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May 2, 2012

Sandy asks…

Where’s the cheapest place to get car insurance?

I’m a new Driver, passed nov 2010, i’m 27 and female… wanted to know if anyone could advise me on the best place to get car insurance on a KA 1.3… Tried the price comparison sites but they are all £1200+


Administrator answers:

As a new driver, that’s not a bad quote, shop around and you might shave it down a bit, but it’ll still be £1000+ I’d reckon. Do a search on this site to see hundreds of similar questions….

Sandra asks…

Car Insurance Coverage HELP?

Can you get Car Insurance coverage to just cover the other driver if u get into an accident? Like lets say, I have a car that means nothing to me I bought it dirt cheap ect, I don’t care if it gets smashed up, I’ll just get a new 1.

Is there a way to just get insurance to cover other drivers? and nto my self, would this be a lot cheaper?

Administrator answers:

Yes, that’s called liability only and it’s the cheapest and smartest way to get mobile, especially when new to driving and building up a no claim history.
Just shop around for the cheapest quote you get and you are off.
Here’s some sites where you can get quoted from:

out of these two you get about 15 prices by filling in two quick forms, it’s free to get priced so have a good search around too, take your time before choosing who you go with, basically SEARCH and SEARCH for the cheapest :) good luck

Susan asks…

Do i need an auto insurance to drive a motorcycle? how much that would be if it is yes? higher than auto insu?

I think i need to know before i buy a bike that whether i would pay more $ on my insurance if there is 1 or would it be cheaper than an auto insurance, like car insurances?Ooh, i am an new driver so how much would it be?

Administrator answers:

Auto insurance and motorcycle insurance are usually written on separate policies. There are a few companies that will write them on one policy. Yes, you need to have the bike insured to drive it. The cost depends on what type of bike it is, your record, your credit, the coverages you want.etc… If you are looking for good rates try American Reliable if they write in your area. They are a good company and their rates are outstanding!

Nancy asks…

new driver getting a car?

Im a new driver and im getting a car in like 3 weeks. Im going to an auction to get a car and im going with a person that knows a lot about cars but the thing is i dont even no what kind of car i want? I dont want a truck but i want something that is a 4 door and not to low to the ground. i thought about a Jeep grancherokee but everyone says there bad on gas. Also what is a cheap insurance company. I live in Quincy Ma. Help

Administrator answers:

If you want a car, go for a Honda or Toyota. They are the best vehicles
on the market for dependability, gas mileage, resale etc. Stay away from
the Jeeps except Wranglers. They’ve been unreliable since the 1990′s . They have engine,transmission, rear end issues. Toyota trucks are great !! Chevrolet trucks
are good also. Nissan, mazda, so so. Ford rangers are ok, when you
find a good one that’s been taken care of and not abused. So much for the
others also. Watch out not to buy a car from Europe, they can be pricey
in repairs. For insurance, look in the yellow pages for insurance brokers.
They have numerous companies available, waiting for your business and
at fair rates.

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