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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Help

August 10, 2012

Sandra asks…

why do all of my friends get cheap car insurance, but not me?

ok so my problem is,
I am currently on a provisional license (in the UK of course) and literally all of my friends that are driving currently are getting insurance for less than 2k a year. (male, 17 years old, living in west cumbria, same as me) and that is with the same cover I am looking at… comprehensive cover as a named driver on a parents car. I have tried everything, even looked at the same cars and the qoutes are still almost double. this does not make sense… why the bloody hell do i have to pay 3500 quid a year for a poxy 500 quid car when all my mates only pay 1500 a year on the same thing!!!
my postcode is ca28 by the way, which is a grade c postcode area for insurance, same as my friends. they seem to use aviva, i got a qoute from them, 300 a month, they got 150 a month. even those that have passed their test get cheaper insurance than me.
please help.
I have also tried qoutes saying that ive passed my test and have held a license for say 3 months for example. the same thing happens. so no, its not to do with it being a learner, its me specifically being singled out whereas friends in my same area get cheap insurance with the exact same details, car and everything.

Administrator answers:

The insurers have been actively closing down the illegal loophole of “Fronting” of insurance by parents being criminal fraudulent main drivers. The best way they have found is to make the premiums based on the teen driver even when they are a second driver so as to make it not worth breaking the law.

You seem to have been too late but at least you can now go legal. You freinds are going to get a massive premium hike when they renew their almost useless frauding insurance.

BBC news report about this here

Donald asks…

Car Insurance on a cheap car question?

Okay so i am currently a secondary driver on two of our car at my house. I am 17 years old. I want to buy a super cheap car on kijiji for like $500 just to mess around in as I wouldn’t care if anything were to happen to it. I have a few questions.

When i go to pick up the car, can i drive it without plates?
Do i need insurance to drive it home? or is there a grace period?
If i were to buy the car, fix it up, and then sell it, are there any regulations on this? what documents do i need?

I have never bought a used car from a private seller or bought a car in general so any help is greatly appreciated!

Administrator answers:

You meet at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The seller will remove the plates. You then pay for your new plates. You should have it insured before driving it. This can be done by phone, if it is just liability insurance.

Thomas asks…

17 year old looking for a car?

Go there I am 17 years old I just recently got a job and I am doing my driving test soon. But I need a car but it has to be cheap on insurance of anyone has any suggestions for me please please tell me I will really appreciate also it has to be a good car thanks also I am a male if that helps at all and lives in Scotland thanks again stephen :D x

Administrator answers:

205 1990 is a cheap car to insure my girlfriend had one.

Chris asks…

insurance help???!?!?!?

right, im a 17 year old male who passed my test in may 2010, however i now have enough money for a cheap car and insurance, but why is it so expensive?? cheapest i have found is like £4k

so please if anyone can help what is the best cars to get cheap insurance, i have tried putting myself as a second driver but is still really expensive, i need some help where is the best place, what is the price you have? i just need helpp!!!! pleeasssee

Administrator answers:

Usually your rates in the beginning when you have not had previous insurance are higher, once you finnish a policy term, and have no claims, the rate should come down a bit after that, as you will have had previous insurance. But the first go around kind of sucks from your end of the deal, because with no previous insurance, you are considered a higher risk.

Joseph asks…

how much would insurance be for a 2012 Mazda3 for a 17 year old?

okay 1st dont tell me anything about what i shouldnt get because i donnt give a shit. it’s not a sports car. its the cheapest mazda car & i like it & all i want to know is what the insurance might be .. i need good insurance companies & an actual price range .. please no paragraphs about non sense (: & im a male if that helps (: & YES I CAN AFFORD IT !
i live in jacksonville, FL if that helps
i live in jacksonville, FL if that helps

Administrator answers:

You do realize you left out one of the most important factors?… The STATE you live in. A 17 year old in a new car, and a 4 cyl Mazda 3 is more of a family car than a high insurance vehicle, but even a Mazda 3 could range from less than a thousand in certain cities and if you’re on your families plan to well over $5K a year if you are on your own plan in a high risk city in NJ or Michigan (such as Detroit).

Florida is about avg. But Jacksonville is larger city with more vehicles and more accidents and that results in higher rates overall. Jacksonville, FL, however doesn’t require as much coverage, so since you’re only 17 and really don’t have much in way of assets to protect (I’m guessing), then your starting point would be the national avg. Rate of about $1500 and deduct from that if you take high deductible insurance (i.e., take $1,000 deductible to reduce rates) and then deduct from that for low requirements for Florida (only about $10K in coverage required in 2010) and add back to that the fact that you’re only 17 and you’re probably looking in the $1600 – $2500 range would be my guess (you’d be on the low side of the est. More likely if you choose high deductible plan with low coverage and are on your parent’s insurance rather than your own).

Maria asks…

HELP, car insurance!?

I am 15, going on 16, and I am looking into a Vauxhall Astra 1.6i 16V SXi 3dr Sport Hatch for around £4000.
It’s a car that is nice, but I could easily afford it due to my savings and work etc.
I was wondering, when I am 17, how much would it cost me to insure the car at its cheapest?!
This is an example of the car:

I am looking into this early so that I get a head start and can get everything sorted as soon as I’m legally aloud to drive.

How much would it be to insure the car for a 17 year old male living in Bradford?

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Administrator answers:

You can easily get quotes from car insurers. But make sure you are sitting down first as the premiums will cost more than the car. That’s because statistics prove that you are very likely to wrap it round a tree due to inexperience. Please don’t take that as an insult, it’s just the data that they use to fix premiums.
There is nothing wrong with desiring a nice fast car, but it would be much wiser to be patient and compromise. Go for a modern group one car initially. Build up a safe driving history with full no claims bonus and then you will be able to trade up to a Porsche in time.
That way you will be able to use your dosh to run a reliable car with all the whistles and bells instead of diverting a huge sum to the insurer.

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