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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance New Drivers

April 11, 2012

Donald asks…

Can anyone tell me what finding a cheap car insurance company?

I am a 60 year old female. I live in the rural part of Mississippi (little traffic and no heavy traffic, if it matters) I have two cars that are insured with Geico Insurance company. I am paying $93 dollars per month. One car is a 95 and the others one is (new) a Hyundai 2012. I never drive the 95 Buick. I will be driving the new Hyundai to and from work around 7 miles round trip, each day. My driving record is clean with everything intact and I am the only driver. I was informed by Geico that the 94 dollars is cheaper than other insurance companies. Are there any cheaper insurance out there.

Administrator answers:

Insurance companies can be cheaper or more expensive depending on your unique situation. Me for example, I had geico and switched to Nationwide and saved 60 dollars a month. I am only 19, live in a major city, and own my own new car, and pay around 200 a month, where some companies want over 500.
So, I can not wait to be in a situation like yours where I pay under 100.

I would call around the companies in your area or do it online at each individual company’s website.
The multi search sites just spammed me and did not even give me accurate quotes.

Hopefully you can find it (even) cheaper

Mandy asks…

Question about car insurance (easy answer)?

I am a named driver on my mum’s car, she has built up a no claims bonus and so my insurance was a bit cheaper. But now i want to buy my own car, can i switch the insurance onto this new one? Can i become a named driver on my car and still get cheap insurance? I’m a little confused with it all….


I live in England

Administrator answers:

Some companies allow you to build up no claims as a named driver but unless your mums is one of them you’ll have to start from scratch I’m afraid. If you keep on insuring cars in your mums name you’ll never build up your own no claims bonus and you risk your mums no claims in the event of a few minor bumps.

I’d shop around and see if you can get your own policy, it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Hope this helps.

Edit: Also if you are buying your own car and you want to register it in your own name you’ll need to get your own policy. Almost all insurers insist that the policy holder is the registered keeper.

John asks…

what car would you advise new drivers to get who have 2 children so need space but needs to be cheap to run?

and in

Administrator answers:

Further to earlier answers, VW’s can be expensive to maintain. Vauxhalls are very poorly made cars, and not the most comfortable.
Apart from those 2, the rest of the answers are pretty good

Helen asks…

On average, how much is motorcycle insurance in Ontario?

I’m 19, new rider, live in Scarborough Ontario.
As a car driver, never crashed before
Planning to get either a GS650F or SV650SA
If possible could someone share their own experience on motorcycle insurance and how much it might cost. Some of my friends told me it’s cheaper than car insurance while others told me its twice as much as car insurance

Administrator answers:

There is no average insurance rate. Too many variables.
It will be more expensive than auto insurance. You will discover this fact when you contact insurance companies.
This is the ONLY way to answer your question. YOU have to make the calls and ask.

Betty asks…

cheapest car insurance?

new drivers

Administrator answers:

The one you spend time shopping around for and then getting on the phone to the best 2 or 3 to haggle them down. There is no one specialist.

David asks…

Is it cheaper to buy your own car insurance or to add on to your parents premium?

You’re a new driver, 19, and you have a 2004 Honda. Would it be cheaper to add on to your parents insurance plan?

Administrator answers:

The best way is to call your parent’s agent, get a quote and compare it to other quote

If you parent have terrible driving record, their quote will be high.

The average amount for title owner plus spouse is $1418 (one car). For a household with 2 cars, average amount for title owner plus spouse plus a teenager is $2,912

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