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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For New Drivers

May 2, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Which cars are best for new drivers?

In terms of cheaper insurance and small engine? Got to be cheap to buy too!

Administrator answers:

Ford Ka, or Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, stay away from the French stuff – you will be forever on the hard shoulder.

Carol asks…

i need car insurance dose any body have any sugestions where i could get the cheapest rate?

im a new driver with insurance for the first time and need a great rate got any ideas for me.

Administrator answers:

Rates very greatly with different insurance companies.
It always pays to shop around, any and all companies will give you a free quote, the important thing is to ask for a reference number so when you call back the company with the cheapest rate, you get the same quote.
Also try insurance companies in small towns, and insurance brokers. Brokers however only have a few companies that they deal with, so even a broker might not offer you the best price.

Good luck and it pays to shop around. And learn the different language terms, ask lots of question, like deductible, road assistance, free windshield replacement, collision vs full coverage.

PS also try the major banks as this is a new service offering for some of them and rates are very low.

Ruth asks…

best first car for a new driver?

which is the best car to buy first time round?

the car with least common faults?

cheap on insurance?

Administrator answers:

As you are in the UK section, and have previously asked about Vauxhalls, you are obviously asking about a UK market car. Americans please note.

I would suggest something with a small engine, which means small car. For reliability, I don’t think you can beat Japanese, I’ve owned a few.

The Nissan Micra is a popular 1st car, but if you can afford one maybe an early Toyota Yaris. If money’s tight, a Toyota Starlet, though these are rare.

I’ve never been impressed by Ford or Vauxhalls (Fiesta and Corsa). They just feel so cheap, and not especially reliable.

Good luck.

Ken asks…

Should I report a car dent on my car to my insurance then get it fixed or just go to a body shop?

The dent is on the driver side of a 2006 Honda Civic EX over the rear tire. Should I report this to my insurance company then get it fixed or just take it stright to a body shop? Looks like it was slightly dented in with a shopping cart while i was at the store, not to bad but noticeable with the smoothness of that part of the car‘s body frame. Which was is cheaper or better for me as a owner, car was purchased in July brand new off the lot of this year.

Administrator answers:

The dent you’re describing would have to be pretty epic to make going to your insurer worth it. Since you said “slightly dented with a shopping cart” it sounds minor enough that you’re deductible is likely high enough that you would pay for the whole thing anyway. I wouldn’t give the insurer an excuse to raise your premiums, just get it done yourself.

Mandy asks…

is this quote accurate for my car insurance?

Hi ;

I’m planning to buy a 1994 Honda Civic.Yesterday , I checked to see how much my insurance will cost. I’m a new driver in Toronto-Canada but have 3 years out -of- country experience.
The cheapest quote which was shown is 4900 cdn.Let’s be realistic guys , the car is 1500 cdn.How come is the insurance that much.How much is the approximate quote for me?

Administrator answers:

You are rated as a new driver. Shop around because it sounds too high.

Joseph asks…

best second hand car for a new driver?

cheap but reliable. 1st car low insurance needed

Administrator answers:

Nissan Micra – very reliable

Paul asks…

Is a hybrid a good car for a new driver?

I want a little car, and i want it to be kinda cheap. i’m gonna try and find a used one of whatever i choose, so please don’t say an ’08. i also don’t want the insurance to cost a whole lot. is a hybrid a good idea, and if so which one?

Administrator answers:

The Toyota Prius is by far the best; drives like an automatic; just aim the car and push the pedal thats it!

Sharon asks…

What is the average cost of driving insurance for a new driver?

Engine size is 1.6. Being offered a free car but think its going to be cheaper just to get insured on my mums insurance policy.

Administrator answers:

Verrryy expensive! It would be around £1500? It’s ridiculous!

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