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Your Questions About Google

July 31, 2013

Richard asks…

What is the email address for google maps?

So I can i ask when google street view came by my house. I don’t mean that contatct us page where all it is is the questionnaire. I mean an actual email address. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

After an extensive search, I was unable to find any e-mail address by which to ask Google questions. I would imagine that if there was one, it would be flooded with e-mails and they would never be able to answer them all.

I did, however, find this contact information, which would be useful for sending Google a letter or calling them.

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-000

Donna asks…

How to get google back as my search engine?

Google Chrome browser
I reset the settings but that doesn’t help.
When I updated AVG suddenly everything changed.
I want my old google back but changing settings doesn’t do it.

Administrator answers:

And if all else fails you can always uninstall then re-install Google Chrome. A pain, I know, but it will get rid of that AVG search engine.

Michael asks…

How can I contact google with a complaint?

I need to send a complaint to google. Does anyone know the email address or where to find it?

Administrator answers:


Carol asks…

How can i make more money using google adsense?

I want to make more money using google adsense but i don’t know how.
I got around 2500 page views per day and nearly 1300 visitors.
Can anyone please explain to me how i can make more money off google adsense?

Administrator answers:

If you want to earn some cash with google check out

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Sandra asks…

How would it affect you if Google vanished?

How would it affect your normal day to day activities if Google was to suddenly disappear? Error 404 on anything Google, including stuff like Youtube, Blogger, n all other stuff like Google New’s, maps, mail, etc?
Just curious on how much people depend on the internet giant, whether they know it or not.

Administrator answers:

Google owns Youtube!? That would sorta ruin something. I also like the translator and google earth but I don’t use their search engine. It would probably effect me. I have videos on youtube. I would die more if Yahoo vanished though.

And why did you pretend to be a fanboy on my “Who likes fanboys” question?

John asks…

How do I get my Word doc delisted from the google search engine?

I have a word doc on my website that google listed on its search site. I even created a robots.txt file telling the search engines to avoid that content but google still listed it anyway. How do I get my word doc delisted from google? I also want to avoid having google index any of my word docs in the future.

Administrator answers:

If it’s on the Internet and you can find a link to it, Google and its ilk will find it and will probably link to it.

To remove it from Google remove public links to the document and wait for a few months.

Robots.txt is just a hint to search engines, and any error in it is likely to lead to it being ignored.

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