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April 29, 2012

Donna asks…

Car insurance for new driver, help please?

I’m 18 and I have just passed my test about a week ago, and am looking for insurance etc. But the quotes I’m getting are all about £2,500, which I cannot afford at all as I’m a student. I haven’t bought a car yet, as I want to find a good quote first, but the details I have been putting in so far is Vauxhall Corsa 1.0l 3dr age 1999. Surely, this is neither a powerful nor new car, so I don’t understand why I’m getting quotes of 2 and a half grand?! I have tried different cars, as well (renault clios, ford fiestas and polos) but it has made little difference. :( I know that the insurance is always going to be high for new young drievrs, but this is really taking the piss, if I’m honest. I have tried about 20-30 different comparison sites and individual company sites, and this is so far the best I’m getting. I’ve been putting in third party cover and social + pleasure travel or whatever it is. Also, that the car will be parked on a driveway over night. I will be 19 in four months, so is there a chance that insurance will have gone down by then, because it wouldn’t be that long to wait. But otherwise, any suggestions, please, are there any details I should change, about the car or the insurance etc. Please help!! :( Thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

There isn’t a best one I am afraid,.. You will have to shop around like the rest of us.

Donald asks…

Young Driver Insurance?

Ok, here’s what’s going on. i am basically a new driver and have passed my test 18 march last year. the time has come for me getting a car, however the insurance premiums are ridiculously high. I have used the comparing websites, but they offer no real result, so I phoned a few up. This is what they gave me, I was asking for a quote, on an 04 Renault Clio 1.2 Dynamic with 3 doors.
Co-operative insurance £4645 (Full Comp)
Direct line Over £3000(Full Comp) (they wouldn’t give an accurate result, I’d have to be transferred onto another dept.)
Quinn Direct £6000 (Third party, Fire & Theft only, i was then informed that their premiums where increased)

All in my own name and not under any parents, however it seems like the best option at the moment.
I do know about a few companies that specialise in young driver insurance, one called Young Marmalade and another called i-Kube.
Both are cheaper, but there are catches to policies, i-Kube requires you to have a GPS tracker fitted, if you drive passed 11PM at night a £100 Penalty is incurred, and for each night you drive past said time. with young marmalade you need to have the pass plus scheme.

I also know that premiums are subject to a post code area rating. (CH 62)

so if anyone could tell me where cheap insurance for this type of car is I would be great-full.

Administrator answers:

Why do people recommend going on their parents insurance IT IS FRAUD! It leaves you driving around with a void insurance policy and leaver the car owner and the parent facing fraud charges.

You will either have to pay the high premium ir not drive, there are no other ways.

Maria asks…

Im Learning to drive and looking for a new car?

Im 17 and live in the uk. now i know a teenage boy will struggle with insurance, im wondering what car would be best, mini one, Peugeot 206/7, Renault clio, ford fiesta or a smart roadster coupe?
Also i am looking at what other peoples insurance quotes have been like as a new young driver.


Administrator answers:

You need to go by the insurance groups cars are graded between 1 and 20 1 being the cheapest and 20 being the most expensive.

A low engined 206, clio or fiesta are all group 3 so quite cheap and will cost pretty much the same.

A mini one is group 5 so probably a bit pricey for a new male driver.

A roadster coupe can range from group 10-13 (even though its only a 0.7L!) so pretty much out of the question if your going to struggle with insurance.

Mary asks…

cheap uk car insurance for a learner driver ? any good companies ??

question for pps in uk my husband just bought a little fiat punto got a provisional licence and wants 2 learn to drive in it we new to all this any idea what kind of cover he needs and any good not 2 expensive companies to try for insurance , hes 44 so not a young lad who wants to race about , he has a brother in law and m8 who both have full clean license who have offered to put the L plates on and take him out at weekends on a quite road to get some experience as well as having driving lessons too when he knows the basics , but we looked on nhet at diffrent insurance companies and they all so diffrent as anyone got any experience of whos the best company or comapnies to try thank you also whats diff with any driver or 1 driver and theres 3rd party etc , like i say we really are all new 2 this any info will be well appreciated thank you

Administrator answers:

Firstly i would check out this website searches for the cheapest quote from all insurers that will insure you and you only have to enter your details once it will save you no end of time i assure you on your second point about the different types of insurance

any driver – means exactly that anyone can drive the vehicle as long as they hold a current licence for that class of vehicle usually has to be a fully comprehensive policy (most expensive) and if there are only two other drivers that can sit with him a waste of money

named driver- this means that you can nominate one other person to drive the car other than your husband either brother in law or m8 or if you find a good company maybe both i would absoloutely recommend this at minimum as if your husband god forbid took ill or got into difficulty whilst driving the supervising driver will have to take charge of the vehicle otherwise they are stuck where they are

third party – this is the lowest and cheapest level of cover it also offers the basic minimum cover allowed by english law all that is insured is whatever your car hits for example another car or person or persons property your vehicle would not be repaired and you would be left with the repair bill for your car if it is written off in other words it would cost more to repair than your car is worth in the insurers opinion you lose everything

third party fire and theft – this offers a bit more cover but not much same cover as above regarding third party plus if your vehicle is stolen or set on fire you would receive a payout of the insurances companys estimated value of your vehicle before it was stolen

comprehensive- the best level of cover on offer and the one i would recommend this means no matter what your car hits it will be repaired and so will your vehicle too

it is also worth considering driver’s legal protection most company’s offer this now which offer’s you protection should anyone try to make a claim against you in court a solicitor would be appointed on your behalf to fight your case an extra charge would apply to your premium but well worth it

some company’s are offering breakdown cover as well this is also worth considering as you never know when you may need it again an extra charge applies but at least you have peace of mind

it is also worth noting that any supervising driver that sits with your husband must be at least 21 years old and have held and still hold a full licence for that catergory of vehicle for three years

where do you live iam an approved driving instructor and it would be a pleasure to teach your husband i cover the derbyshire, yorkshire and nottinghamshire areas if you live anywhere near there please feel free to contact me and in either case i wish your husband the very best of luck and please let us know how you get on please check out the following websites for loads of information and tips on learning to drive

Ken asks…

Are New York, Chicago, and DC the best places for a young adult to live?

excellent public transportation- great because you dont need a designated driver and also great because you dont have to pay over the top expensive insurance rates or have to worry about the fact that stupid rental car companies dont rent to anyone under 25
thriving nightlife- hop from one bar to the next and many times they are on the same street
plenty of chances to flirt with some beautiful girls wherever that may be- bars, restaurants, on the street, cooking class, etc
LA, Miami,and Atlanta do have some really beautiful girls who walk around in bikinis but need to drive everywhere which sucks if you wanna go out and party

Administrator answers:

You forgot some other good cities for young people:

L.A., Atlanta, & Miami.

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