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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For Teenagers

June 5, 2012

Steven asks…

Serious Life Advice (need outside opinions.)?

Ok. So I’m a senior in high school, only a few months short of graduating. For my next year I’m going to my community college because it’s closer (and cheaper) than going to a four year university the first year. I’m working a part time job 5 days a week (about 20-ish hours per week) and have my own car which I pay my own insurance/gas. My parents have told me that once I graduate, I will gain more freedom if I still live with them. However, I have always wanted to move out with my best friend. He also has a job working full time for the time being and going to college next year (he graduated the year before me). I wanted to know what would you do? Stay with your parents where they would still have somewhat of a control of you or move out and have your own freedoms and learn things as an adult? Please keep in mind I’m not a rebellious teenager that just wants to do what they want. I need serious advice from people who would have no bias. It’s difficult to get advice from my family and friends because they are all somewhat biased towards one issue or the other. Thank you for any feedback.

Administrator answers:

Stay home and get school out of the way. When you graduate you can start your real job and make some real cash and be able to get a nice place of your own. Room mates aren’t always as appealing as you think they may be. You will manage to find the time to party regardless if you are in or out of the house. Good Luck =)

Ruth asks…

Mitsubishi Galant for first timer?

I’m car shopping.
So I live in Florida. (Just so you know the kind of weather)
And I’m 17.
I got my liscence a few months ago.
So of course I’m looking for a car.
My dad said my budget would be around 3,500.
I’ve looked on craigslist and looked for all kinds of cars.
I really wanted a Honda Civic Coupe 2002.
But it’s 500 more.
So I was thinking what about a jeep cherokee or a mitsubishi galant ?
I like the mitsubishi, it looks good, and from what I’ve read in reviews its pretty good. The only thing everyone says is bad is the back seat is crammed. But what do I care if the car is for me to drive? Im going to be in the front seat and its for me to go to school, work and church.
I looked up a Mitsubishi Galant 2001-2002 and I saw many people selling the car in my price range and even cheaper.
Well actually, almost all of them were being sold for that price range.
Is it worth the deal?
For a teenager (female) looking to pay good gas and not too high insurance?
Can I get a few reviews please???
And opinions?

Administrator answers:

Looks like you are a smart girl in how you shop for cars.

The Galant will be cheap on insurance and okay in gas.
But you can haggle for lower prices on craigslist.

I am sure you can get a Honda Civic to $3500. On average people haggle car prices down about $300. If you try hard or ask your parents for $100-200 extra, I am sure they will agree.

The Honda Civic is the best car you can get. Extremely reliable, cheap to maintain and fix, great on gas, good looking.

I have driven a few Galants. All of them had some type of problem. Nothing major. One thing to note is that they drive very smoothly.

Mark asks…

any suggestions on what to do with stresses in life? read below for more info.?

To start off, I have no job because nobody wants to hire me, my thinking is because i have a misdemeanor, got fired from 4 jobs altogether, but 1 important. worked as a cashier for 6 months or less from 4 different jobs, longest one was 2 years at longs drugs. So broke i had to use the pennies i was saving since a teenager to pay for my parking (the pennies came out to be 28 dollars) just to pay that extra amount for parking which costs 80 bucks a month, can’t even drive it because its tags are expired 5 months back, paying for nothing, insurance is gonna cancel feb. 12 (80 bucks), phone bill is due tomorrow feb. 10 (65 bucks), going to school 3 days a week, tuition is due feb. 20 (200 bucks), no time to study because im too busy trying to look for a freakin job!! house is a total mess, im a total mess (dont take care of myself like i did before), needs money to fix the fender of my car to get the safety, then the registration, i can’t think straight with whatever im doing, i have to even dig for coins to catch the bus to school, been eating the cheapest saimen, have goals in life but im just growing older, so desperate 7-11 wont even hire me! help! i feel so miserable!! what should i do?
also, i forgot to mention, i have over $1500 dollars in debt. now, tell me yourself, how can you think with all these frustrations going on in your mind daily?
I also forgot to mention (lol see what im talking about?) that i also have some (4 months) experience in food serving, thats all.

Administrator answers:

Join the military

Richard asks…

Anyone Know Any Cheap Car Insurance For Teenagers In Michigan?

Anyone know a real cheap place I can get car insurance at in Michigan. I’m 18(also the age which I got my license), I qualify for the good grades in school discount, I drive a 2003 Honda? Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Yes, start calling agents in your area to get the various different costs.

George asks…

Will I need a regular driver’s license to get a motorcycle license in washington?

So I bought both a car and a motorcycle, and don’t have a license for either! i was wondering if i would need a normal drivers license in order to get my motorcycle license?! the DMV says nothing. I’ve been driving both, but i heard that insurance isn’t needed in washington state for a motorcycle and sense money is tight for me as a teenager i thought i’d go for better gas milage and super cheap insurance! ;) thanks guys!

Administrator answers:

You can actually get a license for a motorcycle before your operators license in most states. So no.

Donna asks…

What kind of car would you recommend for a 17 year old first driver?

I would like know what kind of car would be best for me since im a teenager and im a begginner it will be my senior year coming up and i want to drive to school so what kind of car and year model should i get note Im looking for a car that can be good on insurance i know at my age it’s still going to be high but i need something that’s not going to break my parent wallet he is a single parent but he’s a senior citizen so insurance is pretty cheap lol but I don’t wanna make his go up that much but what I had in mind is like a 1999 – 2002 VW beetle or a 2002 camry any other cars you could recommend for me would help thanks
Also I live in Louisiana and our insurance is crazy high so help me out thanks
Also I live in Louisiana and our insurance is crazy high so help me out thanks
Can you give me a good year model too I think the year has an effect of price on insurance right?

Administrator answers:

The Beetle shouldn’t be too expensive for you to insure. You will benefit from being a girl, as far as insurance costs go. The Toyota Corolla or Nissan Sentra would be OK choices, too.

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