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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Help

August 7, 2012

Daniel asks…

Cheap Car Insurance for 17 year old around £2500-£3000?

Hi, got my test in a month so looking for cars like 1.1 saxos and 1.0 106s as you can pick up a good one for about £1000 or less. But then comes the quotes which are like 4, 5 grand even Quinn direct! please help me find a website with cheap insurance around £2500-£3000 THANKS!

Administrator answers:

Try adding on an experienced driver as a named driver. Keep the policy in your name, so it’s not fronting, but if you name one of your parents as an additional driver, it can make a big difference to the price as the insurer thinks that some of the time, the car will be driven by an experienced driver, reducing the risk of a claim.

Try keeping the car off road. Garaged is cheapest.

Go for a car in a low insurance grouping. There are loads of web sites available that give you a list of car groupings. Look for one that is group 1 or 2.

Older cars can sometimes reduce the price as the value is lower.

Keep your annual estimated mileage as low as possible, but realistic. It brings the price down.

If your quote was for third party or third party fire and theft, try comprehensive. Although it gives you more cover, with some insurers, it is cheaper.

If you aren’t going to make small claims, (as they would affect your no claims discount), consider a higher excess.

Consider taking the pass plus certificate. It counts as 1 year no claims discount.

If you only travel to and from work, then park it up, that’s private use, so don’t ask for business use as it will cost more.

Try as many web sites and comparison sites as you can. They are all in competition, so shopping around may mean you find a better deal. Also try phoning the company as they sometimes have offers available that they don’t push on websites. They may be able to get the price down a bit more.

It will still not be cheap until you get some experience and no claims discount, but you will at least get the cheapest available. Shop round at every renewal to keep it down.

Donald asks…

Cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old?

Hi i am 17 years old and have just past my test 2 days ago and i am currently trying to insure a 2003 ford fiest 1.3 lx petrol 3 door. I know it has quite a big engine (1.3) for a first car, but only has 8 valves and just creeps into insurance group 3 due to electrical equipment inside, which is nothing really. I have been looking around and i am getting ridiculous qoutes of around £5000, however i have found ikude insurance which is only £1800 but iyou have to have a box, which i would really rather not have but might have to. I would like to spend nor more than £2,500, help please????

Administrator answers:

Insurance for teenage new drivers is never cheap, £5k sounds about right for a Ka, why don’t you want a box in the car?
Carry on shopping around but I doubt you’ll get anything close to £2.5k.

John asks…

How to get cheaper car insurance for 2nd year? haggle 17 18 year old driver car insurance renewal price No NCB?

ok so i am 18 now, me and my brother have shared a policy insured for 10 months with Admiral as a named driver and it cost us £1450. My brother is the main driver and uses the car 95% of the time, i only use it now and then. The 10 months have passed and they have sent him a renewal price of £1200, is there anyway i can help him get it cheaper than this? could he haggle with admiral or go to another company and show them that the renewal price is £1200? also, my car is a 1.0L 2002 seat arosa, would we be able to swap it for a 1998 1.4L seat arosa (they are like £600 less) or would the insurance go up? please help! thanks guys

Administrator answers:

When you asked this a couple of weeks ago, you worded it in a way that made people think it was your brother’s car & you were a named driver. You’re now suggesting a ‘shared’ policy, but it’s ‘your’ car. This cannot be the case. You have said that he has had a renewal quote so it is obviously insured in his name….. Just letting you know, you’re going to get the same comments as last time.

Anyway, the only thing that whoever the car’s registered keeper can do is shop around again. Try quotes on the 1.4 – but I suspect it’ll be more expensive. Not because it’s a bigger engine, but because it’s an older car. That’s just the way insurance works. Adding a named driver with a good driving record, such as a parent, may reduce your premium.

If your question, as it’s worded this time, is accurate, then he’s going to pay a high premium as the registered keeper (you) are not the main driver. If your brother is the main driver, then for insurance purposes it would be better to register the car to him so that all of his policy disclosures are accurate.

Maria asks…

car insurance 17 year old?

I just passed my test afew days ago and have been looking at insurance. Most insurers won’t give me a quote and if they do it’s 19k. But i was looking into classic car insurance for a mini and got a quote from adrianflux for 3500 but i was i told i was to young for classic car insurance. I tryed a 1000cc yaris and they would not even quote me. I checked my details twice and there all right. I asked over the phone why there is such a change im price when they have the same size engine and he just said “there cheaper to repair n that”. and just so it’s clear the minii quote was not classic car insurance.
So any one know the logic behind this? + any other suggestions about insurance will help.

Administrator answers:

As a 17-year-old your insurance will cost a fortune not necessarily because of the car you’re driving, but because of the damage you could cause (ie if you have an accident). Young people statistically have more accidents, so are more of an insurance liability.

Make sure you look on comparison websites to get the cheapest possible price, and try both 3rd party and comprehensive quotes (sometimes comp can cost less than 3rd party)

Michael asks…

car insurance for 17 year old male?

hi can anyone help me i have been looking round for car insurance for a 1.0ltr corsa 2002 and my cheapest quote i have had is £15,540 per year and i am wondering if anyone could tell me if there is anywhere i can get it cheeper or is that the cheepest i am gooing to find

thanks ant

Administrator answers:

How many insurance companies, insurance brokers and comparison websites have you tried? If you’ve only tried half a dozen or so, that’s not enough.

Even for a 17 year old, £15k is excessive – as has been said, around £4k is normal. You need to keep searching, because unless you live in a war zone, you should easily be able to get insured for less than £5k on a 1-litre Corsa.

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