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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Quotes

May 26, 2012

Linda asks…

Cheap car insurance for a 17 year old male?

I passed my driving test last month and did my pass plus last saturday. I’m now stunned to find that the lowest i’ve seemed to get my car insurance is £5000, I’m a full time 6th form student so how am I meant to pay that? Is there ANYWHERE where I can get cheap insurance for my car? (except gps box insurance with restrictions such as fines for going out past 11pm) any previous experiences? or recommendations? I understand that 17 year old males are higher risk to road users than others, especially newly qualified, but there must be some loopholes in the system which will enable me to get a cheap quote? Many thanks.
United Kingdom ONLY may I add

Administrator answers:

Shop around. Get a cheap car with 3rd party only insurance. That’s about all you can do to cut your costs.
You may be able to get a discount by getting your parents (assuming you’re living with them) to add your car to their insurance and add you as a named driver on that insurance. Failing that get one with restrictions, it sucks but it’s better than not being able to drive at all and you are building a record of safe driving that way.

Once you’ve got a year or two of accident free driving on your record the cost of insurance will go down a lot.

Chris asks…

Cheap car insurance for a 17 year old male on a Vauxhall Corsa?

I’m looking to buy a 1.0 Litre Corsa, but all quotes are coming out at around £2500. I’ve even tried the companies that monitor you by GPS and there prices are even more expensive :L Please, any cheap companies, or tips and tricks to get the price down?

Administrator answers:

Regardless of who you decide to use, amounts will vary depending on what kind of coverage will you have. Just Liability?Collision?Theft?Vandalism?

Insurers base their quotes on different factors for different people, Pretty much any insurance broker or agent should be able to help you, just search around till you fing someone that offers good value for money

Paul asks…

Cheap car insurance for 17 year old female?

So i passed my driving test December 2011. Looking at car insurance and all im getting is around £2000. Ive done everything to make it cheaper because when i first started shopping around it was saying £4500 at me :| Ive put my dad on my insurance, put my miles down, quoted small engine cheap cars like corsa 1.0 and ford ka 1.3 reg 1998-2003 etc. that its on a driveway, third party only you name it. Some of my friends have been quoted like £800 with their parents on the insurance for the same cars Ive been quoting, so i must be going wrong somewhere. oh and im 18 in 2 weeks will that make a difference? thanks!

Administrator answers:

There’s lots of stuff that make a car expensive to insure…obviously if you have a 2.5 litre BMW M3 or something you can expect it to be pretty hefty, but if the car you’re quoting for hasn’t got good safety ratings (not sure about the Corsa, but I had a 02 Ka [theyre 1.3 as standard], and it was a bit tinny. Not sure how it would do in a crash, although it did have airbags, i dont know about the side-impact bars or anything. These are all factors!) and what area you live in, the fact it will be on a driveway, not in a garage. Check if your friends actually plan to go on their parents sounds likely to me. Please don’t do this, they are pretty stringent about that kind of thing now and you don’t want to get in trouble if the insurance peeps discover you’ve been driving the car 90% of the time, even though the insurance is in your parents name.
Of course your age is the major factor, I’m surprised you’ve got quoted at all, let alone been quoted £2000. Insurance companies do NOT like insuring young drivers! I’m 33 and been driving for 10 years. Last year my insurance is still upwards of £350 with all the usual gubbins on (legal fees, replacement car if yours is being fixed etc). Ive got no points on my licence, no claims on my insurance, my car is pretty standard, goodish safety record (Yaris T-Sport 1.5), yet its still crazy money. My heart goes out to you, its bloody daylight robbery (god i sound old). Good luck! PS. I use Diamond insurance, they offer the best package for me at simalar cost for inferior insurance.

Daniel asks…

Cheap Car Insurance for a 17 year old ?

I am looking for car insurance in Britain. I am 17 next month so I am looking at provisional prices which aren’t too bad. I was curious and put in my birthday a few months earlier and said i had passed, the price was in excess of £4000, for a car worth £1000 ? I then put in the details of a friends new car, hes 17 and only just passed. Rich and got a 2011 bmw 1 series top of the range, quote was 9,500. How can a £1000 car be only £5000 cheaper than a £30000 car, none of this makes sense ? I know we are 4 times more likely to crash but does anyone know of any cheap insurance companies for 17 year olds just now ?

Administrator answers:

The reason that the price is deosnt seem that much different is because it is not the price of the car that matters. There are many many factors involved in loading a premium. At the end of the day it is the risk of the driver having an accident and the potential value of that accident and all comes down to averages and what has happened before.

Think about it you can potentially do £10million damage in a £1000 car and £500 damage in a £30,000 car but what are the chances and the risk of a particular driver in a particular doing either.

Having said this I do sometimes feel that insurance companies just think of a number and triple it.

Look online and also go to specialists like Sky insurance and Adrian flux etc.. You will find them in the back of rude boy magazines like Max Power and the like.

Sharon asks…

Cheap car insurance for a 17 year old?

Hi iv just bought a Volkswagen Golf S 1.4l engine and can only get quotes for car insurance of around £4k – £11k. Does anyone know of any insurance companies who can offer a lot less on insurance for teenagers? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Maybe you could get a quote from insurers you get from yellow pages,. The internet, the TV, the radio.

George asks…

cheapest car insurance for 17 year old?

i need cheaper car insurance because most quotes are coming out at like 4 grand
and i dont have that kind of money. the car is a 1.2 55 reg corsa, does any one know a cheap insurance company?

Administrator answers:

In this case there is none. The insurance company’s do not feel thy want to take the risk of a 17 year old. You have no experience driving and feel you are more likely to get into a crash then say a 21 year old. So thy charge a lot. Even if you find one, thy will be all be within a few dollars of each other.

Mark asks…

Where can I find cheap car insurance for a 17 year old?

I have a provisional driving licence and am looking for car insurance!!
any reccommendations? (please quote prices)
What is the ‘normal’/average price range?
Thanks for the all of the answers!

However I’m looking for company websites rather than vague estimates!!!

Administrator answers:

Go here

enter your details and get quotes from main insurers, it’s free. Anything else is just suppositions.

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