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May 22, 2012

Ruth asks…

Driving without car insurance?

So, Im broke and I know its a really awful idea to drive without car insurance, but Im a little unclear about what the rules actually are. I know it is illegal to drive without car insurance b/c I got a ticket for it once when I just didnt have my proof of insurance with me, but it was a pretty small fine, is that the only legal consequence of it? I’m a pretty good driver, no accidents so far (knock on wood), and if I were to get into an accident it would probably not be my fault. Is it true if you get in a car accident without car insurance and its not your fault then you are still financially responsible for the damages to your car? …Like because you dont have insurance the other drivers insurance doesnt acknowledge the accident or something? Anyway, as of 10 min from now my insurance policy will expire and im tempted to not get new insurance for a month or so until im more financially stable. What are the consequences im missing? Anyone know of really cheap insurance? other thoughts?
BTW im still paying down the last couple thousand dollars on my car so I think i may be required to have full coverage insurance or I default on my loan, but im not sure. My loan is through a credit union, what may be the consequences if they find out?

Administrator answers:

You know i get so sick of people calling others without insurance financially irresponsible. Just because you cant afford the fucking outrageous insurance doesnt mean your irresponsible.some of us didnt get mommy and daddy or who the fuck ever to help us out as young adults and we have to drive to survive. Im 18 and have no tickets or anything and the cheapest insurance i could find for me was 358 a month! A month! Do you know how outrageous that is? I could own a fucking corvette for that! No it is greedy ass insurance companies profiling age,sex,and gender. That is illegal to begin with but nooo they are allowed to do it. Just because we dont have high paying jobs and we struggle to make ends meet on our own doesnt make us irresponsible. We are perhaps more responsible then people who make more than us because we dont buy bullshit items and expensive cars. If our government would fucking make it to where you could actually afford to live in this country without all these insurances and taxes and different bullshit ways to make money off of those who just try to survive then maybe more people could afford insurance.

Sandy asks…

How much does car insurance cost?

looking into buying a first car. Which would probably have the cheaper insurance, and any ideas approx. how much for a 2001 Toyota Celica with 60-80k miles or a new 2012 Fiat 500?
Driver is 18,female, new license, no tickets/accidents.
Car will be in Jax. Fl if that helps..

Administrator answers:

Insurance varies greatly depending on Male/Female, Marital status, zipcode of where vehicle is parked at night, if it’s a commonly stolen vehicle, crash ratings to repair when in accident..etc
If you buy any vehicle and have a Loan or Lien against the title, you are required to have Full Coverage which is double the cost of basic liability(no collision). Also, most Insurance places run credit history as well. If you have bad credit, it will cost you more. Total scam if you ask me as it has nothing to do with driving and it shouldn’t be allowed.
18yr old non-married female with no prior tickets and a fresh driver license, I would geuss around $1200-1500 for basic coverage on the Celica and $2k-2500 for full coverage the 2012 Fiat per year. The Fiat is new(expensive to repair) and it is small so it could get more damage than a larger sedan or truck. So, you could actuaqlly buy a $40k truck and pay less in insurance. Lots of factors that get included for insurance.

My motto is…if I spend more than $3500 on a vehicle, I’ll get collision, otherwise I’ll take my chances with basic liability. You have no choice if you get a Loan from the bank as they require coverage(secures their money incase of damage)

Paul asks…

how much roughly would car insurance be for a new male driver aged 25?

My husband is going to take his driving test soon so we can buy a car but i dont know how much to budget in for car insurance as neither of us has driven before and haven’t dealt with car insurance before. We would probably just buy a cheap runaround like a ford fiesta 1.4 engine or a car like this (roughly £500 in value) and wondered hw much we should expect to pay for a years insurance on this. i know it will be more expensive than other drivers as its for a new driver and a male but I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a rough figure. thanks :D

ps. i dont need links to any comparison sites as they only work if you have a car already and all the details! thankyou! :)
my husband is a chef and we dont live in a busy city or anything

Administrator answers:

About 600-700pounds.

Mark asks…

How much will it cost to buy a new gearbox for a 51 reg Fiat Punto ?

recently i’ve had problems with my gearbox, Need to know how much it will cost me to buy a new one . I’ve heard ppl say around £800… But the car’s worth £1200 at this moment and time .. is it really worth buying a new gearbox ? or just buy a new car ?
Im a new driver, therefore buying a new car means looking for cheap car insurance …. if i can’t find cheap car insurance with my present insurance company .. i’l have to go looking for another one .. which means… cancellation fee + Startin all over again for a No claims bonus….. (i’ve only been driving for 6 months)

Administrator answers:

Best bet is to fix it the cheapest way possible. Look for gearboxes in junkyards and specialized dealers, they might have good bargains. If its over 800 might as well look for a new car… Which will last you much more then the fixed fiat

Lizzie asks…

Ideal cheap car for beginners?

I’m looking for a used car with a cheaper insurance that would be ideal for a new driver. Any suggestions?
I’m 18 and I live in the UK.
I’m looking for a petrol car.

Administrator answers:

Look for something with a small engine and low performance. Stick with it for a year or two to build up no claim’s discount and then upgrade if you want. Remember insurance premiums depend on a number of factors, age only being one of them. Locality, off road parking, excess if claiming, annual mileage and restricted drivers are all taken into account. Best advice would be to bite the bullet, drive carefully and prove that you are not a driving risk. Good luck.

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