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August 12, 2012

James asks…

Car Insurance Renewal price difference?

My car insurance is due today with Admiral .. I took out a renewal quote through comparison website and as I was planning to change my car initially I didn’t renew it in advance.
Now I checked online again but it wouldn’t give me previous quotes and is giving a higher price(abt £300 more) When I give another renewal date e.g 25th then its again cheaper.

My question is If I can’t get a cheaper price for now . Is it possible to renew it after few days instead? Does that affect insurance as I know if you don’t have insurance then premium costs is same as for new drivers but I recall some one telling me that one can have a month insurance break without affecting their renewal rate?
P.S This question is for UK only.

Administrator answers:

It’s a can of worms letting insurance on a vehicle lapse these days.
It’s not just a potential loss of no-claims discount that you need to worry about.

Get the phone book out and call a local broker. Get the insurance renewed today.

Joseph asks…

first car recommendations and insurance help?

I’m 17 and I’m about 3 or 4 months away from passing my driving test. I’ve been looking at cars and really like the look of a peugeot 206 or 207 or a new model renault clio. however, the insurance is at the cheapest 2,220 – that’s with out any pass plus or other drivers on it. I was just wondering if there are any other cars you people would recommend for me (my budget is £1000 for a car) and any insurance tips.

no-one be stupid please, I’m a good driver and yes i do need a car :-)
And Ramon C is clearly an idiot

Administrator answers:

Sorry? Seventeen and a good driver? How can you say that if you do not even have a license to drive? May I suggest therapy? You seem to be perhaps out of touch with reality. I apologize if my comments fall into the “stupid” category you wished to avoid. Cheers!

Chris asks…

Car suggestions for a 16 y.o. new driver, please.?

I’m buying a car, I’m a male. I live in San Diego, CA. 16 Years old. Most likely going to share the car with a parent. I want a car that’s 2 door if it’s a sport type of car (for example the Acura RSX). It’s got to be automatic, and if it’s somewhat classy or lux. I’d go with a 4 door (Acura TL or Nissan Altima). No Honda Civics please.. not much of a fan. I know Acura RSX is a suggestion but the insurance is in the top 10 of expensive. Also! Keep there years from 1998+ I already know about Honda Preludes and Acura Integras. So please, any help would be great. Also my budget is $7000.

-Year 1998+
-No Honda Civics
-Already know about Acura Integra, RSX, TL/CL. Honda Prelude. Nissan Altima. Toyota Corolla/Camry.
-Budget of $7000.
-Cheap Insurance.
-16 Y.o. Male
-San Diego, CA

Administrator answers:

Audi, vw and some other german cars have great rating as far as durability and class. I recomend the audi 2002 since it comes with the crome window liners which make it look modern and classy for the price range u are looking for.

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