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Your Questions About Google Maps

March 31, 2013

Susan asks…

Is it possible to file a law suit against google- maps for violating my privacy?

Google maps now has a street view format to its maps, which makes it possible for anyone to SEE what your house looks like from the street, that’s on top of them already showing you what is exposed to the open air on your driveway and yard, etc. Is there some sort of law that would prohibit google from showing what a private residence looks like?

Administrator answers:

I doubt it. And it’s not just Google; MSN, Yahoo, and other search engines make it easy to get a satellite view of where you live, what the neighborhood looks like, and so on.

It’s creepy, and it’s our Big Brother coming to light. Way too many cameras if you ask me.

Nancy asks…

How can I find the name of a business in Italy if I only have map coordinates from google maps?

There is an olive farm near my Grandparents home town and I want to contact the owners of the business. I can see it from Google maps, but it does not show up on any business lists Google has built into Maps.

Administrator answers:

Type it in Google, or you can go to mapquest, or yahoo driving and try to input the coordinates in there, I think im not positive

John asks…

Whats the website called where you can comment/review places using google maps?

Its not belonging to google but it uses google maps. Essentially you can place markers and comment on different places.

Administrator answers:

I’m pretty sure if you google a restaurant and location, for example, it will come up. Example:

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