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April 3, 2012

Sharon asks…

Do you think this is fair to young people re: car insurance?

I am all for people being treated equally, but statistically isn’t it young men that are more likely to be more at risk of wrapping their car around a tree? I know some women get stick for ‘applying make up’ etc in the car, but don’t men shave in the car as well? (I have seen both to be honest) However, I have yet to read about a group of young women who steal cars and go joyriding, go out at night and then drive home after 10 pints of beer, (more likely a middle aged woman after a bottle of wine who is depressed) or young women who like to ‘race’ in their flashy cars.

How do you think it should be done fairly? Because not all young drivers are reckless, how about instead of raising car insurance (as some will still not bother buying any) how about treating them as individuals and the first minor accident that is their fault, or excessive speeding, or drinking and driving, it is an automatic ban on driving for 12 months, or 2 years (depending on the severity of the crime) and the next time – 5 year ban for example? As some rich kids will have their daddies to pay for the insurance will it make a difference to them? Isn’t it more likely to hit them harder if they get an automatic ban? What do you think?

OWFPED – I am not a young driver!

Administrator answers:

Young people made a ‘rod for their back’s (regarding car insurance) when (most) of them decided (as we did) to behave badly on the open road incorporating the examples in your posting and a scaling banning system should be enforced by the courts – although its already in place – its hardly used in an effective way.

All young drivers should be made to take another driving test after a blame-worthy accident. That without doubt will make them ‘respect’ their licence much more.

The hospitals/morgues are full of these young people – all have taken ‘huge reckless chances’ on the road – being egged on by the people that are travelling with them and are guilty of ‘killing’ their friends or other people on the roads.

Any severe blame worthy accident – should result in the guilty driver being banned from driving for a long period of time – no matter what there ages are. The ‘little scrapes’ we all get involved with ie: ‘supermarket car parks’ or minor things being the exception.

If banning drivers was more ‘prevalent’ it would make us all ‘protect’ our licence – instead of this attitude people have that its ‘their god given right’ to have one no matter how badly they behave on the roads or what their age is.

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