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Your Questions About Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

July 29, 2012

Ken asks…

Cheap auto insurance in mississauga area?

Hi, I am a 22 Year old, female, G2 driver. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good insurance company with cheap rates for a new driver for either a 2000 2DR Sunfire or 2002 Mazda Protege. The rates i’ve been coming across seem pretty high for a full time student. Also, I have no previous insurance history or any accidents. Thanks!!!

Administrator answers:

Insurance rates vary SO much from person to person. It’s based on some of the following: Your driving and claims record, sex, age, credit score, living situation, are you married/single, vehicle type, coverage required..

* make, model, trim, and year of car * optional equipment in the car (ABS, traction control, etc.) * theft deterrent equipment in car (alarm, Lojack, etc.) * other equipment in car (fire extinguisher, emergency kit, etc.) * location where it is stored * mileage driven per month * where you drive to and from * your age * your driving record * your gender * your profession / job * amount of coverage you are buying * type of coverage your are buying * and more So you want to shop around for insurance just like you are doing when buying a car or anything else.

Chris asks…

Does anyone know a good auto-insurance for first time drivers in New Jersey ?

I’m well aware that New Jersey has high auto insurance, but I wanted to know does anyone have an recommendations on an affordable auto insurance. I know me being 21 and a male is going to raise it but so far the cheapest would have been progressive for about $300 a month. Any suggestions would help. Thank you

Administrator answers:

Wow $300 a month? What are you driving, I pay less than 500 per year. Maybe nice new car uh..
There aren’t good insurers, they are all the same only price changes and if you said you have already looked around what else can you do..

Sandra asks…

Would insurance be cheaper on a 99-01 mustang GT than on a newer 02-04 for a new driver?

I was thinking about getting a mustang GT sometime after I turn 18 and after I get a job. Right now im 16 and have no license but im going to take drivers ed soon.

Administrator answers:

Yeah will most likely be cheaper than a newer one.. But ins. Is gonna be a lot a month for you anyways, cuz your a young male (has something to do wit rate for some reason) i tried gettin a camaro when i first started driving and they considered it to be a sports car. And the rate was highhhh. And i could prolly guess it will be the same for a mustang as a camaro on how they rate “sports car”

Lizzie asks…

What used vehicles are the cheapest to insure for new drivers?

My daughter just turned 16 and we are looking for an inexpensive used vehichle for her to drive. Insurance is unreal. What vehichles are the cheapest to insure?

Administrator answers:

In usa she has to go on your policy/for her get something small and 4 cyl/toyota 1988 /needs no collision and you can add itto your policy without the collision and comp and its cheap that way/also focus of 02-03 are decent cars and cheap to operate

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