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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Quotes

July 20, 2012

Maria asks…

Where can I find reasonably priced car insurance for a 17 male?

I am 16 years old, soon to be 17 and am looking for a reasonable car insurance quote. I am aware that being male and 17 both work against me in this situation, however the best quote I have found so far was with eCar at for £2340. I am thinking of getting a cheap 1996 Vauxhall Corsa as this has been the cheapest to insure when comparing quotes.

I have tried Directline, gocompare, comparethemarket, moneysupermarket, tesco compare,,,, and

I really need something lower than what I have found so far, if you have any suggestions they would be greately appreciated.

Thankyou for the replies all were useful, tried Quinn-Direct as recommended but the online system wouldn’t give me a quote, so I phoned them and ended up with an £8000 quote! Thanks anyway.

My parents don’t drive so I won’t be able to get listed on someone else’s policy.

Anyway, thanks for all the help. for now I just better keep saving as it looks as if I will be paying £2340, at least it will go down as I get older and more experienced.

Administrator answers:

- Lower the engine size, nothing over 1.2L – that will make a difference.
- Make sure you do Pass Plus (some insurance companies give a third off the price if you have this)
- Where you keep it over night will make a difference too – if it’s in a locked garage rather than on the street/driveway, this will help lower the premium.
- Don’t go for a car with modifications (lowered, spoiler, alloy wheels, fat exhaust etc) this would all go against you.

Could you ask your parents to insure it in their name and be on as a named driver?

As you’re 17, are you looking to insure a car that your parents will teach you to drive, or are you going to be having lessons? Your age goes against you (as you know) but by the time you pass your test and get a car you’re more likely to be 18, which means I wouldn’t worry too much about this for another couple of years.

Other than that, get saving those pennies!

Jenny asks…

Car insurance advice needed for a 17 year old?

As I said in my previous question.

I recently bought a Citroen AX 988cc for £500 and paid £2800 insurance for a year. I thought It was really good as all of my mates had paid well over £3000 for their Fiestas etc.

I got alot of answers saying I had been ripped off. I would be so happy if you could tell me of a better deal. I called a total of 46 insurance companies, and used comparison websites on a variety of insurance group 1 cars. And this was the very cheapest I could find. Initially Iwanted a VW Golf. (Not the GTI Version) But I was quoted £9000 a year, not bad but I dont earn that much yet. I have 3 jobs but all are minumum wage. (6-10am, 10am-6pm, 7pm-11.20pm).

Could you give me a better deal. Where to go, what other car would be cheaper, and general advice on getting it as cheap as olot of people in my previous question told me they got it.


Administrator answers:

Glenn is a car salesmen and should know better about insurance fraud – fronting, which he is suggesting in the first paragraph.


Ruth asks…

Insurance for a 17 year old male?!?

Ill be turning 17 soon and ill be taking driving lessons. Ive been looking at car insurance for a 1.2 renault clio ( cheapest quote 5000) 1.1 citroen saxo(couldnt get a quote but when i did 14,000. Whats the best ways to get it cheaper. I also tried a 1.1 peugot 206 and still its around 7000. Thats for 3rd party fire and theft.

Administrator answers:

1) You’ve already shopped around, so ignore the “look here” answers, idiots haven’t read the question.

2) Ignore the “drivers ed in high school” comment, they’re another lost Yank on the UK site.

3) DON’T put your parent as the main driver when you are, because it’s ILLEGAL as it’s called “fronting” and is a type of insurance fraud.

You have three options –

-> Save up and pay the insurance, crossing your fingers that it gets much lower next year
-> Pass your test (not even done this yet!!) and then get put on your parents’ policy (if they’ll allow you) and then drive only occasionally, but make sure it’s a policy where named drivers can build up their own no claims.
-> Don’t bother with car lessons until you are older and can afford the insurance, meanwhile punching anyone of your mates who’ve had a car accident just after passing their test because it’s them that’s jumping your price through the roof, along with claims of whiplash from everyone who’s been in an accident in the last 5 years whether they really had it or not!

Susan asks…

Why is fully comprehensive much cheaper then 3rd party for a 17 year old?


I am getting close to passing my test and i have been looking at the types of cars that i can get that will give me the cheapest insurance quote. I am planning to go on my parents insurance as an Additional driver an they would own the car. I was looking quotes and was surprised to discovered to fully comprehensive was much much cheaper then 3rd. about £1400 compared to £3200 what is going on, also a renault 1.2 Clio is more expensive then a 1.6 renault Megane.

Any advice on getting low insurance and why is fully comp cheaper?

thanks for any help
£1400 was the price for a renault Megane 1.6 1998, with £250 excess and my parents have over 9 years no claims.
Its also the price after i have passed

Administrator answers:

Comprehensive coverage is for damages caused beyond your control, like fire, animal or a glass crack. Thus comp coverage would depend more on where on you live than on your own personal driving history. There is no way to evaluate an individual person’s risk on a random event so they don’t charge high rates for new comp coverage (unless you live in an area with lots and lots of deer crossing the road, that’s about the only reason I can think).

But liability (what you’re calling third-party coverage) is always more expensive for young drivers because young drivers tend to be in more accidents. Younger drivers are more likely to cause accidents, and are less likely to avoid potential accidents caused by somebody else

Sharon asks…

Cheap Young Car Insurance!?

I’m 17 years old and had a full UK license for 2 months, but i can’t find car insurance for me cheaper than £2,500! is there anywhere that do it any cheaper? the quote is for a Renault Clio Grande from the year 2000. Thanks
I’ve tried all the comparison sites and £2,500 is the cheapest i’ve found.

Administrator answers:

It might be also due to the area you live in but also if you are getting third party only or are adding fire and theft it would make a lot of difference for a 17 years old.

Carol asks…

Where can I get the cheapest insurance for a Corsa?

Im a 17 year old male and looking to find the cheapest insurance I can for a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2L. The car only costs £2,000 and the cheapst quote I could find so far was over £5000. I don’t live in a big city and can’t understand why it is so high when my friends have got quotes for £1,500 for their cars. Can you help me find a cheaper quote?


Administrator answers:

Simply keep shopping.

What one person pays for insurance has absolutely nothing to do with what someone else has to pay. There are dozens of variables that affect the premium.

Betty asks…

I’m looking to buy car insurance, how much should it be? MG ZR?

Its for an MG ZR 1.4

I cant go on my parents policies because my dads left my mum and my mum don’t drive, so theres no way, plus i have no over family, so its impossible for that option.

Of course it wont be cheap but i didn’t expect it top be extortion, im male, so i know its higher, ive done some online quotes, it said around £6000 a year, how can a 17 year old even buy that, unbelievable, i was hoping it be around max.. £2000 even that’s really high. Lol I ain’t exactly rich lol.

First ill buy a older rubbish car to get my confidence up with driving, then try to go for this car, its my dream car tbh, i find it beautiful.

Im gonna name it Phoenix. lol. i am sad.

But i was just wondering about it.. if you have any other advice about insurance, such as, what would make it cheaper ( year the car was made, door numbers etc) or what cars li should buy first.. i would appreciate it highly.

Thank you in advanced. :) God Bless you all.

Administrator answers:

The price of insurance depends on your age, driving experience, where you live & the car you drive, as well as a few other variables.
If you shop around, you’ll get insurance for way under £2,000 – try
Make sure you don’t overestimate your annual mileage, and ensure the car’s garaged overnight. Check both parents’ addresses – there may be a huge difference in premiums depending which address you use.

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