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June 11, 2012

Linda asks…

The Importance of the -Internet Piracy Bill-?

Have you ever wondered why it costs $10, $13, $15 bucks a ticket for a movie?
or why blockbuster shut down?
or why YouTube is going insane over copyright infringement?
or even why actors and actresses & musicians seem to get filthy rich and blow it all on drugs and desires?

The scare is that it will cause internet censorship. (Less Porn, No Torrents, Less Free stuff)
as an internet user that seems horrible but that’s because we’ve become rather selfish because of the capability’s it holds.
Does anybody know how many people to make a Motion PIcture? or how much it takes?
most probably guess millions. Well films usually have 4 sections

Above the line – Creative talent
Below the line – Direct Costs
Post Production – distribution, ads, rentals, critics, events,

here are some jobs and estimated salaries
Screen writers
Script coordinators
Script supervisors
First Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director
Make up artists
set designers
unit supervisor
transportation crew
Stunt men/women
visual effects supervisor
special effects supervisor
foley artists
tech specialist
construction crew
camera operators
distribution – making the cases, DVDs, Pictures, bonus stuff, ads, commercials, description.
(that’s not including what they have to buy, like cars, clothing, equipment, lights, explosives, permits, furniture ect…)
movies at this point may seem stupid or lacking realism or predicable. but the truth is movies have the same potential life has. it’s the recreation of life, for the first time a story can become so vivid that it feels real. we can SHOW our imaginations or desires or beliefs or teachings, or any events you can ever think of.
without movies or music all of our lives would be very different.
the internet would probably not exist. and the tv would never exist
we all would know A LOT LESS. (the truth would be harder to find)
books aren’t better. they aren’t worse either. they are very different because a film project the story almost as if its hallucination or a dream, sometimes as a real life witness. Books tell a story through written language and you imagine your own visuals and sounds based on your own imagination and understanding (which may be dry or lacking and films can help you dream of it)

don’t you think they deserve to be Paid for their hard Creative work?
it’s possible the prices may go down, and better stories will show. the infringement may actually have caused many to hold back and make cheap crappy films designed to maximize revenue . same with music.

Administrator answers:

Yes, I think they deserve to be paid for their hard creative work. It offends me that there is so much hysterical hand-wringing on the net every time someone proposes to stop a few criminals.

The Stop Online Piracy Act also includes most of S. 978, which is targeted exclusively at CRIMINAL copyright infringement, i.e., willful copyright violation for profit and has NOTHING to do with uploading your mom’s company party singing a copyrighted song (which is already illegal, but not criminal).

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