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June 20, 2012

Robert asks…

What are your rights if you are driving without your wallet (ID, license, and proof of insurance)?

I was pulled over in California for not stopping long enough at a stop sign. Unfortunately, this day I had left the house without my wallet. I have car insurance, but I did not have proof of insurance in my glove compartment (I know, very stupid). The officers could not get my license to come up in their database using my name (I have a NJ license). I had no other ID (except for a prescription with my name on it). While waiting, I tried to go in my trunk, explaining that since I was in the midst of a move, and had some bags in my trunk, I might be able to find a form of ID in there. They wouldn’t let me go in my trunk, saying it was unsafe traffic conditions (seemed a stretch). After trying for about 15 minutes, they still could not find my NJ license in their database. They took me out of the car and searched me (had me face the car, put my hands behind my back, and emptied my wallets and patted me down). Then they asked to search my car “to see if they could find something that would identify me.” Their words. I said sure. (i was annoyed, because I am pretty sure they had no right to search me, but i knew if i gave them any lip i’d be finished, and I had nothing to hide.) They searched the vehicle very closely (about 45 minutes) and found nothing to ID me (or incriminate me). I had an unopened 6pack of beer in the trunk, and though I am 33, one cop suggested that “I looked young,” and they couldn’t be sure it was legal for me to have a six pack. Early on in the process I told them that they could find my finger prints in the county database since I work with children and had to go through a background check. After one and a half hours sitting on the side of the road while they searched my car with three additional police cars standing by, finished searching my car, and told me that they would take me to booking if my driver’s license didn’t come up in the data base, they finally got a call back from the fingerprint database people confirming my identity, and I got to leave with a citation for Drivers License not in possession 12951(a) and Insurance not in possession 16028(a). Thankfully, they dropped the stop sign. I must appear in court next week. I also got a notice from the court informing me that total bail if all proof of correction is submitted is $504. This has never happened to me before. Any advice on what to do in court? I now have my proof of insurance (i was insured the whole time, just lost the card) NJ license and my temporary CA license (which i immediately applied for after this incident). I assume I have to plea guilty. Is that true? What if the officers don’t show up? Will I have to pay $504 no matter what? Can I get community service hours instead? I also am on the wrong side of the law for having lived in CA for over 2 years without changing my license. Will they ask me about that? The court doesn’t know how long I lived here, though the officers asked me during the stop and I told them that it was over a year. And on a side note, can officers really take you to booking for not having ID or proof of insurance. It seems a little fishy that they asked to search my car to “look for ID.” I am pretty sure they thought I had drugs, and without being sure, it is possible that their impression was influenced by the fact that I was dressed like a teenager, am brown-skinned, and was driving a car that had some reggae and surf stickers on it. I gave them permission so I guess I can’t really argue on that one… Thanks for any advice you can give me! Most interested about what best to do in court.
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RE: question from MikeTL. i meant “emptied all my pockets,” NOT emptied all my wallets. that’s what happens when you post very late at night….

Administrator answers:

Although I disagree with it, some California cases have authorized police to search vehicles for identification, though those cases are in doubt in light of some recent US Supreme Court authority. However, you don’t need to worry about that, since nothing was found in the search.

The most expensive charge you have is failure to have proof of insurance, however if you were insured and take proof of that to court the charge will be dismissed for a small administrative feel. However, you are actually guilty of a MORE serious offense than 12951 (driving without your license in your possession). You are guilty of driving without a license, a violation of Veh C 12500. You had 10 days after becoming a California resident to apply for a California drivers license, and your out-of-state license was not valid after that. You should apply for a California drivers license immediately.

The fine for a violation of 12951 is about $235. The fine for a violation of 12500 is about $395, and the offense can be (but usually is not) filed as a misdemeanor. If you bring an out of state license to court to prove you had a license, you WILL be asked how long you have been in California, and your answer could subject you to the greater charge. You could just pay the lower fine without trying to contest it in any way. You could also see the judge, admit your error, and show him that you have applied for a California license and perhaps (only perhaps) the charge will be dismissed.

Lisa asks…

What’s the best thing to do for a NC speeding ticket in my situation?

I got my permit last June when I was 15 & a half. I recently received a speeding ticket for going 70 in a 55. My mom was present since it was on my permit. She says I can get the car callobrated since the tires are wrongly sized? Some say I can get it waved for being a young driver? I definately want OUT of the ticket for insurance sake but what’s the best choice for me to make? How much money am I looking at spending & will this put off getting my license for another 6 months? Anything would be helpful. Thanks in advance! (:

Administrator answers:

I can’t speak for North Carolina, but in most locales the driver is responsible for the maintenance and mechanical upkeep of the vehicle. If it has the wrong sized tires – that is the driver’s responsibility.
I have never heard of waiving a ticket because of the age of the driver. If anything, the court looks to make an impression on young drivers. Does the court of jurisdiction accept traffic school? While not your cheapest alternative, it does keep the ticket off your insurance (at least in California) which is generally cheaper in the long term.

Linda asks…

A question for all 18 year olds……..?

What is the best/cheapest company to get car insurance?
My step daughter is 18 and is buying a car this weekend. Instead of calling everywhere for quotes, I was wondering where all of you have found to be the best priced for young drivers.

Administrator answers:

You can get quotes online. Search.
Also, if she is a good student, she can get a discount.
Good luck.
It’s impossible to tell you your answer. Depends on the car, where you live, how long she has been driving, etc.

Sandra asks…

Questions about learning to drive (Uk)?

1. When and how to apply for provisional? What rights does that give me?
2. What’s the best driving school? How much ate lessons and how many will I need?
3. What’s a good car for a new young driver? And how to reduce insurance?

Administrator answers:

1. When your old enough to apply, you can learn to drive with instructor.
2. AA, Depends on how many lessons you need. Mostly need about 10 – 15 or more.
3. Ford is cheap and the lower the engine size will help with cost of insurance.

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