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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Quotes

April 30, 2013

Ken asks…

I want to ship my car to Scottsdale Arizona from Bethesda Maryland?

I need to ship my car from Bethesda, Maryland to Scottsdale, Arizona in early winter and back to Maryland in the spring. How do I find the most reliable company to do this? Would my auto ins cover this trip if something would happen and are these companies bonded? I am handing over my car with the keys and it scares me a little bit. Any pros or cons would be helpful also.

Administrator answers:

You can either contact an auto transport company and have the car transported on a car carrier, or you can hire someone to drive it cross country. You would be looking at about $1250-$1750 for each trip on a car carrier.

A couple of things you should know. The car transportation companies are really brokers. They will give you a quote, and they put the trip on line for independent carriers (who have provided them with proof of insurance) to bid on the job. This means that the car may or may not arrive on time. The driver of the car carrier is trying to maximize the load and rather than going straight from MD to AZ, may go by way of Chicago or Las Vegas.

Shop around, and check out consumer complaints on line before you book. You may want to consider driving the car yourself seeing as when you add the savings of the cost of the flight, and consider the cost of fuel and hotels, it may not be that much more

John asks…

Which car and insurance company are best for new 18yr old driver?

Insurance is high, so which car is best to insure and with which company?
I’m the mother of the 18 yr old and have been looking constantly. The cheapest is just under a 3 grand for a very old little car. If they go on our insurance as a named driver, they don’t get to build up their no claims. Hence why I’m looking for answers to see if we can get him started at a sensible price.
Also note he is a student or only part time wages to pay for very high insurance.

Administrator answers:

As this is a regular question, the answers are a good representation of what has been said. The problem is, that over the years teens have been seen as a high risk because of their inexperience and lack of roadcraft. A lot of sense looking at a small, cheap car, but these are the most likely to be involved in a crash involving teens. Look ‘outside the box’ at a medium sized family car or an older one. Top Gear found the best quote was for an older Volvo !!!! Ignore the comparison sites and try a local agent – you may get a better deal. Good luck

Donald asks…

Can I take out a separate insurance policy on my parents car?

My parents use Direct line as their insurance provider on their car. I looked into how much the insurance would be for me (an 18 year old female) once I pass my test which worked out quite expensive. However I looked at a few other providers and found some cheaper quotes for myself. As my parents are with Direct line can I have my own insurance with another provider for the same car? (If that makes sense)

Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

No, insurance goes with cars, not with drivers, and you can’t add an additional policy to car that you don’t own. What you need to do is have your parents call and ask the price of adding you to their policy as an additional driver.

I suspect the price you got was an additional policy, which you don’t need, rather than being added to an existing one.

Helen asks…

How much would a Fiat Grande Punto 1.2L cost in insurance for a 17 year old male driver?

I’m 17 and male and I was wondering how much this car would cost to get it insured, please help.

Administrator answers:

This gets asked all the time on here and the answer is “ask an insurance company – we don’t know”
Ball park £3-5k but you won’t know till you get some quotes.

Lizzie asks…

How much will it cost to replace my entire driver’s side window?

Some moron broke into my car by smashing in my driver‘s side window. I have a Honda Accord, and I was wondering if anyone knows how much it will cost to have it replaced, without any insurance?

Administrator answers:

Could run run from 100.00 – 250.00 depending on the glass co. You get to install it and if they can find a used glass or not—if you don’t mind that. Call around to some local auto glass co’s for quotes to install it or bodyshops. Ask for pricing with new glass or used from a salvage yard. Make sure they include and guarantee vacuuming all the broken glass out of the door and check it when they are done by wiggling the door back and forth to see if you hear any glass still inside…it can jam up a regulator, water drain holes or lock mechanism if it’s not all cleaned out.

Charles asks…

How much would car insurance be for a f, pa, 16?

how much would pa car insurance be for a 16 year old, female driver

car suggestions:

or any car on the hyprid/luxury end?

Administrator answers:

You should try out this site, , they found me the cheapest quotes from all the possible insurance companies in the area.

James asks…

What’s the average insurance premium for first drivers these days?

I’m 18, and im going to buy a car. It’s a 2002/2003 car, so not too recent. Im looking for quotes online and the cheapest im getting is about £4500. This is me being the policy holder and not any other family members.

Does this sound right? Personally i think it’s outrageous…

It’s a 1.2L Black Ford Fiesta btw.

Administrator answers:

What Charles and Cornish-mum-lady are describing is called “fronting” (basically declaring an older person as the main user of the vehicle when it’s actually yourself) which is a kind of insurance fraud. Insurers are wise to this and can and will catch you out, with dire consequences (for example, prosecution, fraud convictions (for you AND your parents), and insane difficulty in getting insurance in future). Be completely honest about who is the main user and keeper, and you won’t be one of those knobheads that make insurance so expensive for us responsible young drivers ;)

£4500 reflects the risk that the insurer is willing to take on – the number of 18 year old lads that drive around with their friends and wrap their cars around trees is astonishing. They’d expect the average (if not LOWEST payout) from an accident involving yourself to come to £4500. Sounds like a lot of money, but if you think of personal injury claims (for your mates and the other driver), the other car’s repairs, hire car/uninsured losses… These amounts add up really quickly.

You may also live in a “high risk” area, which is one with a large amount of vehicle crime and/or fraud. The quotes you get online are generally the best – most insurers will offer cheaper online quotes because it is basically a LOT cheaper to run a website than a call centre.

To me, £4500 sounds right. Fiestas aren’t the cheapest to insure either – try a 1.0 Corsa or Fabia, or even an Ibiza or Swift! Try adding a parent on (preferably with no claims/convictions), as an occasional driver, as this is perfectly legal and can help you reduce your premium. I’m 24, I drive a 1.4i (old) group 6 car, i have 1yr NCD and my insurance is £200 a year cheaper WITH my dad named on it, than it is without (granted he actually does use it sometimes).

At this age, if you want to drive, you will pay a shedload for the insurance alone. What about petrol, tax, MOT? Think carefully about the costs incurred here, before you commit to anything then end up spending everry penny you earn on running your car.

Michael asks…

How much does it cost to re-key an 1990 oldsmobile regency ignition key?

I just lost my keys to my car. There really is no point in retracing my steps. Unfortunately for me, I only have spare key that unlocks my doors but not to start my car? How much will it cost to get the ignition key replaced. (just an estimate would be great). My car is a 1990 oldsmobile regency.

Administrator answers:

You might want to call around to various locksmiths, dealers or shops and get some quotes…it could vary to as much as a couple hundred dollars depending on local labor rates.

Another option is that some GM dealers can recut a new key for the original ignition lock based on the VIN number of the vehicle….only runs a few bucks unless you have the anti-theft ignition system and any GM dealer can do it for other brands. The VIN number is on your insurance card or you can find it on a small plate on top of the dash…drivers side…as you look through the windshield from outside.

These links have a shop finder feature for recommended shops in your area by other customers…just plug in your zip code. Or call AAA and see who they recommend.


Chris asks…

any one know about car insurance for teenage driver in north carolina?

so im going to be driving soon and i will need to get insured. does anyone know how much this will cost if i live in north carolina?

by the way, i dont know what car im getting…im looking. ;]
so it would be helpful if you could give me a range for different types of cars. oh yeah, and sources would be nice. =]

thanks a bunch!

Administrator answers:

There are too many variables to give you a quote. The cheapest way for you to get by is on a liability only vehicle. If your parents ahve a policy, get added to theirs. This way you get the benefit of them being a homeowner, their credit score, and their multi car discount. Its going to be expensive, and probably TOO expensive if you are driving a car with full coverage. The cheapest insurer i have for young drivers right now is GMAC. Have your parents call their company and get a quote to add you with an auto for just liab.

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