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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For Teenagers

May 15, 2012

Steven asks…

Which car is better for a first car, a Peugeot 307 cc or Nissan micra cc?

It’s between one of these but the engine size on the Peugeot is 2L-2.5L and that’s too much. Which do you think I’d get cheaper insurance for? Which do you think is better for a teenagers first car?

Administrator answers:

I have a 307 cc and I cant wait to get rid of it.
It has been recalled 3 times and I have nothing but trouble with it so I would go with the Nissan

Mark asks…

uk car insurance for teenagers?

Ok i have a fiat punto 1.2L and cheap insurance category. I live in a good area and im 18. Ridden motorcycles with 2 years no claims on them. done the pass plus for the car. Im a good driver but proving this from an insurer point of view seems hard. I’m getting 3 grand quotes and Ive had enough it’s a joke, 3 grand im fucking 18 for christ sake. any good advice would be muchly appreciated.
The car is year 2000 and i live in nottingham ng …. uk

Administrator answers:

Sorry and don’t mean to be harsh but for you the average is £3100 a year so the advice is get another bike.

Sandra asks…

What is the cheapest car insurance and that is good for a teenager?

Im starting to almost drive already but i need to knowwhat insurance company has the most economical car insurance for teens?? please let me know and tell me how much you pay for ur kids or even for yourself

btw my car is a 2004 volvo s40 2.4i if that matters.

Administrator answers:

If you are a minor (less than 18 years old) you can not buy insurance. Your parents must add you to their policy instead.

This is just about the worst possible place to ask this question. About the best you can hope for here is a wild guess. You would be just as well off picking a random number out of a hat.

For one thing, there are too many variables involved for someone to even give a ballpark figure. Things like your age, gender, location, driving record, vehicle getting insured, local minimum requirements, coverage desired, deductibles, etc.

Keep in mind that if you finance the vehicle the lender will require that you keep full coverage insurance until the loan is paid in full. Your lender will be immediately notified of any changes to this vehicle’s insurance status. Full coverage insurance will be significantly more expensive than the minimum liability insurance.

Get up and walk away from the computer.

Walk over to the telephone.

Near the telephone, most people keep a large book

Many times this book will have colored pages, usually yellow

Open the book to the colored pages section and look for the heading Insurance

Here you will find the telephone numbers to people in your area who actually sell insurance. Imagine that.

Pick up the telephone and dial one of these numbers. If you are a minor, have a parent make this call.

A friendly person will answer. This person will be either an insurance agent or a person that works for them. Ask this person your question. This person may ask you a few questions to get some added details. Have the VIN number of the vehicle getting covered by this policy handy if possible. If you do not own the vehicle yet and do not have the VIN then the year, make, and exact model will work.

In no time, you will have a quote on the price. HINT: A quote will be far more accurate than any wild guess that you might get here.

Write down some of the details on a piece of paper. Phone number, name of the person you spoke with, price, deductibles, coverage, etc.

Next, repeat the process using one of the other telephone numbers you found in the telephone book in the colored pages section under the heading insurance.

After you have spoken to at least a few insurance agents, you can start to compare prices, coverage, and deductibles. Then pick the insurance agent that has the best deal for you, call them back, and then strike a deal.

One last piece of advice. You are far better off going through a local insurance agent where you know them and they know you. Let’s say a few months after you get your insurance you get broadsided by an uninsured motorist. Who would you rather be working with? A local person that you know and knows you. Or hear “Press 1 for English”, pause “Your call is important to us. Please wait for the next available agent…” a very very long wait, then finally get someone from a far away call center that barely speaks English. Sometimes the cheapest insurance is not the best insurance. Think about it for a bit before you make your final decision.

David asks…

Florida No Fault Insurance? Is it usually cheaper then other companies?

I’m 19, am gonna be getting a financed car worth around 12-14k and I’m looking for the cheapest insurance without lacking coverage and also being able to contact the company easily if needed. Is No- fault insurance usually good for financed cars and/or teenagers who have financed cars?? ANY answers would be helpful.

Administrator answers:

Florida is the uninsured motorist capitol of the USA, so that no fault coverage is VERY pricey.

But your lender is going to require that you ALSO carry liability, collision, and comprehensive.

Expect that your insurance costs should run you around $400 to $500 a month, on a financed car. There’s no “bargain” out there. If you want to only carry what you have to, just the no fault coverage, then you have to pay cash for the car.

Jenny asks…

Are teenagers victims of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination? (looking for opinions that Disagree)?

its for my law class.
i have to do a debate.
but heres the full topic.

teenagers are victims of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination. Their rights should be expanded to include cheaper car insurance rates and the right to vote and buy alcohol and cigarettes at 16.

my group has to DISAGREE.
so if you disagree, tell me all your points.
statistics would be helpful to. I need this for my opening statement

i live in canada so the laws in my province are that you vote at 18, you can buy alcohol and cigarettes at 19.
just if u need to know.

Administrator answers:

I completely disagree, not that Im a good debater or laywer, but people that age have not developed the life experience to make logical decisions about things.
About the car insurance (Im an insurance agent so I believe strongly on this one) statistics prove that people under the age of 19 are more likely to get into a severe accident. Just look into all those cars that go flying by you on the freeway doing 90mph. Most of them are teens, I think it’s fair to charge them more.
On voting, just the other day my 16 year old sister mentioned that she thought it was “cool” that our new president had smoked pot and drank alcohol. She said it would be cool to “party” with him. Imagine having a bunch of kids voting for someone based simply on the fact that they look like they can party or because they are better looking than the other canidate. This is how teens minds work. That is what is important to them….
On alcohol and Cigs I think you should have to be 21. Bottom line! Their brains are not developed enough at 16 or even 19 to handle items that alter their already diluted perception. People that age can barely handle going to school and keeping a job, now throw getting drunk in there and you have a recipe for disaster.
Rules are in place to protect teens. They lack experience and dont know what the real world is like. The think they know everything and can handle anything then they get into a situation that is too much for them and who do they run to? Mommy and daddy. Im not saying ALL teens are like this, I know there are some out there that are responsible and could handle things, but they are far and few between.

Linda asks…

Teen Car Insurance.?

I am 17, and about 5 days ago I finally got my license. So now my parents are trying to look for insurance. I have to pay it, soo seeing as I only get paid minimum wage, does anyone know the cheapest “deal” for insurance when it comes to teenagers?? What I mean is like what company etc.

Administrator answers:

If your parents will allow you to be on their policy as a driver, that will be the cheapest, unless they have tickets or accidents. It’s rated by how many driver’s per household, if there are two vehicles and three driver’s you want to be on the vehicle with the least value, unless only a liability policy. This is a risk for your parents because if you get a ticket or accident they will rate up the policy for all vehicles.

If they do not want you on there policy and you need a policy of your own you need to shop around, the rates can be very dramatic from company to company.When I was looking for my teenage son, I was shocked at the difference in rates. I had been with a company I worked for and they were the worst for teenage drivers, so I found another company AIG. I’m not saying they’re the best but much better than what I had been quoted from other companies.

Good Luck To You

William asks…

What is the Best Car for a teenager?

For a teens first car, what is the ideal car, in terms of being as cool as possible, but still cheap and low insurance rates.

Administrator answers:

Honda Accord, Honda Civic Coupe, Acura RSX, Mazda3

George asks…

What is a good car for a teenager?

I am a 16 year old guy looking for a sporty car (sedan/coupe) that is inexpensive (preferably used) that will run good and be cheap on insurance. Please help!

Administrator answers:

Can’t go wrong with a Civic. It’s somewhat sporty, runs awesome and is easy on the insurance.
That was what I was going to get but I hated them just because everyone has a Civic, nothing special about it…so if you want to seperate yourself from all the other teens who drive Civics, Corollas, Camry’s, Integras, Accords:

Heres a list, but those common cars above are great choices and fit everything that you said you need, it’s just they are so common..

Subaru Impreza NOT WRX OR STI, it will cost way more on insurance and on the car since it’s faster..
Nissan Sentra, kinda boring but get an SE-R model and you can go decently fast
Honda Prelude, but it requires premium gas, nice car though
Toyota Celica, awesome car, can’t go wrong, it might be a little more on insurance because it looks sporty

Or my first car
1998 Volvo S70, to be honest not really reliable, mine has because the owner took care of it, if you can find one that has been taken care of it’s a great choice. It is SUPER SAFE, its a Volvo, has leather, power everything including seats, seat warmers, premium’s luxurious for a first car and cheapp

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