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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For Teenage Girls

June 10, 2012

Mary asks…

Whats the CHEAPEST car insurance for a teenage girl to get?

I’m a 17 year old girl, junior in high school, and I’m trying to find out whats the cheapest car insurance I get get on my car.

Administrator answers:

There is no straight answer to this question…

You can’t get a quote or a best insurer from here…. So you want to shop around for insurance just like you are doing when buying a car or anything else.

Helen asks…

Why is car insurance cheaper for women?

Ok. I’m about to open a can of worms here, so ladies (as well as whipped men), feel free to complain and moan at me all you want! heh heh.

Guys, haven’t you noticed that the majority of wrecks you see are caused by or involved with women? I can never understand how they can get lower insurance rates but be the cause of the majority of wrecks, especially the teenage girls. Plus most of them drive like they don’t have a care in the world. Any thoughts?

Ladies, you can call me sexist all you want, but the question still stands.
heh heh. I knew I would piss off a few ppl. Hmm, the majority of answers state it’s because of statistics. Reality check people: statistics don’t mean squat! Know why it shows more women are safe drivers? Because us guys report claims more than women, so the numbers seem less. Here’s my opinon: The reality is that if insurance was higher then men’s, or even as much as men’s, women would scream about discrimination like they do everything else. There’s my two cents, take it or leave it.

Administrator answers:

All insurance rates are gathered by actuaries. They gather thier information from actual accidents & then plot trends. Unfortunately, men are statisctically in more accidents, and much more costly accidents. However, females are slowly catching up due to the rise of cell phones.

George asks…

Senior Trip to Panama and Miami, just 5 girls is it a good idea?

Ok sooo
After our Graduation in May, in June all of us but one will be 18 we live in the Southeastern part of the US so the drive to Florida is kind of long. We have decided that taking one car and driving down to Panama would be cheaper than flying and staying their for 4 days then driving to Miami which is said im not sure though, to be a 10 hour drive… and staying their for 3 days.
One of my friends plans on driving the entire way down their. We are having some issues with deciding wether or not to switch off driving. Only one of us knows how to drive on a busy interstate to FL, and is the one intended to drive. But another one of my friends insists that we switch off driving because after driving for so long you can loose alertness. I can understand her point, but the conflicting problem we have is that the driver is taking her car that we are all riding in and she is the only one insured and she doesnt really trust anyone elce driving her car. Sooo here are my two Questions…
Do you think its a good idea for 5 teenage girls to drive down to Florida without switching off drivers but with plenty of rest stops?
Or do you think we should risk switching off even though all but one are not covered on insurance?
Do you think that we should bring at least one guy along, in case anything were to happen?

oh and yes i am talking about Panama City Florida! No way could i drive to Panama that is a different country.. i couldnt drive across the ocean! I just put the question in the wrong catagory. It clearly says Panama City, FL like 5 times in the question

Administrator answers:

Panama is not your problem, but have you heard of the violence–the robberies, murders, assaults between here and there? Do you have a clue of the distance? And of course there is Honduras, Guatalama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, etc., which have severe poverty thus severe crime problems. Do you just want to be headlines, or what? Why not have stupida stamped across your forehead and be done with it? Please don’t be stupid. Fly or stay home. Do your parents know about this ill-thought-out plan? Are your passports and visas arranged? It seems to me that your educations did not teach you a thing about how to THINK. Of course, you could be thinking of Panama City, Florida. Again, how much research have you even done if you don’t know that Panama is a Central American country and not a city in Florida?

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