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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Quotes

July 12, 2012

Linda asks…

What is the best way to get cheap car insurance for young drivers in the UK?

How come when I look at comparison sites such as they quote something like 10K for a 17 year old male that has pased. I know that a better way is to add your parents as the main driver and yourself as the additional however, the issue is that non of my parents drive. So what would be the best way to get a reasonable car insurance for a 17 year old then?

Administrator answers:

Selecting a low powered small cheap but safe car is a start. Parking off road or in a garage helps. Adding an immobiliser can assist too.
The real way forward is the new ‘black box’ recorders that at least 2 insurance companies are now using. This records your routes. Times.speeds. Based on that information premiums can be increased .decreased or held. All due to driving style and times mainly.
Eg most young men have expensive accidents due to two factors. Excessive speed ( with inexperience) and driving at unsocial hours eg after 11:30 to around 3 am. If we can live with being restricted to keeping an eye on driving speeds. Busy routes and accident high risk times being avoided.. Then premiums will be very considerably lowered. Be aware age here is a big factor as men under 21 are around 15 times more likely to be involved in an accident. Hence high premiums as insurance companies are not charitable institutions.

John asks…

Cheapest car insurance 17 yr old?

I’m about to take my driving test soon and am looking into buying a black Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 standard, probably around 2001 (new reg plates). I don’t have specific number plates but I’ve been getting ridiculous quotes of £3,000 to £4,000.

Does anyone know of any cheap way for 17 year olds to get their OWN policy (not interested in doing illegal fronting stuff)
Managed to get a quote at £2,248.18 with LV Insurance, good? (1.2 SXI)

Administrator answers:

Insurance rates vary SO much from person to person. It’s based on some of the following: Age, Sex, Where you live, Your credit score, your driving record, your claims record, whether you’re married or single, whether you own or rent, and what type of vehicle you own, how insurers are going to see you is going to vary, based on a bunch of your personal information

So you want to shop around for insurance just like you are doing when buying a car or anything else.

Mark asks…

Cost of insurance for a 17 year old?

I’ve been looking at car insurance quotes for a ford fiesta (haven’t bought a car yet just using fiesta as an example). The cheapest quotes I’ve found so far using gocompare and are around £2000. Is this normal or is that more than it should be?

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately for you it is quite normal. When I was 17 (about ten years ago) my insurance was around a grand with 17 to 40 insurance, not much less with Endsleigh either, and that was with a 1.1 Fiesta popular plus, H reg! At 17 you are a high risk, especially after passing your test, hence the reason why your quotes are so high. Once you get older & have more experience, your quotes will reduce, until then you will have to either lump it yourself or insure your car under your parents name.

Robert asks…

Tricky Car Insurance Quotes?

Right, I am really at ends to get cheap car insurance… I’m probably an insurers nightmare: 17 years old, male, living in London, living with parents whilst at college etc…

I’ve just qualified with a full UK licence, but the insurance for a ’97 Saxo is £3500 and it only costs £300!!!!

Anyone any ideas on how to get this down to about a grand or less? Or any suggestions for any good cars to insure a 17 year old on? :)

Administrator answers:

I wouldn’t say a nightmare, more like an insurance companies dream. £3500 for 12 months cover? Im in the wrong job.

Right. Lets start with the basics. You cant do anything about your age or status, so concentrate on the other factors.

The car. Get it fitted with a Thatcham Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser. If you cant stretch to the cost of one of these (around £300 fitted) then a Thatcham approved immobiliser (fitted for around £100) will still have a significant effect. If possible park it in the garage or on the drive at night as street parking is a risk the insurance companies dont like.
Keep the car standard. Chavving it up will increase your premium and invalidate your insurance if you dont tell them about the ‘Xtreme body kit’ and then prang it.

Set a mileage limit. The less miles you do a year, the lower the risk of an incident on the road. Simple.

Join an owners club. Strange as this sounds, some insurance companies will give you a discount for being a member of the ‘Saxo Owners Club’ for example. Their forums will also have good advice of insurance companies members use.

Underwriters are more than wise to old tricks of getting the folks to insure it and you as a named driver, or the more recent one of insuring them as a named driver. They are not daft and will always base a quote on the highest risk. You.

Hope this helps and the best advice i could possibly give is to be honest.

Donald asks…

Renault Clio insurance for a 17 year old girl in Coventry?

I turned 17 last week, and plan on buying a Renault Clio for less than £1000, (about a 2001 reg).
I have trauled all over the internet and cannot really find a decent quote anywhere, so I was wondering what an approximate cost of insurance would be? Thanks!
Or if not, what are the best suggestions for a first car? Cheap insurance very important!!

Administrator answers:

If that is a 1.2 litre Clio for insurance purposes it is a good choice.
There are so many factors which influence the insurance premium other than those you have told us and for a 17 year old the value of the car is a small one.
You willhave seen all the things that make up the price when you answered the questions to get the quotes.
Typically it will start at around £800 and could go as high as £2500

This is asked about a lot on here – no other way but to shop around and no magic formulas or companies can help you.

Chris asks…

Car Insurance for a 17 year old male…?

I am looking for car insurance as I will (fingers crossed) have passed my test by christmas.

I need insurance on a 1997 P Reg 1.4L Renault Megane (which I have learned in, so will be buying off my dad) … either that or it will be a 1.0L – 1.2L probably M Reg 3 door car, something cheap, small and cheap to run.

Most places are either refusing to insure me, or are giving me ridiculous prices of between £3500 – £5000.

Also, I am getting quotes as though I already have the full licence, and not provisional.

I know people of the same age going to these companies with bigger and newer cars getting insured for £2000. Whats going on?

U.K. answerers only please :-)

Ta. J. X
Tried all of the compare sites which give ridiculous prices, which go up even more when you go to that particular company.

The cheapest so far was swiftcover. My dad got insured for an S reg rover 400 for 12 months fully comp for £240, £25 more to change to it to a P reg megane.

They wont touch me though due to my age and are quoting £1000 for additional driver on my dad’s until feb.

Administrator answers:

Try getting an online insurance quote It’s free and generally hassle free. Http://

Good Luck!

Sandy asks…

what is the CHEAPEST car insurance anyone can find for a 17 year old male!?

i no this is a problem for many my age but i can only find quotes for £3000, i dont want any answers saying that is the cheapest or things like that, i no now some jerk will now ive said it, but there is a way i just cant find it!!

Administrator answers:

Typically, insurance rates will vary from State to State and can even vary by ZIPCODE! It also will depend on the type of car/truck, coverages, limits of liability, and driving record. Some companies run credit scores and MOST run a motor vehicle report and CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange.)..,… Report to see about undisclosed accident involvement.

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