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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance New Drivers

May 10, 2012

Thomas asks…

should i tell my car insurance?

i got 3 bans but now legal and got a new job as a delivery driver should i tell my insurance company and would it make my insurance cheaper

Administrator answers:

Of course you should tell your insurers. 3 bans….does your boss know about that?

Sandra asks…

car insurance- estimated quote? lowest pricing company?

i’m a 17 year old new female driver.
the car im looking at is a 1995 grandam.
about how much would you estimate insurance will be monthly on my own plan?
and what company do u find is the cheapest?

Administrator answers:

You can’t have your own plan. You are a minor. Minors cannot enter into contracts.

Cost depends on way too many factors including, but not limited to, what state you live in, where in that state you live, average miles driven, driving record and so much more. The only way to get an accurate is to contact an insurance company. But they won’t even talk to you because you’re a minor – it’s a waste of their time.

Linda asks…

When doing car insurance does it matter that you put someone else down other than yourself as a main driver?

i was just wondering, when it comes down to car insurance. when they ask if your the main driver or not. if you put no, put someone else e.g. ur mum, it becomes cheaper. is this wrong? or is it just a way of the insurance people making more money out of new drivers?
hope you can help.
Yes, BUT if your insured to drive the car what does it matter?
its insured, taxed, mot! ur name is on the insurance ?
and its not cheap even if i do put me asa main driver.

Administrator answers:

It is called “fronting” which basically means fraud.

Insurance companies are well aware of the practise and prosecute those found guilty of it.

Chris asks…

Ding on new car, Question About Auto Insurance Claim?

So I just bought a new car 3 days ago.
Today, there is a decent size ding on the driver side door that took a few small spots of paint off down to the metal (The metal itself is not dented or scratched, just the paint)
It needs to be fixed otherwise the exposed metal will rust. It’s small enough that I suspect it would be cheaper or equal in cost to just pay out of pocket to have it fixed rather than run the risk of filing an insurance claim and then they jack up my premium in 6 months.
Does anyone have any thoughts or insight?
It’s not a dent.
Thanks everyone. To clarify I was more concerned, if the deductible is the same or less than the cost to do it out of pocket if I should be concerned with the insurance company raising my monthly policy rates when the policy is renewed.
Tony H: Thanks for not reading my question at all.
Since every single one of your 24 answers on Y! Answers is promoting some get rich quick schemed website I’ve reported you for Spam abuse.
Thanks everyone.
I went to the dealership and explained what happened. The guy took one look and told me they could mix me up a little thing of paint that after a few dabs would fill in the chipped paint and buff the other bits right out. Said it wouldn’t even be noticeable when it was done.

Administrator answers:

You could have the entire door repainted at a body shop for $500. Better to just buy a small bottle of touchup paint from the car dealer for about $10 and paint the ding yourself. I’m sure there will be more dings in the future.

Mandy asks…

How can I help my girlfriend get cheaper insurance? She is 20 years old.?

My girlfriend just got a new Cobalt lt. The insurance is in her fathers name, and she is listed as a driver. The car is in her name. Her father has a good driving record, yet the insurance is around $250 a month!

Please help, is there anything I can do to get her insurance cheaper?

Administrator answers:

She should have put her fathers name on the vehicle as well! That would have made the insurance cheaper. Try

Ruth asks…

What is the cheapest insurance company for a inexperienced 18yr old driver?

I’m looking ti out insurance on my soon to be new used car? I’m just now getting a license and I don’t know where to begin looking for insurance.

Administrator answers:

I always found with insurance it is best to price around. You will need to know a few things before starting.

You will need an idea on what vehicle you will be driving. They will ask if it is a 2 or 4 door, size motor ( 4,5,6,8 cylinder). If you are an occasional driver or the primary driver on the car. If you are putting insurance on someone elses policy or starting your own policy.

Give each insurance the same information to keep accurate quotes for comparison. Hope this helps some.

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