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Your Questions About Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

July 14, 2012

Robert asks…

What is the cheapest insurance in alberta for a new driver?

Administrator answers:

For pure LIABILITY (no collision/comprehensive) the most you would pay :

1. Compulsory insurance – Entry-Level Premium. At the entry level of the grid, the maximum that an individual (with no driving experience or training, no at-fault claims and $1,000,000 liability coverage) would pay is as follows (new grid effective November 1, 2006):

* $1,793 (Calgary territory);
* $1,844 (Edmonton territory);
* $1,435 (Rest of Alberta territory).

If you have drivers training it is reduced slightly. You can expect to pay around $2500 for full coverage as new driver, depending on the vehicle.

Insurance companies in AB figure out your grid rate, and your rate under their U/W rules and charge you the lessor and for a new driver, or an experienced driver with a poor record/history that is almost always the grid rating.

William asks…

what’s the cheapest van insurance for a new driver aged 27?

just passed my test and will be looking for a little berlingo van or kangoo. something of the sort. im a builder. just like to know peoples experiences getting the best insurance.
wa14 postcode fully comp really

Administrator answers:

I had very good results from a couple of years ago so may be worth a try.
Not sure now as no longer have a van.

Ruth asks…

How to get cheaper car insurance for a new young driver?

I passed my test the other day but ive been looking for hours trying to find some cheap car insurance on a 1.2 ford ka but all the quotes im getting are minimum 3-4 thousand pound and some are even quoting up to 8 thousand ! Im 17 and male does anyone know where to get relatively cheap insurance something between 1000-2000 pound? or any methods that are used to get cheaper car insurance?

Administrator answers:

This gets asked all the time on here, that’s what it costs teens. Pay up or take the bus.

Michael asks…

insurance for new drivers?

hi i am about to turn 18 and for my birthday my mom and me are going to lease a car for me. the car is 20000 and its new. the insurance is crazzzy expensive but my mom is going to by a car to right when i am so is just keep that i mind for the insurance and stuff. what is the cheapest way to get insurance?? please help

Administrator answers:

The only way to get insurance is to get quotes from insurance companies and choose the best quote for you (and Mom)…..and stuff

a 20000 huh? That is a VERY new car….and stuff.

Jenny asks…

Do you think teen drivers are the only ones with trouble getting cheap car insurance?

There was mature man who was very successful in business. I think he was 35 or 40.
He finally got his new drivers license and decided to buy a $90,000 car.
He bought it for cash, to save on interest on the loan.
When he tried to get insurance it was $10,000 a year for liability and collision insurance.
He asked if he could return the car, but since it was no longer ‘brand new‘ he would loose $10,000.
If he kept it the insurance would be $30,000 for the first 3 years!
He kept it…. too bad he didn’t know anything about insurance before he bought it!
He should have had a cheap car in his name with just liability insurance, for 3 years before he went out and bought his dream car. This would have created “insurance history”.
That together with his over 25 years old status would have cut insurance expenses way way, down.

Administrator answers:

Is there a real question in there/it sounds like a rant

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