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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Uk

June 23, 2012

Betty asks…

Cheapest car insurance for 17 year old?

With full uk licence and as named driver or owning the vehicle. Does any remember what they were when they were 17.

Administrator answers:

No matter whether they do or not as what is cheapest for one is not necessarily cheap for someone else. Insurance prices just do not work that way. Prices go up and down with individual companies depending on their exposure to risk – if they take on a lot of teens then the price goes up for a while for example.
There is no substitute for shopping around on the comparison websites and then phoning the best 2 or 3 to haggle it down. No substitute for hard work on this for you.
If you are the owner/main driver do not be tempted to get someone to front it for you and make you a fraudulent occasional named driver. Click this BBC news link for a good explanation –

Maria asks…

Car insurance for a 17 year old boy?


Yesterday, I passed my driving test and am, of course, really looking forward to driving. I spotted a Renault Clio I liked with a 1.1 litre engine. It’s nothing special, just a first car (which would mean the world to me)

I was always aware insurance was going to be a struggle. I insured myself with Provisional Marmalade while I was still learning, so I could drive my mum and dad’s car as additional practice.

Prov. Marm. have another part to their company, Young Marmalade for newly passed drivers, apparently giving you the best quotes, however I couldn’t find anything under £3000!

I am a 17 year old boy living in the Northeast of Scotland, one of the most common places for a collision in the whole of the UK. However, I am not in anyway a dangerous driver. My dad has been driving for 50 years and told me he feels very safe while driving with me as a learner, and I always stay within the speed limit, with the exception of if I don’t realise I’m doing over the limit.

My mum and dad have been saving some money for me for about 10 years, but it’s only about £1300, and I don’t have any more money apart from that. It’s not going to be enough and I have really been let down by the insurance, because that Clio I saw was £600.

The lowest quote I managed to find was £1634.70 a year from the Co-Operative Young Driver insurance, and with that you get a device fitted in your car to monitor how you drive, and if you drive within speed limits, and safely, I guess your monthly cost comes down a little bit.

Anyway, I’m waffling on here.

My question was, does anybody know of a REALLY good insurer for 17 year old boys who would:
-take their price down for one of thse devices being fitted
-offer decent discounts for Pass Plus or an Advanced Driving course?

A car and amazingly cheap insurance would mean the world to me at the moment, because there’s nothing worse than the feeling of only getting 1 minor fault on your test then realising you can’t drive due to the greedy bastard insurance companies.

Thanks for all the help.
Looking at some of these answers:

I just think, innocent until proven guilty. They shouldn’t be allowed to charge 17 year olds that amounts. (the people who have the least amount of money anyway)

They should charge a reasonable price to begin with, then push it well up for the specific driver who has an accident. That way, the safe young drivers who are sensible on the road can enjoy cheap insurance with petrol money to spare, and the irresponsible drivers can suffer and hopefully learn from their mistakes, when they see their sensible friends getting this cheap insurance.

Administrator answers:

There is no ONE insurance company that is right for everyone – everyone is rated individually – and all companies have different “likes and dis-likes”, different credit tiers, different business models, and many other factors that can vary your rate – and a QUOTE is ONLY a quote until the policy is issued. Theres’ plenty of quotes to get.-.!

Robert asks…

What would be the best car for a 17 year old in the UK?

(Has to have low insurance & fairly cheap to buy secondhand)

Administrator answers:

A vauxhall corsa probably, smallish engine which will make your insurance more affordable. Either that or possibly a Renault Clio.

Susan asks…

Where can I get cheap car insurance? (UK)?

I’m a 17 year old guy, about to turn 18 and my mum bought me a car! I have yet to pass my driving test but have booked one for June.
I have been looking on the internet for car insurance and the best I had found was about £715. That was a couple of days ago. Now the cheapest is £798. Is there somewhere you found cheap car insurance? I am hoping I might be able to phone up and try to convince them to drop their £798 a little because of the sudden change.
What else can I do? I’ve looked on every car insurance website i can think of.
If you dont know how to answer this question can you name as many car insurance companies as possible in case i missed one.

Administrator answers:

You can take quotes from yellow pages and online, till you find a better quote.
This is a good place I know

Joseph asks…

What would be an ideal first car for a 17 year old (UK only)?

I am currently taking driving lessons and plan to buy a car over the summer. I want something with cheap insurance (obviously) but also something that stands out from the crowd a bit. Everyone at my 6th form college seems to have the usual corsa’s, rover 200′s and puntos. I was thinking about an old Mini because there ace but apparantly the insurance is pretty bad on them. I dont want to do any modifying because its pointless spending money on tacky exhausts and spoilers when you could just use the money to buy a better car. Can anyone help me out?

Administrator answers:

The original Mini fascinates people and the design was a brilliant idea. But the engine is 1950′s technology, they are downright dangerous in a crash and suffer numerous problems. I know, I worked on them professionally. Fords and Vauxhalls are popular because they are reasonably reliable and straightforward to maintain. The Polo is also worth a look and has superior build quality. Stay away from French cars. For years the leasing company stats., Which mag. Etc have shown that they are statistically below average on reliability. And some parts are dearer than the equivalent for a BMW! No doubt some pround young owners will give me a thumbs down. Tough. I am only interested in the big picture based on provable expert info. Go for a smaller engine option. The modern ones are quite adequate and purchase price and running costs will be appreciably lower.

Chris asks…

Is there a logical explanation for 17 year old car insurance?

Ok so my 17th birthday is the 19th october 2011 .. What i would like more than anything would to buy my own car; a classic austin mini 998cc for about £2000 witch i can afford .. So off i went and did a quote on go compair and with a full uk licence the cheapest i got wad £4698 per year .. Please dont just say add it to your parents policy or anything like that .. I just want to know how some people get it for 1-2k and why there asking such silly amounts ? Am i doing something wrong ? Because no one can pay this surley ? Also please dont just say ‘wait to your older’ or something cause there must be some explanation

Administrator answers:

Car insurance for young drivers is a rip off but they know if you really want to drive somehow you will pay the insurance. I paid £3000 per annum for my first car, I was 19 and my license was one year old, my car was an vauxhall astra 1.6 and it was worth £1800. But I still paid the insurance because there is nothing else you can do. Government doesn’t care about these things, I am 100% sure in the future car insurance companies will make more profit than banks and there will be protests for these. Nowadays the older generation who have built up their no claim bonuses doesn’t care about us, in the future there will be mass protests to bring the insurance price down.

The number of drivers driving without insurance is increasing, its all because of insurance companies. My advice to you will be, you shouldn’t drive if you can’t afford insurance. Nowadays is really hard to pass practical driving test and its getting harder and harder, so keep your license safe in your suitcase until you finish uni and start earning money.

Some people are really stupid they are still in 90′s i think now adays even if you add yourself to your parents policy you will pay mor and some insurance companies will not even give you quote

Ken asks…

what is a good first car for a 17 year old male in the uk?

i am 16 years old at the moment but i will be 17 in about 2 months so i was wondering what first car would be good for me.
i want a car that is nice looking but cheap (not so cheap that people will laugh at it) i dont want it to look girly either.
i dont want to spend anymore than £2,000 on it because the insurance would be like £3,000 a year because i am 17 and a male driver.

any ideas..?

Administrator answers:

As you have already mentioned insurance will be very expensive given your age, start by looking at cars that are a low insurance group. Corsa’s are group 2 upwards, depending on the size engine, etc and these can be picked up relatively cheaply and last for ages.

Fiesta’s are slightly more expensive to insure but still a decent car.

Try having a look on auto trader or buying a parkers guide from a newsagent to get an idea of price and insurance groups

Thomas asks…

recomendations for a 17 year old first car? preferably a 1.1 although ive been considering a 1.6 saxo vtr…UK

Im looking for my first car, i want something fast and cheap, preferably the fastest 1.1 that i can, as it will be cheap on the insurance… what is the fastest 1.1 available?

Administrator answers:

It has been said a million times before
inexperienced drivers and fast cars do not mix.

Get a 1.0 and learn to drive it properly ie learn how to handle a car in different conditions, learn how to read the road ahead and anticipate potential changes and hazards and know when you can go fast and when you cannot. Consider maybe saving money on stupid insurance premiums, drive a 1.0/1.2 or whatever on the road and spend other money treating yourself to a few track days/skid pan driving or similar – by doing this you ought to be able to out drive others.

Any muppet can get in a fast car and drive fast in a straight line and what does that prove nothing other than the driver being a…..

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