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June 1, 2012

George asks…

Car insurance for young drivers?

I am 17 year old male and the best insurance quote i can find tis £2075 for a year on my parents one. I have been told that I should be able to get it much less then that. Does anyone know of any companies that would?

I have searched comparison sights and the best they came up with was £2252 and rhe most was almost £8000. Im not like most other teenagers that would go around like a loon. Im sensible.
The insurance quotes was fully comp and on a ford KA.

Administrator answers:

I take it thats fully comp? I went 3rd party fire and theft for my 1st insurance. It was on a vauxhall tigra and cost £1300. And i bet the tigra is a higher insurance category than your parents car. Also try increasing your excess as this will reduce ur insurance premium too x

Mary asks…

Which is the cheapest car insurance for young drivers?

Hi, I’m thinking of starting driving soon and was wondering if anyone knows which would be the cheapest option for insurance? I’ve tried the “compare” services and found a direct quote from direct line to be cheaper than any of the ones it found, at about £2200 last time I checked (I think). Does anyone know any other insurers who are cheaper or if this is the best I’m going to get? I’m 20, don’t have a license yet and obviously have no no claims etc. Is any good? thanks people.

Administrator answers:

Here we go again.
If I had a pound for everytime this is asked on here I would pay it for you.
Their is no magic answer. You just have to shop around for the best quote. Talk to them on the phone for a better deal than online.

Mark asks…

What do you recommend for cheap car insurance for a young driver?

I am 18 and passed my test 3 weeks ago today when i was 17! I have a Ford Fiesta 1.1 N reg! I have done my pass plus too! The best quote i have found is £967 and that is without telling them i have done my pass plus! It was also for third party fire and theft! Can someone recommend a cheap insurance company please! Many thanks
By the way that was with direct line!

Administrator answers:

Ensliegh its for young drivers

Sharon asks…

Where to go for cheap car insurance for a young driver?

I am 16 yr old and passed my test 1 month ago! I have done my pass plus too! The best quote i have found is $1200 and that is without telling them i have done my pass plus! It was also for third party fire and theft! Can someone recommend a cheap insurance company. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I wouldn’t recommend someone I know because there will be possibilities you wouldn’t like their services. Try to look around. Get free quotes, don’t pay for a quote. And also negotiate.

Robert asks…

Anyone knowing the best/cheapest auto insurance for young drivers?

Hello! I am a young driver (19) who is looking to buy a new 2007 ford mustang (the deep red color). I really want this car but it looks like there is no way that I will be able to afford the auto insurance for this thing. Anyone know the best company for me to speak with? Any advice or tips will help. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

So I did a very rough quote on your car, and its coming back at around $4000, which is about $333 per month!

However, I don’t know everything about you, so it may change. I used just a 2 dr Mustang, no GT or anything. The best thing to do, is to get a quote yourself which will be more accurate. Go to for the quote, it compares all companies and gives you the best prices.

Be sure to mention if you are in school and if you have taken drivers training, as these could reduce your rate.

Donna asks…

how do i get car insurance down, young driver wanting cheap mx5?

Ok, so you may be wandering why i want an mx5. I want to get into drifting and an mx5 seems a good car for it. can get an ok one for about £1000, lower in some cases. The 1.6 litre would be the best choice.
So to the car insurance, i put in a quote with myself the main driver and my dad as the additional and it was around £2500 for the year. I then put my dad as the main driver, mum as the second and me as the third and the cheapest quote was £2200. I then took me off and it was £180. I mean come on! im 19 with 2 years no claims, what is it with insurance companies and young drivers!
Im not going to drive the car much at all. Probably to events and a bit more when i want a bit of fun. But seriously, im not paying that price. Drifting is already an expensive hobby as it is.
So how can i bring it down people? Would love to see people ranting about car insurance with me.
just to clear things up, im not going to be drifting on the streets. Only at events. Wouldnt dream of drifting on public roads, i hate them tools in saxos that think hey are invinsible.

Administrator answers:

If it’s primarily for off road use, then do you really need insurance? Just don’t use it on the road at all. Get it trailered to events, and keep it on your property/in a garage the rest of the time. Get a 0.8 litre Matiz, or whatever else is cheap to insure, for your daily drive.

If you do want to do some driving on roads with it, then it might be worth seeking out more specialised insurance companies. Is there a MX5 owner’s club or something that could recommend one? The standard insurance companies and comparison websites are really aimed at 40+ year olds (with 20 years no claims) who drive Ford Focuses between 10,000 and 15,000 miles per year. They’re not really geared up to give someone in your situation a sensible quote.

Ruth asks…

What is the best website for cheap car insurance?

Im going to be driving soon but the insurance for young drivers is ridiculous. I just want to know what insurance company does the best insurance deals for new drivers. Thank you!! :D

Administrator answers:

There isn’t one. If you’re a young new driver insurance will be well over £2,000 no matter what you do.

Donald asks…

Which company gives best insurance to young drivers?

I’m currently 17 and the cheapest quote i’ve got at the moment is £4000 on my own car as the main policy holder but with my dad as the main driver i’ve found a quote for £1500. but does anyone know which companies are good for young drivers?

Administrator answers:

Hi Jordan,
Looks as though you live in UK.
The best advise to give you is that you continue to do the footwork as you’ve already began to do.
It’s very high no matter which insurance you consider just because you’re male.
Things to consider:
It’s cheaper if you go under your parent’s policy.
If you get “above-average” grades in school, you’re policy would be lowered considerably.
Taking a “good-driver-course” will also decrease the amount,
whether you choose to apply yourself to your parent’s policy or not.
Driving a “grandma” car is also helpful in lowering cost factor.
The faster/sportier the car, the more it will cost you.
Pretty much you’ll pay.
GoodLuck2u :) )

Lizzie asks…

Best Car/SUV/Pick Up-Trucks for Insurance(Young Driver)?

Im turning 20 in a months time, and i will be purchasing a used Car, i will have about $10,000CDN to spend. I found cars/SUV that im interested in, and I’ve got Quotes off of web sites on how much insurance would be, and so far there all pretty expensive. What Model would be a good choice?

Administrator answers:

Well, when it comes to an SUV they have a history of rolling over so the insurance rates are higher on them. You might want to look at cars and get the SUV once you get older. You want to stay away from high performance vehicles, usually the less expensive the vehicle is the lower the insurance rates because it cost less to fix.

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