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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Quotes

August 2, 2012

Mark asks…

Car insurance for golf?

i am currently getting quoted silly money ask you can imagine for a golf as I am a 17 year old male which just passed. may be a silly question but is there any reasonable insurance companies out there or anyway round it to make it cheaper !?

Administrator answers:

You don’t say what you’re considering “silly money”, but I’d say if a 17 year old can get insured for less than £5000 on a Golf you’ll be doing well.

Mandy asks…

Car insurance for 17year olds? ?

Please answer this question for my cousin:

I’m 17 in november and I’m planning on taking my theory on my birthday and the practical 3/4 weeks later because I can already drive well but before my practical I just want to have 3weeks worth of lessons on the road with the public instead of friends cars and stuff.

My mum has said she will help me buy a car but when I look at insurance quotes they are very very expensive.

I wanted to put my long term boyfriend who I live with during term time on my insurance policy so he can drive it as well. He has his own car but he is thinking of getting rid of it soon. He has been driving for 3 years and is 22.

Is it cheaper just to have myself on the policy or with him on it too?

What cars are nice (no old fashioned ugly cars) are cheap to insure for a 17year old girl?

Administrator answers:

Try something like a Citroen C1/Peugeot 107/Toyota Aygo (basically same car). They’re all nice little cars and only group 1 insurance so about the cheapest insurance you are going to get!

Peugeot do a sporty one called 107 XS Sport or just 107 Sport. You get some stripes, alloys and twin exhaust ( so you’re boyfriend will like driving it). Plus this one is still insurance group 1 as the engine is the same size.

Contrary to the other answer, putting your boyfriend MAY bring your insurance down (or it might not!). I am 22 and I was added to my 18 year old sister’s insurance and it brought it down ( I was shocked!)

Charles asks…

What would be a good choice for a sporty, fun car at 17?

I have been looking to buy a car for a while now, and i have a few things in mind. Im pretty interested in cars now and i want something thats alot of fun to drive but doesnt really cost too much money, and nothing thats going to be ridiculous on insurance. Im not really sure if i want to get a loan yet (not that i could get my own anyway, i would need my parents to get me one) but im really considering everything.

I have looked at a few cars, just to give you an idea of what kind of car im going for, maybe it would help with suggestions.

I first looked at getting a loan for a WRX impreza, preferably a little bit older one. I got a quote for insurance on that, even signing with my parents its around 350-400 a month, dont want to pay that, even though this would be my number one choice for a car

After that i thought i would just get an older sports car, and i have also looked at the Toyota Supra, an MKIII from 87-92. This is much much cheaper on insurance considering the year of the car, and still seems like it would be a really fun car to drive

A few others would be a 94-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse, or an 00-05 Golf GTI, both of which are significantly cheaper on insurance and total cost than a WRX

Thats just to kind of give an idea the type of car im looking into, any suggestions on other cars possibly? i dont need a car with a turbo, or anything super fast like a WRX, but i want something that has a tighter suspension, something in the 160-200 HP range, that is just fun to drive

Please dont tell me to go throw a grand at a much older economical car, even though many might think i dont need a sporty car at 17 (which i dont) it is what i really want, i have been driving a 96 Subaru Outback and its such a great car, but im just wanting something more a bit more fun to drive.

Oh and also, i dont know much about cars yet but i want to learn much more, which is kind of why i want to get a little bit older car like the Supra and learn how to do my own work on it.

So, any suggestions/thoughts as far as cars go?
Thanks a lot, all answers appreciated

Administrator answers:

You’ve started research but still a long way to go. It’s not just about the engine and power. There’s the handling to consider too. The Subs are AWD, the Supra is RWD, and the Golf FWD. The handling will be so completely different, you need to drive all these and feel it. Also, if you live in a climate with a proper winter, the RWD is the worst for slippery conditions. But it’s the most ‘sporty’ of them, as all old-school race and supercars are RWD. So get a feel for what will be the best for you.

Donald asks…

Company Car Insurance help??

I am 17 years old and have recently passed my driving test and my boss asked me what car i am going to get and how much insurance would cost. I said i have been quoted £2,000-£3,000.
Because im on minimum wage and can’t afford that, he said he would try and get me on his company car insurance. What does this mean? Would this be alot cheaper for me.

Administrator answers:

He can add you to his commercial auto policy by selecting “all autos” as the associated additional symbol. However, is he willing to include Collision and Comprehensive coverage? You should also make sure that this coverage applies not only while you are in the course and scope of your employment, but also for personal use.

Donna asks…

Im a 17 yo male and plan on buying a hyundai coupe 1.6 2005 (05 reg), but its performance seems turtle like?

Hi, i was soon going to be getting this as my first car until i saw performance details for it and so i need some advice. It does 0-60mph in a slow 11.9 seconds due to its weight and its top speed is just 115mph. Also only has 103bhp. Cheapest quote available is £2200 and i cant pay over £2.5k for insurance. My budget for the car is about £4k-£5k max. Should i go for it or have you got any other similar suggestions. I would’ve gone for the 2.0l if insurance didn’t jump to £6k :( And i don’t really like hatchbacks, more into coupes. Also cant be too old as interior must be nice.
P.S Please don’t say how can your parents…. you’ll probably wreck it anyway.. as i appreciate it a lot and am not your typical 17 year old traffic light wannabe trying to overtake everyone. All help appreciated, especially if you own one of these in the 1.6l version :D
I lived in my country for a few years where i was driving our spare car for almost 2 years so i had already had alot of experience before i got my license here,so im not a noob lol. Unfortunately insurance companies wont accept that ofcourse. Quite liked the tigra and puma until i saw their interior. Haven’t seen any other coupes with as good interior and exterior as the hyundai and in the same price range. My main question is, is it worth buying a coupe with 103bhp and will it be noticeably slow as just an everyday car being driven in town? Was the 1.6 a disaster or is it not so bad? Thanks for all the answers so far and i look forward to reading some more.

Administrator answers:

Forget the car you like and get the one you can afford to insure. You are a 17 year old no matter what you do and a noob when it comes to driving on the road as you have ZERO experience and that is why your paying the extra.

No matter how good a driver you may think you are the truth is you are not and more liable to cause more damage with a higher powered car.

Michael asks…

where can i find a good insurance quote for a 17 year old?

ive just passed my test and i am having no luck at finding any car insurance. theres a cheap 400 pound 1998 renault clio that im looking to insure but i cant find any quotes under 10 grand and its very confusing. i cant go on any one elses insurance so i need my own and i know its possible because i know people who have done it before. does anyone have any suggestions on where to look or anything im very confused

Administrator answers:

All you can do is shop around, don’t bother with the websites, phone a broker and talk to a real person, and if you get any kind of quote near £3000, bite their arm off, because that’s as cheap as a teenage new driver will get it.

Richard asks…

car insurance.. how is this legal..?

I am 23 years old, 24 in a few months and am looking at getting a second car to leave at home so i can take the old car to work rather than getting trains an so on. i have been driving since 17, never had an accident but have 0 no claims as i have always had no choice but to be a named driver (yes i lied to an insurance company! but for my first 3 years driving my quote on a 1.2l, 52 plate punto was 5.2k cheapest..) my fiancee is a year younger than i am and started driving at 19, she had an accident 2 years ago which went on record as her fault. i have just done a quote with admiral for a 1.6l mini cooper.. i have a parent as the owner and my fiance as a named driver the quote came up at £900 which i thought wasn’t to bad so i decided to add my self as a named driver to give me the option to use it at weekends. This brought the quote closer to 2k! all i can assume is its because i am male.. i realise statistically men have more accidents but how can they charge me more because my sex is more likely to crash than a female who HAS crashed.. its ridiculous..
so basically a woman with 2 years less driving experience and an accident on record is seen as less risk than a male with a clean record an 2 years extra experience.

Administrator answers:

Insurance companies base rates solely on their experience with the local population.

Apparently where you live a 23 year old male generates on average many more claims than a female such as your girlfriend.

Here in the states if you feel you are being discriminated against you could appeal to the state insurance Commissioner who approves all the rates within the state.

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