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Your Questions About Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

June 3, 2012

Sharon asks…

What would be considered cheap for a new driver’s auto insurance?

Also, what would be considered average or too high?

Any car really, just focusing on the pricing at the moment for a ballpark estimate.
Alright, time to clarify. I will be a brand new driver, I don’t really mind the car. I will be 17. Minimum coverage will do. Hope that helps.
I live in an upper to middle class area as well, crime is very low. When winter hits we rarely receive much snow.

Administrator answers:

Depends. Are you looking for full coverage or just the minimum. Also depends on the vehicle, newer or older, sports car luxury car. Sports cars your going to pay higher. The cheapest car to register is a 4 door automatic, 4 cylinder passenger car. Full Coverage roughly $100.00 month, minimum roughly $65 month. If its an older car then those numbers would be lower.

Charles asks…

Does anyone know of cheap car insurances for new drivers i am 17 years old.?

Administrator answers:

Your 17,
and looking for CHEAP insurance…

Your will never find it…

Ruth asks…

which minivan has the cheapest insurance for a NEW driver?

looking at second hand minivans – been doing some rough online insurance calculations but so far all above £1000. any body know any minivans which will have a low insurance for a NEW driver

Administrator answers:

You will not get cheap van insurance. I am about to sell a 3 year old 206 basic deisel van. As I was not able to use a no claims on it it cost almost £900 to insure and I am 48, with a clean licence and no accidents/claims and it is parked off road. Some quotes I had were over £2500. Regardless of what you tell them they will assume that tyou will use it for business.
There are none that are particularly low on insurance.

Michael asks…

new driver looking for cheap insurance?

Administrator answers:

By “new driver” do you mean “young driver” (under 19)? If this is the case, and you are living with your parents, their insurance company would be a good place to start.

It is best to shop around for auto insurance to compare rates, coverage, and service. Familiarize yourself with some insurance coverage terms like “bodily injury liability; property damage liability; medical payments or personal injury protection” so that you can search for what you want or need. Also, each state has its own rules and requirements as to required coverage, so this should factor into your purchase.

If you are familiar with these few items, you can search/compare or reject offers for coverage that you might not need or want and save.

Steven asks…

what is the cheapest and best insurance for brand new drivers (16 year old guys)?

also how much would it approximately be?

Administrator answers:

If there were a best and cheapest company, it would be the only company in the world. You must shop around and get quotes

David asks…

Any one know any good insurance for new driver that is only 18?

My mom tried adding me to her AAA insurance and it would be 1150 every sic month that too much anyother cheap insurances thanks

Administrator answers:

Try Geico, Progressive, GMAC, or Travelers has a youthful male program. Have you tried to obtain a policy on your own through AAA since your Mom is with them?
Insurance rates are based on a number of factors. What kind of car you drive, your credit score, if you have had any accidents and/or tickets etc…, driving experience, etc…
Some companies offer a good student credit, there is also a credit available if you have taken the defensive driver course.
It may also be worth it to think about not carrying collision coverage (if you can) that is usually the most expensive coverage. If you do carry comp and collision coverage try raising your deductibles, that will save you money too.
P.s. The quote you got isn’t so bad…your age will work in your favor as you get older, and once you have 3 years driving experience that will help too.

Daniel asks…

whats the cheapest insurance rate in bc for new drivers?

Administrator answers:

Phone I.C.B.C. And ask them
They provide all the required car insurance in B.C.

Nancy asks…

It was in the news today that new drivers have to pay £2,000+ for there first Years car insurance?

I think that is cheap. (New drivers are a liability to other road users)
No doubt some moron will say.. Yes but my Ford Escort only cost £800 and they wanted £3,000 to insure it… IT IS THE DAMAGE YOU CAN DO TO OTHER ROAD USES that pumps the price up.
You can write off a £90,000 Ferrari with your £800 Ford Escort.
Numbers don’t tel lies… 1 in 5 new drivers have a accident within 6 Months of passing there Driving test.
I would say it takes about 2 Years before you can REALLY drive a car after passing your driving test.
My question is this……. Agree/Disagree

Administrator answers:

Fully agree

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