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May 22, 2012

David asks…

best first car for a teenager?

i am 17 in a few months and i’m stuck between peugeot 306, voklkswagen polo, renault clio and citreon Saxo, can anyone advise me on the good n bad points about these cars or give me any other car ideas? i want a car that is well under £2000; the cheaper the car the more money i get to spend modifying the interior!!! and i would like to know the average insurance costs for each car.. thanks for any help :)
i would also like to know the efficiency and reliability of the cars

Administrator answers:

Bugatti veyron

Sharon asks…

Which is the better car for a teenager?

I’m getting a first car, and I know that I’m fortunate and spoiled to get a nice car in the first place. I have to however, pay for gas, insurance, and maintenance/repairs. My job, however, would cover that with little to no problem.

And if you’re concerned it has a bit too much power, don’t be, since I’m learning on a 2002 Mercedes Benz ML 500, outputting 288 hp on a V8, so I think I could handle these cars.

But anyway, I’m stuck between getting these 2 cars:

2001 BMW 330ci:


2005 Ford Mustang GT:

People say BMWs have expensive repairs and maintenance, but they are well-built, reliable machines. To me, German engineering is where it’s at.

Compared to the Ford, I don’t think they’re as reliable as the BMW, but parts/repairs woudl surely be cheaper.

It’s a toss up, since the BMW seems like less would go wrong with it, but when it does, it’s gonna cost me. And with the Ford, it’s as if more will go wrong, but it costs less.
Also, which car is less to handle? As in, which one is safer, and doesn’t have as much power?

It seems like the BMW is much quicker, but doesn’t have as high of a top speed compared to the Mustang, which seems like it would have a slow acceleration.

I’m not looking to race at all, but I want to know which one will be less powerful.
“It sounds like you’ve already made up you mind and chose this board just to do a little bragging.”

…Or maybe I’m seriously asking a question and wanted intelligent responses. I’m sorry that I’m not so pathetic as you think I am for not really caring what people think of me getting a certain car.

Administrator answers:

Well it all depends on your style and taste, if you are a civilised person sure get a BMW but if you are rockstar than get the Mustang.

Anyways getting back to my point as yous aid the BMW 330Ci is slower on top speed compared to the Mustang well the Mustang does 164 mph and the BMW 330Ci is Electronically Limited to a 155 mph but if you can pay for getting the limiter off tha BMW 330Ci than I am Pretty sure that it’ll be faster at the Top End compared to the mustang bcause of the power to weight Ratio and Engine size aswell because you get alost the same Power to weight ratio from the BMW as you get from the Mustang the Difference is that theMustang has a 4.7 litre V8 and the BMW 330Ci has a 3.6 litre V6 yes the Mustang has more horses but for performance Power to weight Ratio is taken in to Consideration and the BMW is equal to the Mustang there ohh and if you have any Car Common Sense and Knowledge than you’ll know that Eurropean and japanese Car’s have always and I mean Always out handled American cars.

Coming to other features of the car you shoud know that the BMW has a World Class and a very Shophisticated Interior and the only Gadget I can see in the Mustang are the Speedo light I mean there are more than 100 different Coloured light in the Speedo and Rev counter and you can change between them with the Touch of a button Which is Pretty Useless honestly, where as the BMW 330Ci has a Lot more than that.

The BMW will get better Economy coompare to the Mustang and the BMW feels more Connected to the road compared to the mustang which has suspension that can put you to sleep and than put you to Sleep again that is in your Coffin.

The BMW is way more Fun to Drive and the Engine Soundtrack is Real and is really Good where as the the Awsome sound from the Mustang isnt even real I cos the Exhaust’s in the mustang are Active Exhaust that means the Sound of the mustang reving is fake and the Sound of an Inline 6 Cylinder (the BMW 330Ci has an v6) is really Brutual Compared to a V8 soundtrack.

When people look at the 330Ci they’ll say that hmmmm nice car this person has a great taste but when people look at the mustang they’ll say wellll thay wont say anything.

My Choice the BMW but it’s up to you, I started my Driving in 1997 with a volvo but don’t think it was an Ordinary volvo it was the 1997 Volvo 850 turbo and it was a Really nice and I choose that over a Ford Mustang because the 850 Turbo was the Second fastest Sports Sedan (the First was the M5) From 1995-1997 and when I sold that car it was alerady producing above 350 bhp and my was was Pretty Even to the Performance of a vette and Smoking amustang was a Piece of cake cos I had an aftermarket Turbo kit Installed to it because the Orignal kept Breaking down but I have to say it was Pretty unreliable to the Mustang but much Better looking than the Mustang and i bought that car for about $35,000 when the Mustang was a bit Cheaper that but I still think that the Mustang’s Interior is not a nice Place to be comparing to any European Sports coupe for the Exact same Price.

Good Luck!!!

Linkin Soldier out!.

Steven asks…

First Car for a teenager?

I’m going to buy my first car within the next year, and I was wondering what I should get. I live in Canada so I need AWD so i’m safe during the winter and won’t end up killing myself. I don’t want a car that has over 250 hp as I will probably kill myself with that to. Also whatever you do don’t say Honda Civic, I checked some insurance quotes for it and it costs more to insure a 2006 Honda Civic than it does a 2005 Jaguar Xtype or 2003 BMW 325xi because it is the most stolen car in Canada. Another Japanese car would be fine. Also look at a budget of 10000 because either my Mom or maybe my Grandma might give me $1k. One more thing make sure it is after 2003 as insurance prices for cars after that point are cheaper because of the extra airbags.
btw ill be 17 at the time, and on my mom’s insurance plan.

Administrator answers:

AWD, under 250HP… Try a Subaru Legacy or Imprezza (NOT the WRX version). They’re reliable, get reasonably good fuel mileage and there are lots of them out there.

James asks…

Should I be able to get the car I want?

Right now I have a 2002 acura rsx automatic and it was 5 grand. I payed 3500 and my mom payed 1500 which Im paying back the loan now. Im only 16 years old and I pay for the insurance, gas, and work 20 hours a week. Also currently in school. For a teenager i think thats alot of responsibility compared to other kids who dont pay a penny for their car. So I really wanted to buy a straight drive car because there fun to drive, and Im kinda tired of my automatic car. I asked my mom if I could sell it and get a cheaper car thats a stick shift but she straight forward said no. I feel like I have the right to get the car ive always wanted even though im not 18.

Administrator answers:

If you are still a Minor, you cannot Legally purchase any car. Also you were lucky that your Mom was willing to spend the money to purchase a car for you at all.
Myself I never had a car until I was able to buy it 100% by myself and also afford the gas and Insurance. Just a part of growing up.
My parents allowed me to drive their car with them for my Learners Permit, but once I took my test and passed I was not allowed to drive their car unless we were all going some place together. No Solo Flights.

Mandy asks…

Toyota Celica or Toyota Solara (1999-2001 models)?

I’m in the market for a cheap car, under $5000 and these two looked nice.
I’m debating which one would be better for a teenager.
So which one is safer, cheaper to maintain, drives well, and cheaper on insurance?

Any input would be appreciated!
The celica only has four seats though, and that’s kind of inconvenient.
If I threw in mitsubishi eclipse would that change anything?
Raven shut up, I’m annoyed with your banter against Asian imports.
It is general consensus that Toyota is one of the most reliable car makers and that Hyundai is improving with every year.

Administrator answers:

Neither, you are comparing unreliable junque to unreliable junque so flip a coin. They are both going to make you learn where every mechanic in town lives and unless you want to be branded as BORING don’t get either since they are both famous for being BORING cars.
Besides, Japanese and Korean quality has been going down hill faster than a rocket powered sled on a greased rail in recent years.
Get American or European for quality and safety, Japanese and Korean cars are pretty crappy for the most part.

Paul asks…

What subwoofer would go best in a Ford Ka?

I’ve got a gorgeous bright yellow T reg Ford Ka for my first car. It has the colour coded bumpers and has been done up inside and out. As a typical teenager, I really want a sub in the boot, but not sure what size or which one is best to get for my car.

P.S. Don’t slate my car, I love it, it’s cheap to run, great insurance, and in the end it’s my car to drive. Thanks. :)

Administrator answers:

Lol a sub in a ford ka? That would be a sight

Nancy asks…

Mustang or Camaro as a first car?

Ok, so this is my ‘story’.. First of all i am NOT spoiled.. Right now i’m 15.. Almost 16.. I won’t get any of this cars this year or even the next one.. I’ll do that when i get 18 or 19.. I drive my mom’s Volkswagen Bug from 1992, i really like it… Actually i believe it’s an awesome car! We’re not rich or anything but we’re moving from our country which means we got to sell our house and maybe even the VW.. We’ll buy a small department in Florida.. So we’ll have some money for a car or maybe two (Mustang/Camaro and let’s say a Yaris or any small car for mom) I love to read so.. I’ve seen all the questions on the internet and i’ve seen TONS of stupid teenagers that care a lot about speed.. They think they’re Iron Man or something.. The thing is: I DON’T want to RUN like a d*ck on the hway.. I just love muscle cars since i was a little kid.. So they’re actually my dream cars.. I really like the fact of “cheap” maintenance when we talk about the mustang… I know gas could be a little expensive due to its MPG.. But i’d still love to own one.. I know about insurance and all the behind the car stuff.. Might be a magnet for tickets and ‘hospitals’ but i think it depends on the way the driver drives the car.

In short: I just love this cars because i’ve loved them since i was a little kid, I DON’T WANT TO RACE. I won’t get a V8, i’m not that stupid.. V6 will do better.. I’m just a muscle car fan that want’s to get a muscle car for college when i (and my mom) think i’m ready for a muscle car.. It won’t be the first car i drive.. The car i’ll drive for the next 2 or 3 years will be a 1992 VW bug.. I’m not spoiled, we’re selling our house to get a little department in Florida.. Which will give us some money to buy a car for me and a little one for my mom.. I think i’ll be mature enough for that car when i get 18 or 19.. I think i’m a little more mature right now than a lot of 16 y/o teenagers.. You know the reasons..

My question is.. Is it a good idea for me to buy a Mustang or a Camaro? If not.. Which car should i get?

Thank you for reading the whole thing (If you did)
To the guy who mentioned the job: My mom loves small cars.. I didn’t know i had to tell you that.. That’s the reason i mentioned a small ‘cheapcar.. She is not the kind of mom who wants a Mercedes…
An apartment, department, whatever we buy will be small and cheaper than the one we have right now.. I’ve always been a good person you know? So that’s the reason i’m going to get a part of the money for my car, i’m getting a job at guitar center or somewhere else.. So that will pay for the camaro or mustang.. It’s not something that i told my mom ‘Hey, give me the money’, she just said she will help me with it. Are you ok now? I just don’t have an idea of how much money i’m going to earn at guitar center.. So i have no details about that..

Administrator answers:


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