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May 5, 2012

Jenny asks…

Can I get insurance on somebody elses policy?

OK, I’m 17 and would like to start driving when I pass my test.

So as a new driver, can I insure a car on my mum’s policy? (In the UK)

I hear it’s a lot cheaper, so how much would I save if I insured a 1 litre VW polo on my mum’s policy? Compared to a policy of my own.

Thanks in advance. :D thanks rambo
Alright thanks guys

Administrator answers:


Your mums policy will only cover her for her car. You could be added to that (admin fee only most companies) but that would only cover you for her car.
A policy is taken out on the car, It must be insured for the Main Driver, If not and found out, you and your mother could be prosecuted and your insurance invalidated. If at the side of the road your car could be impounded and crushed for driving an uninsured car on a public highway.

Andy C

Ken asks…

Which would be cheaper?

My Dad and Mum both drive 2011 Range Rover’s and have perfect insurance with no claims and protected no claims blah blah blah. We live in one of the best area’s in London, if not the best area.
So my mum doesn’t really driver hers’ (as she don’t work in the UK) and I kind of like it- so would it be possible to add a 18 year old male to the insurance policy or not? and if so would it be cheaper than insuring a brand new car (I was thinking maybe an Audi Q5).

I’m 16 now.. so this is just a lot in advance.

Administrator answers:

Extremely unlikely that any insurer would allow an 18 year old to be added to one of those – if they did it would cost well in excess of £10000.
Sometimes the better areas are higher to insure as they are targeted by car criminals due to the high proportion of “nice” cars.

Equally you can forget a Q5. Even a modest 1.6 will cost mega money to insure for you.

You need to lower your expectations to the point where insurability for you coinsides with what Mummy and Daddy can afford or wish to pay for you to drive.

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