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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Help

July 17, 2012

Lisa asks…

How on earth do i as a 17 year old find car insurance under £3000?

I’ve tried everything I can find on the internet.. and nowhere can I find any insurance under £3000 as a 17 year old male.. even as third party fire and theft, and I’ve been using the cheapest, oldest, least powerful group one cars I can find…and I’ve tried with pass plus etc..
I know people ask this all the time, but I really need a car as I live out in the country and have to commute to the city for school every day, and my mum can’t do lifts..
Any help would be appreciated greatly!

Administrator answers:

Either add on to your parents or… And this is what I do….

Buy a classic car! Yes, classic car policies are different to normal ones, they don’t use the “no claims” system. So, get a decent car that’s 11+ years old and try the classic insurers. I’m with Peter Best Classic for my 2 classic cars and Peter Best (normal!) for my 2 other cars.

I’m 40 now but I bought a 5L merc SL when I was 29 and had problems getting cheap insurance.

If you’re interested I’m selling my beautiful 1995 black Audi coupe 2L which would qualify for classic insurance and be totally cool for a young driver! I’m after around £1300 for it.

Carol asks…


Hi I’m looking for a reasonable car insurance quote (UK) (I say reasonable because I know it won’t be cheap) for myself, i’m 17, passed my test 5 months ago and have completed the pass plus course. The cheapest quote I can find is £3000+ on a 1.0 litre car, such as citroen C1, C2, Chevrolet Matiz, Vauxhall Corsa ETC. So all very small, cheap little cars. So I am looking to hear from anyone who is roundabout my age, which insurance company are you with and what car with what engine do you have? I have tried ALL of the compare sites so please don’t suggest these.. I am looking for a quote below £3000 if possible? Thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

That is the best you will get.

David asks…

How to get car insurance for less than £1000 for a 17 year old male?

Living in England, the most expensive country in the world, and being the most expensive group of driver to insure, yet earning only £50 a week is too hard! I can get no help from family or anything I have to pay for it all myself. Realistically I need to find insurance for under a grand in order to be driving in less than a year‘s time. I would really appreciate any ways anybody knows of getting the cost this low. I have heard classic car insurance is a good way, but you have to be lucky to find a classic car which is cheap enough itself to make it worthwhile. Also pass plus seems ok but it seems not all insurance companies care about if you’ve done it – I mean if its only the more expensive ones that end up giving discounts anyway then its not worth it..


Administrator answers:

If you add your parents to some policies as named drivers it can bring the premium down. Admiral, bell and elephant spring to mind. Buy a cheap car that is slow. Increasing your excess can bring the premium down, but remember if you do have an accident, you will have to pay more towards the repair cost.

Sandy asks…

Car insurance 17/Female under £1000?

I am looking for recommendation/advice on an insurer that would offer the best policy for a 17 year old female,

I have already visited price comparison and my cheapest quote was around £140, i was quoted for a small engine car (1.0 litre) 3 doors 988cc

is this really the cheapest premium there is for 17 year old’s i know that,that age group is the highest risk

but has any one else in same situation got a cheaper policy than that?

any help you may have would be very much appreciated
**sorry i meant £1440 /year**

Administrator answers:

You should be able to get a lot lower than £1400, try rigning around, the price sites are not always the best, dispite the ads! Having said that I have found to give me good quotes! (I bet you say thats where you went now!)

My ex-girlfriend paid £1000 when she was 17 for a less than 1.0 Corsa, so I think you’ll find it high, its your age!

Postcode can effect the price aswell, for example the closer you are to a big city, especially London. Try doing a quote with another postcode and see if it makes a difference! Then if you know someone, like like you grandparients, etc who would mind you using thier address (if its cheaper) then use that! Just remember to get your car registered there as well on the V5 when you buy it!

Mary asks…

how much would car insurance be for a 17 year old guy?

i live in the chicago suburbs and wanted to know how much car insurance would cost if i got a car, either something like a ford probe or eagle talon in the 93-97 year range(definetly a 2 door car though). i don’t know either to open it on my own or ad onto my parents. i know that adding on to my parents would be cheaper but they don’t exactly want to add another car at the moment but im ready to get my own car, so how much would it cost to open my own policy? i honestly know little to none about car insurance so please help. Also, don’t tell me to just wait till my parents are ready please cause thats not the question i just want some prices for the insurance please. thanks!

Administrator answers:

Rates will differ depending on the insurance provider. Your best bet would be to go to insurance sites, such as Geico or Progressive, and get quotes.

You’ll probably need to be on your parents’ insurance anyway.

John asks…

why is my car cheapest insurance £4000.00 when i have a 1.2 litre with 1 years no claims?


ok so last year i payed 3.5 thousand pounds very reluctantly for my polo 1.2 litre car, i know it was stupid… now nfu mutual refuse point blank to continue insuring me due to 40% of the claims being from under 21 year olds.

so ive got 1 years no claims as of last week… i decided to check and compare the market. and ive just got back £3,750.00 as my cheapest premium, this is with 1 years no claims acces up to full almost 19 years old and the car is only 1.2 litres.

I live in a village in the middle of nowhere, there is practically no crime rate here at all.

Please can someone help me out i cant afford it, my mate has a nissan 350z 3.5 litre v6 engine and he was 19 wen he got it and payed 1500 a year insurance and the car was worth 17 grand.

im almost 19 with a polo 1,2 and its coming up near to 4 grand… HOW????

any car i try to insure its stupid results i get, i put the access to full, 1 years no claims, pass plus, car at home and in the garage use only for work miles a year 1200 everything is at a minimal.

im considering leaving home so i can live elsewhere like where my mate lives, just to get low insurance, but thing is i live in the middle of nowhere with no crime rate.

if someone could please help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

alec wtf are you on about im a girl, im a lad, and how they hell does a comparison website know i payed 3.5 last year when it was with a company tht isnt even linked to comparison sites, get your facts straight and stop trolling, lurk moar new fag
the last word was lurk moar newf4g the 4 being an a

Administrator answers:

Two things -
1. Insurance has increased by 11% in just the 3 months from April to July this year
2. Quinn Direct, who did a lot of younger driver insurance are no longer doing policies at all for new customers or even renewals for old ones thus pushing the prices up

I am 49 and could not get a 350z insured legitimately with a normal set of terms for £1500, with 2 year NCB max, and I have a low risk job, a garage on my home and I live in the lowest category crime ares (all of these matter) Something is not quite correct there – maybe it is illegally fronted by a fraudulent older main driver.

Joseph asks…

Which car insurance companies are cheapest for teen girls?

I am a girl going on 17 years old and I finally just got my license. Now my dad and I are looking for the cheapest plan in the cheapest insurance company to go on for my car insurance. Help?

Administrator answers:

It really depends on what state you live in but it is best for you to get your ins. Policy under your dad’s (with him and his car). If you have a g.p.a. Of 3.0 or more you can get the good student discount, 3 years or more driving experience with good record you get the good driver discount, you can get the multi-car discount with your dad and his car. In CA with Farmer’s insurance if your dad has a good driving record then you can get a discount for having a good driver to look up to as a good influence. Best of luck and congrats!

Susan asks…

What car should a 17 year old get?

Im 17 im looking for a car, im looking for something somewhat sporty looking, has at least some power and is cheap on insurance. I was looking at the chrysler intrepid, i kind of like the look of them. Any ideas would help! Thanks

Administrator answers:

I would say a moped.

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