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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Uk

May 28, 2012

Michael asks…

Cheapest Car Insurance (UK) For 17 year old (guy) who just passed test?


What are the best insurance companies to go to for cheap car insurance for a just passed 17 year old guy?

Ive tried go compare and compare the market, but their cheapest quotes were £3700 a year!

Are there any good Insurers who arn’t on comparison websites, I heard some offer you discounts if you go to them direct.


Administrator answers:

Use the lowest quotes you can find, perhaps the lowest 2 or 3 and then get on the phone to them
Please read this to see that your case and price are not unusual.

Mark asks…

Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds In The UK ?

Im taking my test in a month but would just like to know what are some of the cheapest cars to insure as i dont have the bank of mum and dad to help me out so i have my weekend job which i get about £100 from roughly ive heard some people getting insurance for £1200 which is fairly cheap also what are the cheapest insurance companies ???

Administrator answers:

With that income you can’t afford to run a car and probably don’t actually need one anyway

Charles asks…

How to get cheap car insurance for a 17 year old?

I’m a 17 year old male and i’ve recently passed my driving test and done IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) I live in the UK and need to know of any cars for cheap insurance or any ways to get cheap insurance WITHOUT putting myself as a named driver on my parents car. Many thanks. :) .
@ Stew, I clearly said i’m from the UK and the legal age to drive in the UK is 17.

Administrator answers:

Mid 80′s or older Mini 1000. Cheapest thing you can insure. I could have got one insured when I was 17 for £1800 D:

But I bought a chavvy 106 instead and paid over £2000 lol I’m 19 now and my renewal was £800. o/

btw, for the information of others, male and female drivers in the UK have to be treated equally by law from car insurers since last year.

I didn’t do IAM because insurers refused to lower their quotes.

Lisa asks…

Where can i find cheap car insurance for a 17 year old male?

Its really starting to get on my nervse that i can not find any cheap insurance anywhere! Why do insurance companies in the UK want to make life so hard for young drivers? Yeah stasticaly the majority of us crash our cars. But why should the small majority of young drivers like my self have to pay the price and live with this stereotype by paying RIDICULOUS amounts of money?

Administrator answers:

It is not a case of insurers making life difficult for young drivers, but the other way round. Insurers are being hammered with claims from young inexperienced drivers, and I can assure you that if they just charged those high prices to make a tidy profit, there would not be so many insurers stopping insuring younger drivers altogether. It simply is not viable to offer insurance to people with little or no driving experience because of the cost of claims that comes with it.

You state that you feel that those young drivers who make the claims should pay for those claims, and they do, as in addition to paying the high prices you pay, those young drivers who claim will lose any no claims discount they have and may face premium loadings when they make a claim, and their premium will go up even more, but the insurer has to try and judge the likelihood of you making a claim when they insure you, and set your premium accordingly, and to do that, they look at the risk profile of drivers with a similar age and experience to yourself. It would not be fair for example to tell experienced drivers in their 60′s that the cost of their insurance is going up because young drivers are making claims, so they have to spread the cost of those claims across the younger drivers.

You ask where you can find cheap insurance, and to be honest, if any company out there offered cheap insurance to inexperienced drivers, they would have gone bankrupt years ago as the cost of claims would outweigh the premium paid. The best thing you can do is to try a few price comparison sites, as whilst all insurers will be expensive, it will at least point you to the least expensive. Try as best as you can to reduce the risk to the insurer by going for a car with a low insurance group, alarm it, keep it in a garage or somewhere safe when not in use, look at higher excesses, even try putting an experienced driver on as an additional named driver as that can sometimes reduce the cost. Drive safely and carefully and don’t make unnecessary journeys and there will be less chance of an accident. As you start to build up claim free driving experience, the cost of your insurance will start to come down.

Betty asks…

what is the cheapest car & insurance combination a 17 year old girl can get in the uk?

basically, what is a cheap car that has really cheap insurance for people who have just passed? thanks

Administrator answers:

You’ll need to do the legwork yourself, all we can do is guess, but as a guide if you can get it close to £2,000 you’re doing very well, even with the most sh1tty car like a Fiat Seicento or a Perodua or something.

William asks…

UK ONLY: Cheap car insurance for 17 years old male?

I passed my 1 and half months ago, and insurance seems to be no less than £3000 on every sites i look.

I havent bought a car but the car im looking to insure is 00-02reg VW Polo 1.0ltr or 00-06reg Vauxhall Corsa 1.0-1.2ltr
Both of them are manufacture standards without any modification or accidental repaired.

I dont think i will be buying a car before i find a cheap and affordable insurace, happy to pay under £2000

Cannot have an additional driver as my parents do not drive.
So can anybody please help me out or recommend me a company?

Thank you in advance.
And by the way, i do not have any sorts of motoring or any other convictions

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as “cheap” insurance for an inexperienced, 17 year old driver.

You might well be ‘happy’ to pay under £2,000 to insure a car, but it’s not going to happen. £3,000 is the ballpark figure for someone of your age.

Just look back at the dozens of other questions on Yahoo! Answers from teenagers, on the same subject – they’re all paying £3k and more for car insurance. Just like you…

Linda asks…

Car insurance for 17 year olds – UK?

Im about to turn 17 and wanted to start driving, how much would car insurance be for a Ford Ka? Are there any cheaper companies to go to and any ways of bringing down the price like installing trackers etc. Would it be much cheaper to be put onto parents insurance, even if they are really bad drivers!?

Administrator answers:

You have asked this on the USA part of Yahoo – no wonder there are no answers!
It is going to cost you around the £3000 a year mark or a little less if you are female. The things that can make the premium higher or lower are the ones that you cannot change, age, car, job, postcode, use of the car etc. Most of what you can change involves illegal parent “Fronting” or fraudiulently telling plain lies to an insurer which is always a terrible idea.
There are some companies doing ones with trackers so that you pay heavily if the car is used after certain times of night for example but from stories told on here these don’t seem to save much.

Just like it was when I was 17, economical independent teen transport is going to mean small bikes and scooters for a while. Sadly you have seen the 17 year olds a few years ago get into driving early before the massive rises in premiums in the past 2 years and expect to be able to do the same yourself. Unfortunately you may have to come to terms with the fact that the good times are over and unless you have pots of money to burn there is no point getting a car at all.

What would be the point of having a car if you had no money left to enjoy it with. Petrol alone will cost you around £6 to cover 40 miles!

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