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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Quotes

July 2, 2012

George asks…

Car insurance for a 17 year old male?

I am looking to get a honda civic hatchback 3 door, I have been looking on comparison sites and the cheapest quote i got was £12,000 annual premium. Is this the cheapest i will be able to find? Because that seems like a rip off.
Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Try using some car insurance comparison sites…


Donna asks…

what is the cheapest insurance company for 17 year olds?

im 16 but will be turning 17 in a few months. to get ahead of the game and in the know i decided to start looking at cars and insurance straight away. my car of choice would be a 1995-1999 Vauxhall corsa 1.0 0r 1.2 litre as they cheap to buy, run and supposedly insure. ive looked around for insurance qutoes for myself when i turn 17 and recieve my full ik license but all quotes so far are above £4,000 even with a pass plus. is there any companys to get it below £3,000 or anywhere close. i realise i am never going to get cheap insurance straight away but i would consider 3,000 a much more reasonable quote and would love it to be closer to 2.000. also any tips or advice on getting cheaper insurancewould be greatly appreciated thanks guys

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as cheap insurers.

I change my insurer annually because they are not the cheapest at the time.

Robert asks…

Cheap insurance for a 17 year old?

Is there any hope of me insuring a group 14 insurance car? I don’t care how crappy the insurance is as long as its legal. All the quotes I have been getting are ridiculous.
The car I am trying to insure is a 92-96 Honda Civic Coupe 1.5

I am in the UK

Administrator answers:

It is probably the vehicles that you are looking at
1. Get a parent or guardian to add you on
2. Find an old four door four cylinder engine car nothing fancy or worth more that 3 or 4 thousand and not newer than 1998 also find one with at leas 100000 miles

Ken asks…

Cheapest insurance for a 17 year old lad?

the cheap quote ive got is 4800!! This is ridiculous, is there any cheaper way of insuring myself? does anyone know what the cheapest car to insure is? or something i really need to get on the road as i have just passed my test but 3000 for insurance is about my limit…

Administrator answers:

Sadly at 17 if a few other things go against you it does not matter what car you have you will not get insurance cheaper than £3000.
Car needs to be idealy for you 1.0 litre engined and from 5 to 10 years old. You should ideally live in a low car crime risk postcode area and have a full time not risky job.
Most London SW prefix postcodes will get you a very high quote just due to that
Being a student or unemployed is also expensive

It has once again become clear, as it was when I was 17 some 30 years ago, that partially due to the economic situation and partially due to the “claim for anything culture we now have” that teenagers are generally not going to be able to run cars in most cases. Again like 30 years ago if they want independent transport they are going to be getting small powered 2 wheelers

Thomas asks…

I’m 17,passed my car test.have a 1litre vauxhall corsa 3dr,wondered if ne1 knows of cheap insurance companies?

Hello, I’m 17 years old, i have just passed my car test. I have a 1litre vauxhall corsa, 3doors, which is meant to be a very low insurance group, I just wondered if anyone knows of a cheap insurance company? Or any good ways of getting cheap insurance for a couple of years until I get a full time job – like named driver or something? The best quote i have so far is £2100 for a year. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

£2100 is a very good quote. I would suggest going onto typing in your details and having a look at who is cheapest. If you haven’t passed your test yet, just put your date of birth 6 months before current date and say you have passed today, Ie, 1/6/93 and that you have passed 1/1/2011.
Try and avoid putting student as your main occupation, the quote may go up a couple hundred if you do. Add your parents as named drivers and fiddle around with the settings until you get the lowest.
Get a quote for third party fire and theft instead of comprehensive.
My second year quote is £700 and first year was same ass yours, just make sure you don’t crash or insurance will go through the roof.

People who are saying “You can’t get cheap car insurance for 17 year olds DUHHH” seriously needs to start using some common sense, of course we are not asking how to get it for pennys, we are asking for the CHEAPEST!

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