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May 27, 2012

Donald asks…

Rental car….new driver please help?

so i rented a car because i hated asking others to lend me their cars…im 19 have 2 years with my license and have some experience ……now im worried because i didnt put the full insurance on the rental car and i rented it for 1 week just for personal use….and given that i had a while without driving i found myself having alot of cars honking at me and im also scared to get on the highway given that im scared when it comes to changing lanes

ps the car doesnt have full coverage of insurance since i dont own a car i dont have insurance so i just took the cheapest they had but it doesnt cover for accidents just scratches and minor stuff so that makes me even more worried that i cant get into an accident because it a rental and not fully insured.

so my main questions are
1. should i attempt getting on the highway and over my fears with the rental car?
2. or should i return it early and get my money back
3. or go back and put the full insurance coverage which is 28 dollars a day.

Please help i know im not a bad driver but given that its a rental it just add to the pressure but i just hated asking others for their cars and i buying a car for me isnt an option for me right now maybe in 2 years .

Administrator answers:

If your a good driver then there’s no reason you shouldn’t go on the highway, just be cautious when you change lanes, ect. If you simply don’t feel comfortable with that car then I would take it back because if your nervous driving it, you could cause an accident. If you can afford the 28 dollars a day, get the full insurance if you keep the car, better be safe than sorry!

Charles asks…

i want to get a car and im a new driver..shud i get a new car or a used car?

hi!!! just got my license and im planning on getting my first car. i can only afford like up to $300 a month, im cheap yea. i dont really care if i get a new or used as long as its fuel economy and pretty decent and also low in insurance.. can u help me decide?

Administrator answers:

Used car – defenitely

Michael asks…

Car insurance nightmare!?

21 year old new driver, any type of practical car (e.g. pug 307 1.9d), car insurance is stupid money. As that is kind of expected, what I need help with is bringing down the price. Any suggestions? …Also, it was cheaper last month than it is this month – substantially. Why?!

Administrator answers:

Insurance prices are changing and generally in an upward direction everyday at the moment.
Theres no way round it, you are under 25 and so insurance is expensive. Just a fact like death and taxes.

Betty asks…

Car Insurance: does policy holder have to be main driver?

My girlfriend was just in a car accident and we need to get a new car. She drives the car for work and i get the train. I only really use it on the weekend.

Can i take out a policy on the new car and have her as a named driver, even tho she is the main driver? It works out much cheaper to do this as she has 6 points and a claim, while i have 2 NCB and a clean licence.

I filled in an online application and one of the options allows me to select “Business Use for All”. I assume this will cover both of us for any use regardless of who drives more?

Thanks for your help

Well i am being honest i have to declare her convictions and claim during the process. My point is that “Business Use for All” suggest it covers her driving needs. I will contact an insurer and ask them. Certainly at no point was i suggesting i would commit Fraud! Thats why i asked here first. Thanks for responses all the same
Ok, i have spoken to insurance company (2 of them) and both confirmed that we would be covered and it was fine.

You really shouldnt give advice unless you are 100% sure that you are correct, or at least quote a source.

I will think twice before using Yahoo Answers again.

Thanks to the genuine responses. To the others, you are all bozos!

Administrator answers:

I assume that the 2 years no claims bonus is not currently being used on another vehicle as it can only be used on one vehicle at a time.

The most important criteria for insurance is the ownership of the vehicle – very few companies will insure a car that the proposer does not own.

With regards to being main driver – that does not matter – providing you declare accurately on the proposal form that your girlfriend is the main user. (Which it appears you accept). You will of course declare the accident/ conviction on the application form.

“Business Use for All” used to be known as ‘Class II’. Please read the policy wording VERY carefully as to what ‘Business Use for All’ means. It could mean merely that anyone can drive the vehicle on behalf of the proposer’s business or that of his employer (like a company car!). In that case your girlfriend will NOT be covered for using the car for her work.

As I have repeatedly said, car insurance – or indeed any insurance, is very technical and is NOT a simple product to buy. That is why there are firms out there giving advice as to the best insurance for your needs.

Carol asks…

Help with financing on a car?

I currently have a 9 year old Renault Clio, but I want a newer car. I bought the car from a friend just before I passed my test a year ago. But I put my dad as the owner of the car as this ment I could get cheaper car insurance. Can I get a car on finance but put the owner of the car as my dad’s but the responsibility of paying for it is down to me? It would work out a lot cheaper on insurance I am currently paying £28 a month for insurance on my Clio but I want a Honda Civic and if I was the main driver then the price would rocket to £60 a month where as it would only be around £35-£40 on my dad’s name
I am with Direct Line and intend to stay with them as I build up my no claims bonus too, and the only way I can get insurance with them is if the main driver is the owner of the car.

How the hell is it fraud? I would be making it perfectly clear to the car dealer my dad would own the car and I would be paying the finance

Administrator answers:

Well my advise is that you should start working on your credit.getting the car on your name for first time will be more expensive but in time as long as you have a good paying record will start building your credit record and costs will reduce in all matters helping you in the future get a better car and insurance more unexpensive.see it as investment it pays back thats for sure.

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