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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For New Drivers

May 24, 2012

Joseph asks…

How much will I pay for car insurance? Estimate.?

I am looking to buy a car this Spring (new, from a dealership). When I do, I will be 24, female, and have had my license for just under a year. Since I passed my road test, I have not been driving or on any insurance at all.

I will be the main driver on this vehicle, though there might be a secondary driver. I will probably by a small car, like a Yaris, or a Hyundai Elentra. Something cheap, good on gas, safe, and not fast or sporty. It will be automatic. I am a university graduate (not sure if that matters but I heard it does).

I will live in a town with about 100,000 people.

About how much am I looking at car insurance/month? I have tried the online sites but find them confusing. Some people tell me $100, but the online estimates can be $300-400.
I will eventually ask an insurance person, I am just looking for an estimate right now from people who have had insurance before, like a price range

Administrator answers:

My son pays $110 for just liability, that includes $250.000 collision damage. He’s 19.

Ken asks…

is a 02 ford focus 1.4 insurance group 3-4 any good for a first car?

im taking my test in a years time and do like the corsa,s and saxos e.t.c but i do like the focus for its comfy ride but sharp handling,that its roomy and that its one of the cheapest cars for servicing and spare parts,my dad said they are good because they are cheap to run too but not slow as a tortoise and even if i did have a little knock in it i wouldn’t get hurt too much because its a fat sort of car,but as not many newer drivers have ford focus,s would that mean that my insurance would still be okay because its apparently classed as a 5 door family car instead of a 2 door sports car like a citroen saxo,thanks and i appreciate all answers

Administrator answers:

If you can afford the insurance it’s a decent enough car.

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