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April 19, 2012

Sandra asks…

Why is my insurance quote so high?

I used the comparison sites, Full License with Pass Plus, Car is about 6 years old. Im a new driver so I expected it to be high, but the cheapest I can find is over £4000!! At that price I cant afford to drive!
I tried entering a different car which is about 20 years old, and that was £7000!

Administrator answers:

What car/engine size you are you getting quotes on?

Paul asks…

Car insurance confusion: Honda Jazz & Ford Fiesta… help please?

Hi there guys, I am sorry if this is a boring run of the mill question with an obvious answer, but I am seriously confused!

I have two prospect cars to chose between, one is a Honda Jazz, and one is a Ford Fiesta, now to my knowledge the Jazz’s insurance group should be around 11-14, (new 1-50 ranking) and the Fiesta should be around 8. A number of sites have confirmed this to be true.

But trying to get actual insurance quotes, the Jazz is coming out cheaper, by at least £300. (This is with my details and the rest of the policy identical) I thought insurance group was the only factor of the car that changed the insurance, or is there another factor?

I am a newly passed driver if that changes anything?

Administrator answers:

There are way to many factors involved and that is why it’s always good to shop around. In addition to the group ratings, there are the subjective underwriting considerations unique to each company and these are taken into consideration when filing the companies rating structures with the jurisdictional organization. R

Susan asks…

2007 Jeep SRT8 vs. 2006 BMW 550I?

I have the chance to buy one of these cars with my own money & no help from anyone else(Mom is co-signing though). I’m not a new driver so I’m use to being behind the wheel & have had the chance to drive a few powerful cars like the M5 that my uncle let me drive over the summer & a Murcielago that was rented for the weekend for my 21st B-Day. I’ve listed all the good/bad things “I”(not “YOU”) like about the cars, both I’ve been able to find under $26,000 & don’t tell me that I didn’t because I found about 4 used car dealers that made deals with me.

2007 Jeep SRT8.

Good Things:
Cheapest Price Found $24,800 (without taxes & fees added on) 48,750/Miles
HP-420, 6.1-liter Hemi V8 & with upgrades that I’ve found that I can afford HP can be raised to 480-500
Heated Seats, Power Sunroof, Navigation, CD player, 20 inch wheels with Brembo Brakes
Power Brakes, Power Steering, Dual front, side & head airbags, Rear head airbags/active belts, 4 Wheel Standard, Anti-lock Brakes
One of the best looking & powerful SUV’s on the market
Affordable Insurance (Quoted by my mothers’ Agent)

Bad Things:
Fuel economy, Rear leg-room(which doesn’t really bug me cause I won’t be in the back)
Interior Design could be better

2006 BMW 550I

Good Things:
Cheapest Price Found $23,900 (without taxes & fess added on) 52,757/Miles
360-HP, 4.8-Liter V8 & if I were to add upgrades from Dinan HP would be around 390-400
To many features to list but it gets a A+++++
Great Exterior Styling
Affordable Insurance(Quoted by my mothers’ Agent)

Bad Things:
iDrive Controls(some what got the hang of it in the M5)
Seat Comfort

Which should I pick & which will have fewer problems & less costly?

Administrator answers:

You left off Jeep bad things breaks down a lot.

Come on a BMW it 10 times more reliable than a Jeep.

And yes the parts and service are expensive.

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