’t be able to see email address of each other.
The Bcc field is for that purpose only.

Important note:-
Just remember one final thing. Sending a blind email (using Bcc) is perfectly legal, but not good ethically. So it is requested to put a note at the end of the email which tells everybody of who others have got the circular copy. Just mention the names, not the email addresses.

Donald asks…

How do you add your old contacts to your new mail?

How do you add your old contacts to your new mail?
if you make a google mail and want all your contacts from yahoo mail to be added and noticed of your new mail, how do you do that?

Administrator answers:

Ok its simple you go into your yahoo mail and go on the side and you’ll see Options and click the arrow and there are a few choices. Choose Import Contacts. Its pretty simple from there. Good luck and I hope it works! Hope this is helpful(best answer please)!

John asks…

Why do I suddenly need a Google account to post comments on YouTube?

I’ve had a YouTube account for years. Now all of a sudden I need a Google mail account in order to post comments on videos. Why would they do this?

Administrator answers:

They do this because of the quality of comments lately. More than half the comments are negative and insulting. By doing that, they can quickly block stupid posters and since they will have to create a new email account to create a new Youtube account, maybe they will stop doing being asses. Of course it won’t work all the time, but it’s a strategy to make commenting more serious and constructive. It’s better than having to link your Facebook account to Youtube frankly!

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