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June 9, 2012

Laura asks…

What is the best insurance company for a recently passed young driver?

I passed my test last week and i am looking to buy a corsa, punto, clio like car. Its gonna be either a 1.0L or 1.2L car. How much will this cost me and what companies will give me the best quotes?
Also, i am a boy

Administrator answers:

There isn’t one, all you can do is try lots.
Bargain on £3k-ish for a small Corsa/Clio/Fiesta etc. .

Chris asks…

How much will be car insurance be for a 2.2l Renault Laguna?

Basically, I’ve got my hands on a Renault Laguna 2.2l Diesel. It’s a 2002 model. I’ve also just passed my driving test 2 months ago, and would like to know what to expect with insurance. I’m not keen on selling the car, so I’d like to know which companies are best for young drivers. Oh yeah, and I’m 17 years old.

Administrator answers:

You need to go to a price comparison website. But to give you a rough guide I got a quote a few months ago for a ford focus worth 700 quid 1.6 zetec I’m 25 and the insurance was 800 quid for the year. Vie been driving about 4 years. I didn’t go for it and got a classic car instead. So I would guess you are looking at around 2 k at best. But you need to compare the meerkat as they say.

Ah. I’ve just done a quote on compare Market, yes I’m bored, I did it with my info but as 17. Erm. The best quote was 8’000 pounds! I think your only option is to get one of your parents to say they own it and have you added as a driver.

Robert asks…

Would an 05 mustang or mustang in general be a good car for somebody who is 20 years old?

I keep hearing how mustangs aren’t the best cars for younger drivers since they have to much power. I have been driving a manual car since I was 14 got my permit when I was 17 and my liscence when I was 18. Insurance would prob still be high?..and how do you like owning a mustang? Are they reliable cars ect

Administrator answers:

The v6 mustang wont cost nearly as much as the 4.6 GT for insurance. As long as you change the oil the mustang will keep going. And a 2005 v6 is not fast at all so don’t worry about that. I know you asked a for questions about the mustang. If you really want the car get it. Who cars what other people say. You don’t wanna be stuck with something you don’t like. Last time I checked girls 16years old are driving them cars. Your 20years old. Hell im 21 and I own a z28 and Used to on a 2006 GT. For both I only paid 300 a month

Michael asks…

Going to Hawaii: Need to buy drivers insurance for 2 weeks – I’m under 25.?

Hi all,

I am going to Hawaii from 13 to 29 December, and I would definitely like to rent a car. Here are a few facts:

1) I am over 24 but under 25
2) I am a Canadian citizen but I have a Greek passport (I study in Ottawa).
3) I do have an international driving license.
4) I only have health insurance provided by my university; no auto insurance whatsoever..

I checked around and found many car rental companies in Hawaii that offer car rentals with small or no additional cost to young drivers. So the issue for me is the insurance. Could you please advise me on my best options? Should I buy insurance from here (Canada) or there? How much should I expect to pay for 2 weeks? Any companies that you recommend?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Administrator answers:

Rent a car place offers insurance if you want it that woul d be a place to get it

Donald asks…

Car Insurance.. FInd Me a Quote challenge?

Hello everyone, i am not having much luck finding a resonable quote for a young driver on the internet, i was wondering if anyone would like to do me a quote or suggest a good company. if you would like to do me a quote the basic details are below.

car: Ford Puma 1.4 2001

Male aged 48 with 2 years no claims

Male aged 20 as second driver, altho ide like it alot if sombody could find me my own quote on the car, but i only have no claims on the other policy for 2 years.

adress: L9 6BQ liverpol, England

cars kept in driveway, has alarm and immobiliser. no1 has points and no accidents.

all other details (name, excess, house number etc etc) dont really matter for a quote, and wouldnt be good to give them out, so make your own up lol.

i know this is a totaly novel way of finding a quote, so im hoping sombody would make my day and get me a nice one, best ive had sofar is with ensdliegh for £1700 (supid i know).

thanks all
there snt any personably identifyable information about me on this , im not stupid. you dont have my full adress, hose number or even the name of my road.. only the make of my car and my postcode.. everyone has just moaned i thought one person would of gotton me a quote lol .

Administrator answers:

I’d really suggest taking personal things like your address off this page before the bots (and the weird people) get it harvested. Then go find a good independent agent and have him search to get you the best deal.

Charles asks…

CA car insurance claim… existing damage/bogus claims?

I was getting into my friend’s car and lightly tapped a pick-up truck next to us (the space was tight; I was holding the passenger door from the inside and around the top to control its movement, so I know it didn’t slam against the truck). As I got in, the woman who owned the truck came up behind us and said I “dented” her car, though I could see no damage to either vehicle. At the truck owner’s insistence, we exchanged information. I made sure to take photos of the “damage.”

Her car was not in the best shape, and I’m afraid that she’ll try to blame some existing damage on me, even though my friend witnessed the incident. What are my rights in this situation?

Additionally, if she calls me directly for any reason, would I be correct in referring her to my insurance provider? She was quite unpleasant and pushy, and I’d like to deal with her as little as possible.

Thanks in advance. For the record, I am a young driver from Central California with no accidents or citations

Administrator answers:

Report the claim to your friend’s insurance company. Their licensed appraiser will be able to determine what if any damage you may have caused, and what was old damage.

They are very good at determining what is related and what is not.

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