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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Uk

May 31, 2013

Donna asks…

Why are insurance group 1 cars so expensive?

Looking at insuring a car – in the UK we have insurance groups for cars, I can look at an Astra in group 16 and second hand I can see decent ones for £500-1000, but when I look at the shittiest cars known to man, the ones in group 1 – they are all £5000-7000 minimum SECOND HAND.

Why the hell is this? If I wanted to be fucked in the ass financially, I’d rather it be with the insurance because at least I’d have a decent bloody car.

Administrator answers:

Posting the question on Yahoo answers US does not help.
They are expensive as young drivers trying to reduce their insurance costs will buy the cars.
As a young driver they will reduce your insurance cost and if you look after it do not be an idiot and stick lots of silly things on it you can sell it on for about what you paid for it.
Because yong drivers have been idiots for so long the insurance companies have got fed up with them. The cheap cars to insure are the ones that fetch the money.
Incidentally is there such a thing as a decent Astra? I was not sure that Vauxhall ever made such a thing.

Linda asks…

will i have to take my theory and practical driving test because when i get banned for 12 months?

I failed a alcohol breath test in the uk. I had 47 on the reading, ive been passed for 3 months, never been in trouble before this, if i get banned for 12 months will i have to take the test again or just my privilege for 12 months, 9 if i take the Alcohol course.

Administrator answers:

You will definitely get a ban probably 1 year, if you passed your test less than two years ago you will have to reapply for a Provisional licence again and start all over again, you will probably have between 8 and twelve points on your licence that will be on there for 3 years you may even have to take an extended driving test that will be up to the judge, you will have to pray that a driving school will take you on again and take you on test, I don’t for drink drivers, it will cost you a fortune in car insurance that it providing a company will take you.

Susan asks…

I’m trying to make a car insurance for eu driving license?

Hi, everytime when I make a quote on e.g. ( or I get a car insurance around 7000 ponds. Is there any way how I can get cheaper insurance?
I’m in UK.

Administrator answers:

See if you can go on multicar insurance with your parents
Increase your excess
Do less mileage
Get a tracker or a “black box”
Going on admril multicar insurance im the named driver with £500 excess and my insurance is £1500 a year being 17 on a clio. Ring them up for a bargin and to knock any money off.

Sandy asks…

On average how much does it cost a year to drive for a 20yr old in UK?

I’m planning to start driving (im already learning)but I have big plans I want to carry out and been told I won’t e able to if I start driving I spend about £120 a month on bus fair already but how much would driving cost? Would it make any difference on insurance if I waited till I was 21?

Administrator answers:

Hard to say, but all in budget maybe £5-600 a month for the car, servicing, repairs, tax, insurance, fuel etc.
Insurance for new drivers is the killer, c£3k+, which is £250 a month on its own…..

Lizzie asks…

New to Canada – does my UK driving history count?

I have just brought a car and need to get car insurance before i can register it and pick it up. Car insurance is so expensive here compared to the UK. They don’t seem to be interested in my 8 years driving in the UK and my 6 years protected no claims bonus. Do i need to tell them of any accidents i had in the UK? (at fault or not).
I’m worried that if i do declare the premium will be too excessive to pay, but if i don’t will the insurance be invalid?

Administrator answers:

I would have to say that yes you will need to notify the insurance company in Canada because I found this on the DVLA moving to Canada list.

Send off for Drivers record from DVLA…..

If they do find out about past issues then yes the insurance could be considered invalid because you were not truthful and also if not invalid then you would be required to pay the additional fees that should have been paid in the beginning……

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