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May 21, 2012

Sandra asks…

car and insurance questions!!?

so i’m going to be 16 in a few weeks and i want to start looking at cars.
i wanted a honda civic 4 door, but now i really want a small truck.
they are safer and i like how they have the bed in the back.
would insurance be cheaper on a honda civic or a little ford ranger? and approx. how much would it be for a new 16 year old girl driver?
if you have any other car ideas that would be fantastic! my max. price is like $3,000.

Administrator answers:

I don’t think the insurance on either is going to be much different. The price for insurance usually goes up when you are looking at a more sporty vehicle. The insurance company will more likely look at the type of engine, whether it is a 2D/4D, and what is more safe. Different insurance companies will very in price so you just have to call around and see what kind of deal you can get.
If it was me I would go with the truck. It is safer, and easier to move things around in. You said you are 16, so, in a couple years you are going to possibly be looking at moving out on you own. The truck would come in handy for moving. Trucks aren’t bad on gas either. I piece of advise, if you do get the truck, don’t drive around with the tailgate down. There is a study that shows driving with the tailgate down will cause you to lose MPG (Miles Per Gallon). Leave the tailgate up and you will save on gas.

Chris asks…

How much does it usually cost to switch car tags over between states?

Recently I have moved from South Carolina to Georgia. I’ve been here for a few months and I’m due to renew my insurance in a couple of weeks. I want to switch all of my information over from SC to GA but I’m unsure of the cost and I don’t want to start the process and become unable to finish it because of money. I’ve already found a new, cheap insurance provider. I drive a Ford Windstar van. How much, altogether, would you say a person on average would spend paying their GA taxes for their vehicle as well as switching over Drivers Liscence information and acquiring a new liscence plate or how much would your recommend a person like me put aside? I would be grateful for any help.

Administrator answers:

Registration costs (state registration fee + ad valorem tax) in Georgia will depend on the make, model, model year, and location where the vehicle will be registered. 13 counties in and around Atlanta also require emission inspections.

Laura asks…

Old car- not dangerous, but not safe either. What to do if you can’t afford a new one??

So, I have a ’97 Honda which has been in fair condition. The only problem being the air conditioner taking forever to cool off.. and we live in the deep south where it has been 100 or so every day. Ugh. I hate putting my son in the car and try to avoid it during the day unless completely necessary. Now I got into a wreck- an old man plowed into my drivers side door… and it may be my fault so, my insurance will not pay (I have cheap liability insurance). So, what would you do? I can’t afford a new car, but I need one!? I am so stressed out!
Thanks for all of the responses so far. We just got one new car, but my husband has to travel for work and has to drive it. We are also in the process of moving so, that is why we can’t get another new/used car right now. I can’t stop thinking about it, though.

Administrator answers:

I am not sure what I would do, but I know what I would not do. I would not go in debt for another car. I would get the old car fixed enough to get another year out of it. The air conditioner can be fixed too.

Not what you wanted to hear, but you asked “what would I do” Now you know. :)

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