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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Quotes

July 27, 2012

Richard asks…

How can I convince my mother into allowing me to have a car at age 17?

I know it’s a big responsibility (I consider myself a responsible young adult though) but I told her I’ll settle for a cheap-used car and pay her back (because my cousin would be able to hook me up with a job straight afterward because I finally have a ride to work). I’ve been looking up for Insurance Quotes all night for myself.

She keeps saying I’ll get a car when I’m 18 (saying I can’t get an Quote until then) but can’t I get a quote while 17 years old?

I really want a car because it would allow me to leave this house, which I feel I’ve been trapped in for seven years and actually make contact with other people. Which I only do when I can get a ride which a couple of friends around town, which is rare. She really doesn’t care about my life in total, my social life is almost non-existed and only lives through a computer and school pretty much. She won’t allow me to have a job because she works night shifts and I can’t get a ride to work. I did have an internship interview due this summer but she wouldn’t take me to it because “she was too tired”. She skipped over my past three (soon to be four probably) birthdays. I bring this up and she acts like its nothing.

How can I convince her this one thing?
“She won’t allow me to have a job because she works night shifts and I can’t get a ride to work.”

^^ Read that part…
The thing is, I did tell her ALL this.

She just walked off like she normally does.
I live in a rural area, the closest place with work (for me, age wise) is 25 miles away and there are no buses since I’m in a rural area.

I can’t cycle 25 miles unless I wake up REALLY early.
I’m not ungrateful, I tell her how much I love her a lot of the time, yet she acts like I’m not even here. She seriously has had points of my life where she would walk by while I’m talking like I’m non-existent. I do good in school, the computer I’m on right now is a school gift due to my grades.

She treats my sister nicer than me, I could die tonight and she wouldn’t care. Ever since my dad left us, I felt her take her anger out on me instead of him.

Not to mention she works, I get it, I’m willing to work too yet she’s unwilling to try to side with a day-shift which would allow for both of us to go to work at similar times and have more time together in the afternoons.

Also, I HAD an interview for an internship I was knee-in for. I was excited about it, she turned it down because she was “tired” yet she was off two days prior to the event.

Administrator answers:

Your Mother has issues and you are going to have to “show” her that you are ready for the responsibility. Your Mom in the past has blamed a lot on you that you are not deserving of and she’s the type that if you really want something…I hate to say this..but you’re going to have to “outsmart” her. She’s a control freak and her keeping you at home under her purse strings and not able to make it on your own is another way of her enabling and covering up for her own problems. If you really want a car you are going to have to do things that she normally wouldn’t expect you to do and do them without her asking and without you mentioning that you are doing them. Do thiings that could lighten her load and things that could prove to her that if you had a job that things could be better for both of you. Start a list of positive things that could come from you getting a car and keep it hand so after you have done a few good deeds and she has noticed an “improvement” (I already know you’re a great guy…but she has a bad imprinted image) then try to reason with her. If however she won’t do it then I suggest you go to your Uncle and ask for a loan. Explain to him that he can take it out of your pay or see if you can work it out somehow..explain the situation in any terms possible. You need to get out of the house so that you can start to expand your horizons. You’re such a terrific person and deserve so much more. I wish you the best and you know this comes from my heart. Remember…you get more done with kindness than anything else. Good luck.
Peace, Love & Happiness

Lizzie asks…

Just passed driving test. 18 years old. What is the cheapest insurance company for me?

Just recently passed 17, turning 18 in a few days. What is the best insurance company in terms of price? also what car would i need to purchase to get the cheapest possible quote?

Advice needed!

Administrator answers:

There isn’t a single company.

Susan asks…

Insurance for 17 year old , group 5 . ARGH!?

Im buying a saxo 1.4i Furio and its in insurance group 5
I was just looking for the best ways/insurers/policies/discounts/offers that i can get
I got quoted something stupid like 3300 TPFT online for a frickan 1.4!!!!
I know for a fact it goes WAYY cheaper than that seein as i know a first time driver on his own policy that drives a saxo VTR insured for under 2000!
I just dont know how to go about gettin the quote below £2000
Can someone PLEASE please help me.
I know i have to shop around . but i dont know where or who to go to. and what to do when i get there!
Experianced advice, examples and prices you have had on similar sized engines for your first car would be a magic help!
UK insurance

Administrator answers:

There are no magic companies.
All car insurance has gone up a lot recently and even more so for teens.
You are very unlikley to get a quote less than £2000 and at 17 £3000 is the going rate.
Your friend with the VTR will have an extra years no claims bonus when they renew the insurance and will be expecting it to be cheaper – it will not be as it has gone up the bonus saving will be wiped away and they will pay nearer to £3000

Mandy asks…

Im getting a car, question about insurance?

Hello, ive just recently purchased a lovely little VAUXHALL CORSA 1.2i. I passed my test about a month ago & i am 17 years old. I’ve decided i want to do this whole process myself, my parents are giving me a bit of guidance. I’ve searched around & the cheapest quote for the insurance that i have found ( where im fully covered is £2703.84!!!!! so expensive considering i got my car for just under £500. Is this a reasonable price though? im sure i will be able to pay that, but im thinking petrol aswell? seriously this is more expensive than i thought, i may have to reconsider my job! haha

Administrator answers:

I understand and admire that you want to be independent in all aspects of your life, however, in the case of insurance companies that are greedily sucking us dry, please have your parents put you on there policy with you as the primary driver, your insurance quotes should be half of what you are finding now.
Another problem you may not be aware of is everytime you try for online quotes, particularly sites that promise multiple quotes (and dont) you are getting your personal information on a list. Somebody is compiling new lists of people to sell to other companies. Who take your name and address, email, and telephone number and start sending spam, cold calling about worthless crap offers, and sending unwanted advertisements for almost anything from baby wipes, to adult diapers.
The best way to get insurance on your own is to use the local yellow pages and call as many local agents as you can stand. ( I can usually call 10 or 12 before getting pissed off ) get a quote write it down with the phone number and call another one. In the USA there are sometimes six month policy or one year. If you are new to car insurance you are put in a higher risk group and pay more for the first policy. If it is for six months you pay higher rates, and get a renewal notice, if it is for a year, you pay higher rates for a year. Once you have a renewal notice your rates should come down as you now have previous insurance.
However as I suggested in the beginning please get on your parents policy and save some of your hard earned money. Insurance companies make young people and poor people pay MORE FOR INSURANCE, by adding extra fees for payments, or more excessively greedy rates for young people Do your research, it pays off in the end. Best of luck.

Ken asks…

What is the cheapest car for me to buy in regards of insurance?

I passed my test in mid may 2009. So nearly a year and a half ago.
I have a pass plus certificate.
I know the best cars are obivously the ones with 1.0 engines and other small sizes.
Im getting some horrible quotes, so I figured I would ask the community.
Vaulkal corsas are the cheapest so far. But unknown brands like “plutos” are coming up quiet cheap.
It is my first car, no one years claim bonus. I dint insure a car straight away because I was getting quotes for over 5 grand due to being 17, now im 2 years older and had more time holding a licence its obivously droped, but not by much.
Any thoughts on cars?

Administrator answers:

Cars in insurance group 1 are going to be the least expensive and all in the list below have at least one variant which is in group 1. It will be the smallest engined and lowest trim level one. At your age it is still likely to be in excess of £2500 a year.

Chevrolet Matiz (05 on)
Citroën 2CV6 (81-90)
Citroën C1 (05 on)
Citroën C2 (03-09)
Citroën C3 (02 on)
Fiat 126 Saloon (77-87)
Fiat 126 Hatchback (87-92)
Fiat Seicento (98-04)
Fiat Panda (83-95)
Fiat Panda (04 on)
Ford Ka (09 on)
Ford Fiesta (08 on)
Nissan Pixo (09 on)
Peugeot 107 (05 on)
Renault Clio (01-08)
SEAT Marbella (88-93)
Skoda Fabia Hatchback (00-07)
Skoda Fabia Hatchback (07 on)
Smart Fortwo Coupé (04-07)
Suzuki Alto (09 on)
Toyota Aygo (05 on)
Toyota Yaris Hatchback (06 on)
Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback (93-00)
Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback (00-04)
Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback (03-06)
Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback (06 on)
Vauxhall Agila (08 on)
Volkswagen Fox (06 on)

William asks…

Any way I try, I can’t seem to get Car insurance for less than £4000!?

I passed my test last week on Thursday, found myself a VW polo yesterday, and cannot seem to get insured for less than £4000. I’m 17 years old, just passed, no previous problems or anything, full UK passport etc.

The car is a 3 door, 1 litre hatchback.

I’ve attempted to get quotes on other cars as well. I’ve also tried applying as a second driver, with my father as first. He has 9 years no claims discount and a perfect motoring record. The result is the same. Nothing for less than £4000.

I don’t understand why it is so much cheaper for others around me to get such cheap insurance!
A girl i know got insured a few months ago on her old Citroen A3. She’s also 17. The company she found quoted me £4103, whilst she is paying £1300!

Where am I going wrong?

Administrator answers:

1 . Having Dad as a main driver and you as second is fraud – to combat this most insurers now base the price on the younger driver.

2. Anyway – unless dad is getting rid of his car and so his insurance policy the no claims stays with that. If he gets a second car either as a fraud or for real he would not have a no claims to use on it.

3. Insurance rates for teens have gone up a lot recently – in just the past few weeks so the quote you have is not surprising.

4. Insurance for teen girls is usually a lot less than for guys.

5. You may have a set of circumstances that are making it expensive for you. Thses could be where you live, where the car is parked overnight and your occupation to name just a few.

6. As you know most teens do not have cars and this is one of the main reasons – maybe you should not contemplate having a car yet.

7. Ways to get lower premiums – legally
a. Deal on the phone – the internet is not the cheapest place
b. Select a higher voluntary excess (so long as you could afford it if you crashed)

Hope I have at least helped you to understand what is going on. Many have asked the same question on here in the last few weeks.

John asks…

What’s the cheapest I can get car insurance for?

I’m 17 years old, and am looking to get my first car, something like an old Ford KA, Ford Fiesta or similar, you know the kinda cars I’m talking about. I am able to keep it in a secure residential car parking space. I’d prefer not to be told to “just look around on price comparison websites”, I’ve looked but the prices im being quoted are ranging from £3500 to £8000 and I’d like a rough idea on the cheapest I would be able to get it for, and tips as to how I can get it at a good value price?

Administrator answers:

You will not get an accurate car insurance quote on yahoo answers. Your age and vehicle are only 2 factors that insurers take into consideration. You will need to get several free quotes before determining what the cheapest insurance is. You might not want to go through the work of getting quotes, but it is something you have to do if you want the best price. Car insurance is not cheap for a 17 year old regardless of what company you choose as the insurer.

Linda asks…

Which insurance company?

I am 17 year old male in the UK. I have a Citroen Saxo 1.1L 3 door 2000 car. I bought the car for £800. It is not modified in any way and it is in a secure garage every night.
Having my dad as the policyholder is not beneficial because although he has been driving for over 30 years, he has always had a company car and has never owned, and therefore never had insurance.
I have looked everywhere for insurance and the cheapest is £3500, most quotes are over £4000 and around a third of the results are over £10000. This is 3rd part F+T and using sites such as Confused, Compare the Market etc. I also tried getting quotes direct from the company and it’s no cheaper. If anything it’s more expensive.

Which companies should I try, and has anyone else been getting ridiculous quotes like this?
Why are people telling me to go to Read the question!!!
Thankyou those that did read the question.
It’s on a full UK license and I always say that the car is in a garage. Is it likely that the high prices are to do with my area? For those that know it I live in the far west of Newcastle.

Administrator answers:

That is obscene!
Try Adrian Flux, Quinn direct or
Make sure you have limited mileage & they know the car is garaged. Your insurance will be astronomical if you’re trying to insure a car on a provisional licence though.

Yeah, I noticed the lack of reading too.
Newcastle’s your problem – very high risk.
I don’t suppose your mother / grandparents live somewhere a bit cheaper??

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