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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Help

July 23, 2012

Chris asks…

What is the cheapest car to insure for a 17 year old male? 10 points?

I’m getting ridiculous quotes for a Citreon C1 Group E insurance for £7000+ under 1 liter engine size !!! By using compare the market and other comparison sites!

Where can I find affordable insurance quotes? My brother was insured on a 06 1.2 Polo for £2,300 and only been driving for 6 months. surely a C1 will be cheaper!!

Need help

Administrator answers:

The C1 is in group1 (not sure where you got the E from) so it is the lowest group. Your just going to have to ring round some companies to get the best price.

Mary asks…

Insurance costs for a 17 year old for a car/quad/bike?

what would be the (rough) cost to insure; say a small engined car (1.2l ish), a mid sized quad (400cc ish) or a bike (between 125 and 600cc)? what would be the cheapest for a 17 year old? (geussing the bike then the quad then the car?) any help would be appreciated :)

cheers dougie
Living in Scotland by the way ;)
to answer your questions i live in livingston in scotland and im 16 at the minute and just looking into insurance and stuff to figure out is it better getting a 50cc bike just now and going down the bike route or is it worth justholding of and getting a car next year? (therefore, as i am 16 i do not currently have any driving liscences) :)

Administrator answers:

Car insurance will be hugely expensive – expect in the region of £500+ for 3rd party insurance (sometimes more than your car will be worth!)

the bike will be the cheapest, but never insured a quad so not sure!

Either way, i’d try comparison sites (eg for the best price

Betty asks…

HELP! Car Insurance!!?

I know theres no “cheapcar Insurance… but anyone know any Insurance that an 17 year old can aford.. ill be 18 in a week… but some people want up to 5,000 every SIX months! i have no one 2 help me out, or to put me on their Insurance…. and ive been going nuts for the past 2 weeks and i need a car for work… PLEASE HELP!!!

Administrator answers:

It’s not based on what you can afford, it’s based on the RISK.

If you have an old beater, 6 years old or older, and it’s paid for, that’s the CHEAPEST way to insure a car. It’s still going to cost you PLENTY, but maybe only $2,000 a year instead of $10K.

From the rate you’re quoting, I’m guessing that you either have a bad driving record, or you want a brand new car. In which case, you can’t AFFORD a new car. So give it up, and buy a $500 junker, and just carry minimium coverage on it. And if it’s the bad driving record, get a bus pass for the next 3 years, sorry, and wait until your driving record improves.

Richard asks…

Need help with car insurance?

I am a 16 year old male but turn 17 in October 27th and i really want to get driving asap.
The problem is is that i am on a tight budget when it comes to it. Buying the car isn’t to bad its the insurance. When im looking on websites its coming up with prices like £3000 but i managed to find prices around the £1800 for a year. Does anyone know of any cheap cars where i could get the insurance for cheaper than £1800

I live in the uk

Administrator answers:

Yes. Get yourself a car which qualifies for a classic car policy, the main classic car insurers can now cover young/newly qualified drivers.
Based on a few of my friends your age who drive Citroen’s 2cv you can expect to pay around £700-£800 but within two years it could be halved if you make no claims and keep your licence clean. By the time you’re 23 it would typically be around £150.

Classic car insurance is available on cars which were in production before around 1980 (some insurers extend it to cover newer models), so you can consider the original Mini, Allegro, Chevette, Viva, some Cortinas and Escorts, original Beetle and many other models, but you’ll still need to make sure that they’re the smaller engined, unmodified examples until you’re a bit older. At first, you’ll find that you have to agree to an annual mileage limit but this can later be extended: the insurance for my 2cv has unlimited mileage, agreed value, breakdown assistance including recovery, 60 days annual use in mainland Europe and other benefits included for just £125/year and I don’t have to keep it garaged either. I’ve also added a Citroen Dyane to the same policy for just £15 extra.

Contact the insurers listed below for details, I’ve used all three and just change each year to whoever’s offering the best deal for me. I’ve also included a link to a fun forum for 2cv owners, unlike the official 2cvgb forum you don’t have to be a club member to join it.

Nancy asks…

Cheaper car insurance.?

I’m 17 and I’ve recently passed my driving test, I’m currently insured as a secondary driver on my Mums car for about £1200. I’d much rather have my own car; I was looking at quotes for 1L Citroën saxo’s and Vauxhall Corsa’s and they all want around 4 grand insurance which is waaay to much. However I know someone who apparently is a main driver on a 5 year old saxo and they’re paying about £1300 for it? They’re also the same age and gender as me. How the hell did he get it so cheap? I’ve been on the comparison websites and I can only get it down to about £3800.

Any ideas and help are much appreshiated.

Administrator answers:

Check with a local independent agent. They can check prices with many different carriers to give you the best price.

John asks…

Cheap Young Drivers Car Insurance in Leeds, U.K?

I’m a 17 year old bloke who lives in Leeds and would like some help with car insurance. I haven’t bought a car and Ive tried the usual 1.2 corsa, Ford Ka, Ford panda, Renault clio, vw polo, peugeot 106, daewoo matiz, Hyundai I10 etc

I have also tried swinton, direct line, comparethemarket, go compare, AA, elephant, churchill, swift, young marmalade and many others but half of them wont insure me and I’ve got quotes about £7000+ I’ve tried the voluntary excess and even seen what its like with extra such as a garage, extra security features, pass plus etc. But when I changed the postcodes with my friend who lives round the corner – its dropped 2 grand!!! why??? can someone explain to me why this happened and can someone help me get any car since I haven’tt bought one yet to a reasonable price – I live in a fairly nice area too so I don;t understand why it is so much when some of my friends are getting their for £2000 ish :/
I put in a Braford postcode and it went down!!! I checked my postcode on the risk site and mines the highest risk!!!
I don’t want to sound snobbish but my area does NOT have much crime

Administrator answers:

All postcodes are put into 7 different risk categories depending on the level of car crime and claims in them – you live in a higher one than your friend so they charge you more. Insurance premiuns rise when the insurer feels the risk is higher.
At 17 they are likley to be telling lies when they say £2000, as £3000 is very much more likley as a minimum now

Lisa asks…

What insurance policy will suit me?

My names luke and im 17 years old, im looking for a cheap car insurance does anyone no of any out there? i havent got a full license yet tho. but i got a provisional if that helps. please let me know of any cheap insurance

Administrator answers:

Check out the meerkats :-)

George asks…

quick first car insurance figure, please help?

okay im from the UK and my 17th birthday is coming up (hurray at last) and that means i can drive so obviously im thinking about cars and car insurance
now i want to get something like a vw golf but ive heard the insurance on them is alot when your in your first year of driving so i was thinking maybe a vw polo instead ive seen afew at a reasonable first for a pretty good car
ive looked at the insurance comparing websites but they all ask so many questions about the car that i dont have, so i was wondering if any one could tell me how much the insurance would be on a vw polo for a 17 year old female driver and if theres much of a difference would it be worth doing the pass plus test for cheaper insurance? and how hard is it to change my insurance once i have it with just a pass licence to getting insurance with pass plus and getting a better deal, and also does anyone know how much it would be to put me on my dads licence who already has 3 veichles on his insurance

so anyway does any one know:
price of vw polo insurance (roughly) for 17 year old female driver (with and without pass pluss if known)
vw golf insurance for 17 year old driver (with and without pass plus if known)
and either of the above cars (vw polo or golf) on parents insurance (with and without pass plus)

please know i understand that you cant give me an exact number without knowing the car i will buy and all my details/parents details, i would just like a rough number :)

Administrator answers:

I dont know

(returning the favour)

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