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March 1, 2012

Sharon asks…

Whats the best car insurance for young drivers?

I’m 16 and about to get my license and have been looking for cars online. my parents said i can have a a mustang V6 if i can save up for it (which i can) and yes, i realize insurance can be kinda high for mustangs but read somewhere that the 1996-2000 mustangs aren’t AS MUCH to insure. i was just wondering if anyone knew of what the best car insurance was for young drivers.
please include what makes your choice of insurance “the best

Administrator answers:

Im also 16 and the best insurance is allstate thats the one i have n is cheap n really good.
Hope it helps :D

Michael asks…

What is the best car insurance company for young drivers ? HELP!?

So the lowest price I have been offered is £3000 , I cannot afford to pay that JUST for insurance ! does anybody know cheap car insurance for younger drivers I am really struggling ! NO companies that put a limit what time the car is used please !

Administrator answers:

This is by far the most common question in this section. It gets asked a dozen times a day and the answer is always the same.

There is no such thing as cheap car insurance for teenagers, £3000 is bang on the money. If you can’t afford that, you can’t afford a car, simples.

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