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Your Questions About Best Car Insurance For Young New Drivers

May 13, 2012

Linda asks…

car insurance quotes?

Any one know of any cheap insurance brokers , im 31 male , ive got 9 years no claims protected , i drive a BMW 323 ISE its nothing special 2000 w reg , my best quote is £613 , £61 per month , i think its a rip off my girlfriend is younger than me drives a audi a3 newer than mine she has 3 years no claims and hers is cheaper , wtf ? oh im a HGV driver for a living

Administrator answers:

Most Insurance companies are charging the same money for similar cars for insurance.
So you should play on what insurance policy you want to get.
You can take either a comprehensive insurance or a crash only/minimum/third party insurance .,..

Betty asks…

I think giving up is the best option?

I have failed at everything i have ever tried, and a trite and stupid as this sounds…it has all been very bad luck.

A couple of years ago, i was right out of college, i started a business with a bar tending school to teach people how to brew beer, i even built stainless steel brewing equipment and custom brew systems. My business partner purchased the business without checking that the business was in substantial debt, and he had assumed about 500k in debt without his knowledge. i was out of work.

2 months later, i got a job as a brewer at a local brewery, i loved that job. my boss was very cool and the owner of the business was a real nice guy. I expanded the business by getting us bar contracts, improved efficiency with technique and equipment tweaking, and i soon was the youngest brewmaster on the west coast, with my own staff. The own died, the business was liquidated by the family.

after that, i started working for a tequila manufacturer, called tres sietes tequila, in mexico, the CRT is like the ATF, they regulate the quality of alcohol produced. In mexico, the company had a problem, only patron was allowed to produce tequila with under a 100ppm METHANOL concentration in the product, because they bribed the crt, 777′s wasn’t big enough but thier fractioning stills were advanced and had a reflux ratio of 10:1 (distilled ten times), they had a 2 ppm Methanol content, which made g8t tasting tequila but failed the tests. I designed a ceramic rabbit filled with activated carbon on the inside of the widget that we put in the bottles, we added the methanol artificially, 12 hrs after the CRT methanol test, the impurity was absorbed out of the tequila and we had the best; i became a process engineer in title. 3 months on the job, my boss and owner was arrested on tax evasion charges. i never heard from him again.

a month later i applied to medical school in the Caribbean, i got into one of the schools, my parents told me they would help pay for it, for the first two semesters i got 4 A’s and one C, the next semester my girlfriend i was living with at the time had a pyschotic break and tried to kill herself 3 times, i failed one class, and received 2 incompletes in the other 2. My parents refused to pay for med school after that, so i started on a green energy project with this company, and after 4 months, the company went under, my partner found a new company, turned gay made a pass at me, i rejected him and lost all of my funding. The new company worked on it for free, got me small investments but kept it going, unitl my primary investor, who (has a hazardous waste business) lost one of his hazardous waste trucks on the interstate and had to pay 1.5 million in damages, so naturally i lost my funding. my car was destroyed on the side of the freeway by an incoming car. so with no transportation, and a check for the 8000 bucks from the drivers insurance company (what the car was worth)

i went back to med school, i got 3 A’s and a B and my parents again began supporting me for a 5th semester

went back for a 3rd semester, this time, i was almost kidnapped by a gangster posing as a taxi driver, told the police, and he got out of jail on bail and tried to kill me, i escaped out of my apartment window by breaking it, ran to the police station, while the gangsters tried to break down the door i barricaded, i was arrested for destruction of property (the window) and flew to my parents home the next day when i was released without the need for bail.

when i got home my parents thought i made the whole thing up, and thought i was crazy. they made me go to a psychiatrist, and when he said i was sane, they made me go to a pshycologist, and when he said i was sane they said “well since you are not crazy, get the fuck out of our house” when they got proof i was telling the truth from the police on the island, they said “we dont care, you are always gonna screw up”

i think after my girlfriend and i have xmas and new years together, im going to blow my brains out. i’m not depressed, there is obviously something wrong with me that prevents people from liking me or something, i don’t know, my parents were always jerks, but wow you know? i can never catch a break. i have no money, no transportation, no computer nothing. i think im done.
and another thing, this happened from 2008-now. its been damn near 4 years of hell, i cant do this shit anymore and dont tell me to keep on keepin on because honestly, im not gonna last in some two bit bullshit job after all of the awesome jobs i had, i was literally two semesters away from my board exams, i cant do this anymore, its like i have lost the will, everyday is another fucking failure.

Administrator answers:

Real sh!t- man to man’; Only losers give up, and for winners its never even an option. Everyone fucks up even succesful people, i mean how do you think they got there, you have to keep on truckin .

Steven asks…

is this true no 2 you know you’re getting old when?

You wake up, looking like your driver’s license picture.

- It takes two tries to get up from the couch.

- Your idea of a night out is sitting on the patio.

- Happy hour is a nap.

- When you step off a curb and look down one more time to make sure that the street is still there.

- Your idea of weight lifting is standing up.

- It takes longer to rest than it did to get tired.

- Your memory is shorter and your complaining is longer.

- The pharmacist has become you new best friend.

- It takes twice as long to look half as good.

- The twinkle in your eye is only the reflection of the sun on your bifocals.

- You look for your glasses for a half an hour, and then find that they were on your head all the time.

- You get two invitations to go out on the same night, and you pick the one that gets you home the earliest.

- You give up all your bad habits and you still don’t feel good.

- You have more patience; but actually, it’s just that you don’t care any more.

- You sit in a rocking chair and can’t get it going.

- You confuse having a clear conscience with having a bad memory.

- You wonder how you could be over the hill when you don’t even remember being on top of it.

- You don’t know real embarrassment until your hip sets off a metal detector.

- Let’s face it, traveling just isn’t as much fun when all the historical sites are younger than you are.

- Every time you suck in your gut, your ankles swell.

- You’re suffering from Mallzheimer’s disease. You go to the mall and forget where I parked my car.

- Age always corresponds inversely to the size of your multi-vitamin.

- Your investment in health insurance is finally beginning to pay off.

- It’s harder and harder for sexual harassment charges to stick.

- If you’ve never smoked, you can start now and it won’t have time to hurt you.

- People no longer view you as a hypochondriac.

- Your secrets are safe with your friends because they can’t remember them either.

Administrator answers:


“OLD” IS WHEN… Your sweetie says, “Let’s go upstairs and make love,” and you answer, “Pick one, I can’t do both!”
“OLD” IS WHEN.. Your friends compliment you on your new alligator shoes and you’re barefoot.
“OLD” IS WHEN….. A sexy babe catches your eye and your pacemaker opens the garage door.
“OLD” IS WHEN….. You don’t care where your spouse goes, just as long as you don’t have to go along.
“OLD” IS WHEN.. You are cautioned to slow down by… The doctor instead of by the police.
“OLD” IS WHEN… “Getting a little action” means I don’t need to take any fiber today.
“OLD” IS WHEN….. “Getting lucky” means you find your car in the parking lot.
“OLD” IS WHEN….. An “all-nighter” means not getting up to pee.

Donald asks…

A few questions about road legal quad bikes? (UK only)?

1: Is it true that you can still use them on the roads if you have just a normal car drivers license and any limit to how long you’ve held a license for, such as if you’ve a young/new driver?
2: Is there any limits to engine sizes depending on length of time driving etc?
3: What are the average maximum speeds for each engine size from the low 50-100ccs to the higher 500-1000+cc’s?
4: Can you legally ride them on motorways?
5: What is insurance/tax/mot costs like on quads? I’m told most car companies don’t offer quad insurance due to the high risk or summin? is this true? and what are the best companys (cost wise) to get it

thanks for your help

Administrator answers:

1) You can ONLY ride a quad on the road if you are at least 17 years old and you have a full car licence (unless you passed your Category A test before October 2000).

2) No.

3) The fastest road legal quads (800cc) are good for about 85mph flat out. Smaller quads are much. Much slower. Many won’t reach 50mph. Don’t forget, they aren’t designed for speed – they are designed for all terrain ability.

4) Yes, as you have to have a full car licence to ride one.

5) Tax an M.O.T. Costs are comparable to a small car. Insurance for quads is horrendously expensive and only a few companies will insure you.

Lizzie asks…

I need advice about my estranged husband?

Ok my husband and I have been seperated (not legally) for 2 years.
We are both in other relationships. My ex has some visitation that he barely uses. It was ordered twice a week for two hrs each as agreed upon. His child support is only $50 a month. We have 3 kids! We were married for almost 7 yrs and our children are going to be 3, 4 and 6 this year. I am currently unemployed. My ex filed a false charge against me claiming I called him from work threatening to kill him. Well despite my coworkers statements saying that did not happen I was still charged and eventually convicted. I have a misdemeanor now. And bc of me being in the medical field, having that charge resulted in me bein fired and I can no longer work in my field. And due to a car accident last summer with a drunk driver I have no vehicle. My fiance pays for everything. I don’t like him to because I’m used to paying my own way. I have worked since I was 16.
Anyway, my ex called this morning to talk to our son before he got on the bus to school. He wanted to to talk to me after and I simply asked him if he could pay me an extra twenty dollars in support this month to help get our son new sneakers. They are worn completly through and are not suitable to wear. He tells me that I’m being greedy and he doesn’t think I’m even using the money for the kids. He said he can’t afford more child support because he has expenses. He lives with his girlfriend in her parents house. He has an old truck he got for free from his mother and his insurance is only $124 a month.
He continued to tell me that I should get my boyfriend to buy him the shoes and to stop bothering him about this. When I told him that he leaves me no other choice than to petition the court to modify the child support, he started yelling at me saying that I’m a horrible mother and I don’t deserve the kids and that he was going to everything he could to make sure the kids go to foster care!
My question is: can I get a order of protection against him through family court? I want the order to be a complete stay away and to also include the kids. Our youngest 2 kids don’t even know him despite his visits. My oldest knows him but is always so angry at him and upset. I feel that it would be best for him to just stay out of our lives. I know it’s wrong to keep kids from their father but when the father doesn’t care either way, what difference does it make?
I live in new York and we are still legally married. He keeps contesting the divorce.

Administrator answers:

Try to get a job…a misdemeanor shouldn’t block you from working entirely.

Go back and request more child support – I think $50 is way to little but I could be wrong…

Get some family counseling so you can all communicate and co-parent with each other in a better way.

No to the restraining order.

Richard asks…

car insurance for young drivers?

im a 20 year old who has had his license for over a year but haven’t been able to afford car insurance. what car will be cheapest to get insured on? and am i best getting an older car or a newer one? thanks in advance, craig
thanks everyone! i was told it goes down when your 25 but i hope its 21 cos im 21 in 2 weeks!

Administrator answers:

Try this site

here you can get quotes from different companies in your area, this way you can know which car is good for you and also find a good company.

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