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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Boys

June 29, 2012

William asks…

So whats the best car insurance company for a teenager?

Im a 17 year old boy and I just got my driver’s license in maryland yay!!! only problem is that I’m the very first licensed driver out of everyone in my family. That means NOBODY in my family drives, not even my parents; I’m the very first licensed driver.

So how would I get car insurance? how do I start an account or something?

I drive a bright red 1999 for taurus. what would be the cheapest insurance company for me and how much should I expect to pay?


Administrator answers:

When will you turn 18??

Typically, insurance rates are filed by the various insurance companies that are licensed to do business in your State, and they vary from State to State.

The best thing to do is call a LOCAL independent agent. Just look in the phone book for the PIA or Big I (Trusted Choice) logos and you will find a professional licensed agent that will be able to help you solve your insurance problems, and give you rate comparisons of several different companies.

An independent insurance agent will normally have a dozen different companies and if he cannot help you, he should be networked with other local agents that can.

In my agency, we have companies that specialize in young drivers and it is normally less expensive to be added to the parents’ policy. Since your parents are not licensed, I presume that they don’t have a policy to be added to…….so, what you might have to do is find a company that will EXCLUDE the named insured. Now all the “gurus” that hang out on this site, and lot of the other “know it alls” will say “OH YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!!!” but we have DONE that especially if the owner of the car is blind or has some other malady that keeps him them from driving.

Since you are only 17, you won’t be able to have your OWN policy since you cannot sign a contract until you reach 18 – and an insurance policy IS a contract. So, back to my original questions…WHEN do you turn 18? You might have to end up waiting until then if the company won’t excluded your parents!

I have used Progressive for many years, and if they are doing business in Maryland, they might be a carrier to contact. I am more familiar with the “independent agent” version of Progressive, but, don’t see why they wouldn’t write it direct by calling 1-800-PROGRESSIVE and explain the situation to them.

Most of the replies on this site say “go to this on-line carrier or that on-line carrier or that 1-800 number” but I’m sure that when you do, you’ll find that MOST of them aren’t going to insure a 17 year old by themselves.

Oh….and no one really cares WHAT color your car is…..makes do difference in the rate (however RED does stand out MORE in a crowd!

Good luck, drive RESPONSIBLY and I hope this helps.

Thomas asks…

I am 17 year old male and have been checking car insurance quotes?

I have been looking at some small cars, I tested a Ford Fiesta 1.8 diesel that I was looking at on auto trader and the cheapest quote I got was 4 grand, fair enough it was a 1.8 but a ford fiesta is hardly a boy racers car or something is it? Is there something i’m missing here, why are quotes so expensive and how am I supposed to afford car insurance is there something I can do to get a cheaper quote, is there any good cars for a lad that can get me a cheap quote or something? 4 grand is an outrageous price and I don’t know what to do here.
I’m in England ;)

Administrator answers:

The newer the car and the bigger the engine equals higher car insurance im afraid. Go on the comparrison websites or see if your mum or dad will insure it and put u as a named driver on their policy then u pay the extra. Otherwise when i was young i did something called passplus. This is where you do extra lessons on motorways and night driving, cost vary but usually costs between 50 – 150. Doing this can lower your insurance upto a massive 48%
hope this helps :)

Carol asks…

The cheapest car to insure for a 17 year old boy?

and dont just say “lowest insurance group” because iv been looking and so far its been a group 3 clio and iv looked at insurance for an aygo (group 1)
i need real examples like “i had a fiesta and it was £blah” not just “small hatchbacks are cheap
i have seen that episode of topgear, but i want to be on my on policy

i have looked at cars, as i have said in the discription. but i was hoping that someone could tell me from their past experience if a particular car is really cheap


Administrator answers:

The cheapest my friend could find was a ford Ka, never said how much though – sorry.

Mark asks…

what british car is best for a 17 year old boy?

i really want a british car (even though i know that none of them are british owned anymore) which basically means: land rover, rover, or the original mini. to be honest i thought the rovers are quite dull which basically meant land rover or Mini . they have to be under 2 grand – as im not rich! and need something cheap! – the mini have character and tend to be quite cheap – as far as ive looked – but the safety is practically non-existent. also goin by the price boundarys i would have to go for an older land rover – 90s/ very early 00s. i like the land rover cos its big it can hold a lot of people – i like the sideways seats in the back (which i know the new land rovers dont have) the fact that they tend to quite strong and sturdy i like too and i guess one of the biggest things is that if someone crashes into you then you at least will survive in a land rover, whereas in the mini i should probably be looking more at life insurance than car innsurance! so which one? i know u can probably get better non-british cars at the same price but im very patriotic (for a 17 yr old) and i have my heart set on a british car for my first car!
also i kinda want cheap insurance too (and it HAS to be a british car!)

Administrator answers:

Id say play it safe and get a corsa, if your wanting a rover get either a 25 or a 45 and if you want something fast get an mg zr or a zs

Richard asks…

Insurance companies are taking the pee?

im a 17 year old trying to find insurance for a 1.2 fiat punto no modifications kept in a secure monitored parking lot during the day and a driveway at night they want £4,500 CHEAPEST to insure it! the car is only worth £900 they are seriously taking the pee id understand if it was a brand new 2009 car with a 2.0 turbo engine but its a 2001 1.2 fiat punto!! i live just inside the M25 classed as not london but in hertfordshire i am serioualy annoyed! I seriously am thinking about writing a letter to trading standards because that is seriously taking the piss! just because im a 17 year old boy they think im going to turn into britains worst driver! like im gonna turn into a boy racer this aint on, this is exactly like fraud they are defrauding me out of 3000+ pounds is there anything i can do to help my situation out and what car would be a good cheap insurance car for a 17 year old!

Administrator answers:

Allow me to lay a couple of facts in front of you:
who you are to the insurance company is irrelevant, you are a file that needs placing into a specific, pre determined category and it is that category which dictates what they expect you to pay.
This is entirely legal, as are many such practices, and there is nothing you can do about that

Saying that, spend some time shopping around; you’ll no doubt find something cheaper.

The key lesson to learn from this is that life is not fair, ever. You just have to deal with that and get on with the fight.

Sharon asks…

Car Insurance, Please Help!?

Where can i get the cheapest car insurance in the UK for a 17 year old boy?
I need a reasonable quote of less than £1500 for comprehensive.

Administrator answers:

Go on can get insurance for £1200

Helen asks…

What type of car should I get?

So my sister is going of to college next month and she can’t bring her car with her because it’s my dad’s and he’s an a**. So there is a for sale sign in my dad’s yard for a 2007 Honda Civic. Now my dad doesn’t like me and has refused to see or speak to me in at least 4 years, so basicity if I wanted that car I would need to pay him (which I’m fine with). So here are my options.

Used 2007 Honda Civic 4D
about 100,000 miles on it.
24/36 mpg
for $17,000


New 2011 Ford Fiesta 4D Sedan
29/40 mpg
for $17,000 – $18,000

which one do you think I should get? The civic runs good but I don’t know a thing about the Ford Fiesta. Which one would last longer, I take good care of cars? and which one would be the cheapest in insurance for a 17 year old boy?

Thank you.
And “Oi! Sharp! Oi!” I have been working since I’ve been 11 and have been saving all of my money, so I don’t understand how hard work can make some one a spoiled brat. And I understand that $17,000 is a lot for a first car but every now and then everyone deserves to splurge their money a little.

Administrator answers:

The Ford Fiesta is the one with the warranty on it and 100,000 LESS miles.

Better gas mileage also.

So do you want 100,000 miles and no warranty or ZERO miles and a great warranty for the next few years ??

Seems obvious to me…..

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