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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Boys

May 14, 2012

Nancy asks…

where to find good car insurance for 17 year old boy and a decent car to go with it?

hi im 17 year old boy, just passed my theory test, i have around £1500 for a car, but the insurance is so high, best quotes ive been getting are around £4000 on corsa’s and clio’s , do u know where i could get cheaper insurance, or an alternative car that will have cheaper insurace, i dont like KA’s or micras or cars like that, HELP PLEASE

Administrator answers:

At the very best you could get it down to £2000 but that would be on a £500 Corsa with a 1.0 engine and only then if all the other stuff they ask you about is low risk – seems you are not low risk maybe due to your job/lack of job or maybe your postcode being a higher crime one.

Realistically it is now going to be a very low minority of kids with well off parents that will be running around in cars

Lizzie asks…

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies For A 17 Year Old Boy?

I’ve done a lot of research and can’t find anything less than around £2500 a year, any good companies that can can give me a better quote? I’m thinking about getiing a Renault Clio or a VW Fox if that helps. Any tips or suggestions for good insurance companies would be much appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Make sure you attempt to get a quote from all of the possible 200 that you can ask. To do this you need to use 4 comparison websites and also check Avviva and Direct line as they are not on any.
From the results take the best 2 or 3 quotes and RING THEM. They like to have you think that the best deals are on line as it costs them less but this is not true. On the phone you can haggle
The average for you will be over £2700 and £2500 is a pretty good quote.

There aren.t any good or specialist companies for you to go to. What is cheapest today could be the most expensive tomorrow as they do change their rates a lot. Thats just the way it works.

Jenny asks…

what cool yet cheap car is suitable for a 17 year old boy?

I was thinking a classic mini cooper maybe? they got really cheap insurance but tbh I shudder probs look at life insurance not car insurance.

I saw the MG ZR and that’s cheap and looks good and with airbags…

what do u reckon?

Administrator answers:

I love love love Mini’s, you could get a classic one or even a newer (still used) one for around $7500.
A used Mazda Miata, very cute, sporty, and cheap
If you are worried about safety a used Volvo C30 is a cool hatchback and C70 is a nice convertible though lame styling.
The MG ZR looks good too.

Carol asks…

Cheap insurance for a 17 year old boy?

My first car is gonna be allot more expensive then the average first car because its a Lincoln aviator, the only problem is that even though the truck is $7000 (after safety and etest and all that needs nothing else) witch i can afford, the insurance is $1000 a month witch i can’t afford! is there anyway to possibly go under my parents insurance or something like that? if so how would i do that?
Just wondering, what was your first car? how much did you pay for it, or was it a gift? love it or hate?

Administrator answers:


Ask your parents to contact their insurance agent and request a quote. The agent can give you a quote without having to bind the coverage until you purchase the vehicle. If the coverage is best for you and your auto, you can then reimburse your parents the difference in the premium. In the next policy period, your parents will receive a declaration page that outlines the amount charged to each auto.

Good Luck in your Insurance search!

Betty asks…

Whats the cheapest way to get car insurance for a 17 year old male?

im a 17 year old boy learning to drive whats teh best car for me to get and cheapest way to insure it
cheapest companies
best cars for my age to insure

Administrator answers:

My son has just passed his test at the age of 20, to insure a 950cc Fiesta he has been quoted £1980.00, so he went out and bought a 1996 4.6 Ltr Mustang LHD new Import from Japan and got classic sports insurance from Adrian Flux for £2300.00 including RAC recovery.

It doesn’t seem to matter what car you buy, you’re going to get ripped.

But with V8 style and sound, at least motoring is fun again.

Welcome News has a very good idea, doing it his way means that when you get done for speeding etc. You parents will get the fine, brilliant – NOT.

Donald asks…

What is the best car for a 17 year old boy?

sorry its the same question from last i meant to put 17 not 16
Hi does any1 know what is the best first car for a 17 year old boy that is cheap to buy and cheap for insurance please cheers

Administrator answers:

To be honest between insurance costs, road tax, mot’s fuel consuption etc you would be better off with something like a VW polo, nissan micra, ford ka, ford fiesta, vauxhall corsa, these are small cars, the one I would go for would be the polo or the micra. More reliable and easier to work on.

Steven asks…

Is it possible to get Car Insurance for a 17 Year Old Boy under £2000!?

Looking on GoCompare I can not find car insurance for less than £2K anywhere! Does anyone have any suggestions
I can afford to pay £150 a month, not cheap but it’s realistic. I found a company called Young Marmalade who can do it for that, but they also have restrictions which I could do without! Any help and suggestions would be appreciated :/
(In the UK, having held licence for less than a month, without “fronting” with a parent!)

Administrator answers:

Uk is out of control you cant get insurance there

Mark asks…

Classic car insurance from a 17 year old? less than a grand (VW Beetle)?

Hi all,

Im 17 a VW enthusiast and just passed my driving test. I’m not saying im going to be any different to the statistics but im not a racer at all, lack of experience is still an issue though

Guys preimiems are double girls and yet i think its possible to get insurance ive heard of people who have just wonder from which company?

Im after insurance for a VW type 1 1300 beetle or a VW split screen camper for a 17 year old.

As anyone who has tried getting a quote for a 17 year old boy its going to be £800 for cheap 1L car, 900 for a 1.25L Fiesta or 1,400 for a 1.4L Zetec.
So im after insurance for less than £1000 has anyone manged it for a classic car? and where?
The RAC quoted 1,100 and then went to ask about it and then they refused
had several quote for a 1.6L beetle (due to age and slowness) of 1,400 but would like under a 1000
geico is USA i think.. :-(
sorry should of said UK based
Hi thanks for the directline idea sadly they wont insur any car thats older than about 1990 ish.. :-(
And dam americans! lol im so gelious of you !

Administrator answers:


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